Oltmann appears to be an uneducated guy who stumbled into too much money and is now a danger. All the GOPers who are playing cutesy by not denouncing Trumpism are providing topcover for Oltmann & friends' antics to continue.

Relevant articles:


"During the July 21 Conservative Daily episode, Oltmann, as “Joe Otto,” admitted to participating in the violence during the July 19 “Back the Blue” rally: “One of the guys came in and was trying to destroy the equipment and then jumped on the back of one of the guys and took one of the guys down, so then I just nailed this guy. I haven’t gotten into a fistfight in a long time. I knocked that guy out,” he said.

Oltmann promised there would be another rally, and that they would be ready for antifa. “We’re gonna have another rally in three weeks and we’re gonna be prepared. I hope antifa shows up. I hope they do.” He went on to claim, “The next one, no one’s leaving. Not only is no one leaving, but it’s going to be an ass-whupping of magnificent proportions.”

Oltmann also said the next rally would be organized with the intention of drawing out antifa. “We’re done being respectful. When we have this future event, we’re going to publicize it, and we hope they come.”


"We’re not going to negotiate with the governor. We’re not going to negotiate with county commissioners. The Constitution does not allow for negotiation. It’s very cut and dry,” he said.

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No wonder why the GOP are still saying antifa was behind the insurrection - it seems the plan all along was to implicate them... but that didn't work... does @FBI have this info? let's hope so...

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Bravo, Seth! Impeccable article. And yay, team; for finding the Oltmann article!

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Thank you once again for more brave and vital reporting!

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Oh one other thing, Justice needs to subpoena Trump's Secret Service agents to learn exactly where Trump was minute by minute, who else was present, and whether the routine advance sweeps were done. While president's have leeway with their own actions, in this case the president was not just putting himself but the whole country at risk by meeting with deranged and armed conspiracy theorists and apparently plotting a coup which could, at any moment, have erupted into chaos, discord, and violence.

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Holy shit. I remember wondering what #45 (I still refuse to use his name) was up to, what he was planning as he installed all these "acting" directors, et al in top national positions, esp. when he installed someone at the Pentagon. I knew it couldn't be good. Whoa.

Right now, I'm waiting for justice to be served. I do appreciate the 400+ insurrectionists charged and arrested, absolutely. But we need to see all these men and women whom you've covered who planned, incited, led the insurrection to be investigated, charged and arrested as soon as possible. I know it's going to take time, though.

With every "breaking news", I either knew it already from reading your books, Seth, or say, "I knew it!" because, well, we all knew it but didn't have the tapes, texts, videos, photos yet to prove it. We knew Barr was lying, we knew something was happening with an "enemies list", we knew #45 was digging for dirt on Schiff & anyone who was trying to hold him accountable.

And, we knew there was something more with this insurrection. We all saw it coming! But, the complexity of it all & the number of actors involved & what they did, who they spoke to, what they got their hands on is astounding.

Incredible work, Seth. Thank you! Please take care of yourself. <3

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Seth, a question regarding the Chad Wolf/Georgia portion of Oltmann's interview:

"...And then they hand those ballots in Georgia back over to the Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo], [who] does what with it? Destroys them [the ballots]...."

His earlier mention of the State Department notwithstanding, isn't Oltmann--in this particular instance--more likely referring to *Georgia* Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, rather than Pompeo?

Thank you for all of your excellent work!

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Truly excellent work (as always) Seth.

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As an ex-fed, I think a good part of the problem with the security breaches is who was working for the government. We need ethical standards and security clearance requirements that cannot be waived by the president nor are enforced by him. We need job descriptions with relevant experience requirements for every federal political appointment and if people don't meet them, they are ineligible for appointment without exception. That would keep us from ending up with the character and quality of people Trump appointed. Once you have ignorant and unethical people in the government, you really can't expect them to keep its secrets or do its work faithfully.... the other thing is what is antifa? A generic insult the way commie used to be. It means exactly nothing in most of the political contexts in which it is used. When O talks about "infilitrating" antifa, he's obviously lying since no such group exists. If he were infiltrating some anti-Trump or generally anti-facist group(s), he could name it (them) and identify it's influence. Instead he uses it as a straw man to justify his own illegal, insurrectionary activities/recommendations.

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dont keep up with the crazy right wing news media world, but i can see from this report that they will now be saying there was a coup. but the coup was the joe biden. can see that coming now. everytime we say coup, they will say yeah, the joe biden coup. hadnt thought of that til reading this. either giuliani, flynn or stone need to rat on satan. think he would only give direct orders to these three.

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My God Seth! Amazing work! Do you ever sleep? And are there active investigations into the 2 war rooms? Antifa wasn’t taking the bait because they were monitoring the same platforms these Insurrectionist were planning their coup on & Oltman thinks he was being an undercover spy🙄 What an idiot but a Very dangerous one! We need Justice for all involved! Our government is now compromised from the most corrupt treasonous Former POTUS ever!!

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Wow, Seth, great writing and sleuthing! Someone who can do something about this needs all your Proof info. DOJ will need one specialized unit just to investigate Trump-related corruption the rate we're going. Every day it's something. Maybe all who follow Proof can call Congress members and ask them to get the 1/6 investigation started asap. Delaying accountability is so tiring!

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And Above All…..Why did security forces Ignore pertinent Incoming Info on that day?! Why did Gen Flynn #2 @Pentagon just happen to be coming & going out of the room during emergency phone calls?Why was he sent to a different station 1/2 a world away immediately after 1/6? Because sadly and horribly it Was an Inside job! Their clock is ticking and they Know it! Count the Distractions since then. Thank you Seth!

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In 2016 there was a failed coup attempt in Montenegro. It's not clear to me exactly what happened there, but Unit 21955 of the GRU/GU (Russian military intelligence) seem to have been involved. The guilty verdicts were later overturned on grounds that there were errors, so I am not clear about what is true. Still, this failed coup reminds me a lot of the Capitol insurrection. The purpose was to stop voting and prevent Montenegro from joining NATO.

GRU Unit 21955 has also poisoned people in various countries and has blown up munition storage in E. Europe. The Bellingcat site has good articles about these Russian units which engage in subversion, sabotage, and murder.

These GRU units are very brazen, and I wonder if they were involved. I don't want to start a conspiracy theory--I have no evidence--but the Russians have been very willing to attack our elections.

Some of the people in the Capitol have not been identified, but I think they would have been more in the background.

Our government might not let on that they have suspicions or evidence about something so sensitive, at least until they are good and ready. Don't assume the Russians would be scared to attempt this.

Google and read about "GRU Unit 21955" and especially about the attempted coup in Montenegro. Just be aware of this possibility.

Your site is very complicated, but I am trying to learn how to use twitter and read your articles.

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? Not sure if this link will work…..


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Also, the other woman pictured (in your twitter feed) is indeed Maria Ryan.

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