U.S. Senators, Trump Family Members, and Top Trump Lieutenants Met in Trump's Private Residence on January 5 with Man Who Has Endorsed Violent Sedition

Daniel Beck has endorsed statements that shock the conscience, raising questions about why Trump's family—as well as his top advisers, allies, agents, attorneys and associates—met with him January 5.

{Note: That the pre-insurrection war council held at Trump’s private residence in Trump International Hotel is one of the key events in the insurrection timeline is clear. It is discussed on Proof here and here. This article expands on that reporting and is the third of three articles on men who featured in the events of January 5, the day before the insurrection.}

The Becks of Idaho

Those who have heard on MSNBC programs—three different ones thus far—about the “really intimate” January 5 meeting between top Trump advisers at Trump’s “private residence” inside Trump International Hotel in DC, probably wonder now about one of the names on the list of attendees: Daniel Beck. Beck is an Idahoan who is the CEO of a company, Txtwire, that specializes in “provid[ing] mass communication solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide through the use of voice, email, and text messaging.”

We do not yet know if there is any connection between Txtwire and the efforts of fellow January 5 meeting attendee, Stop the Steal coordinator and far-right activist Ali Alexander, to—as he announced in September 2020—execute the following operation:

“[B]uild the infrastructure to stop the steal [of the 2020 election by Democrats]. What we’re going to do is bypass all of social media. In the coming days, we will launch an effort concentrating on the swing states. . . .we will collect cell phone numbers, so that way if you are within a 100-mile radius of a bad secretary of state or someone who’s counting votes after the deadline [on November 3, 2020] or if there’s a federal court hearing, we will alert you [via mass text] where to go. We’re going to bypass all of Twitter, all of Facebook, all of Instagram, okay? We’re going to bypass it all.”

This sort of mass-texting operation is exactly what Daniel Beck’s company does, so it’s clear the January 5 meeting he attended at Trump International Hotel also involved a man (Alexander) who had been seeking such an operation within the last 120 days, but this alone is not enough to make a connection between the two. Nor is the fact that, in the days after Trump’s 2017 inauguration, at a time when Daniel Beck was—per his Facebook feed—apparently in Washington, his company Txtwire was accused of being involved with a fraudulent effort to “tally” the size in the Women’s March as part of a bizarre “phishing” operation that used a mass-text “89800” function.

{Note: Txtwire was never found to have engaged in any wrongdoing with respect to the Women’s March incident, though what exactly happened remains something of a mystery.}

If Beck is not significant to Trump because of Txtwire—a question that cannot yet be answered—there is the possibility, albeit a more remote one, that he is relevant to Team Trump because his father, Doyle Beck, is a powerful Idaho Republican. This said, Idaho is so reliably a “red” state that Doyle Beck being a Trump elector at the Republican National Convention in 2020 really tells us very little. Just so, the fact that both Doyle and his son have been accused of minor campaign finance violations (see here and here) that were subsequently cleared with only minor penalties is of limited interest.

So yes, it may well be that Dan’s uncle Rod chaired Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in Idaho and was a Trump delegate to the 2016 RNC, but it’s not clear how much juice this gave the Becks of Idaho in itself. The three men would have to have offered some special value or friendship to the Trump family to acquire any such special influence. So we simply can’t know, at present, what (if anything) it was that Daniel Beck had done to earn his spot at Trump’s war council on January 5, 2021. It doesn’t even seem to be explained by whatever the hell this bizarre scandal involving secret tape recordings and an alleged Idaho GOP “secret society” is. (Note: I include this very strange story because it involves the Becks, not because I think anyone outside of Idaho’s Republican superstructure could readily understand what it’s all about.)

But whoever and whatever Daniel Beck was or is to Donald Trump and his family, one thing is clear: the attitude he brought to Trump’s war council the day before the January 6 insurrection was one of violent sedition—if the viewpoints Beck has publicly endorsed on social media just in the month of January 2021 are any indication.

Three Quotes to Chill Your Bones

{Note: please read this critical background information on Beck before reading this section.}

The unconscionable viewpoints endorsed by Beck this month—both before and after Trump’s presidency ended—are so disgusting I find it difficult to even write about them. But if we’re trying to determine the intent of the men (and Kimberly Guilfoyle) who met in Trump’s private residence in D.C. on January 5, with “several” sitting U.S. senators no less, we must understand their words. Previous articles on Proof have analyzed the words and actions of these men and their associates—see here, here, here, here, and here—but until now, none of these words have as openly endorsed violent seditious conduct as those endorsed by Beck, whose place in the January 6 insurrection timeline still remains unclear.

I’ve taken, here, only small snippets from long tracts—tracts of such vile content that I’m unwilling to give two of them any airing here besides in excerpt. But here are three choice quotes that federal investigators should be aware look to reflect the views of someone who had access to Trump’s private residence, family, and entire political team in the 24 hours before an armed rebellion against the government of the United States:

“We need to take to the streets and take down these evil governments controlled by these evil people.”

—video message from a Roman priest, posted and endorsed on Facebook by January 5 Trump International Hotel meeting attendee Daniel Beck on January 28, 2021 (Beck: “Warning From Rome [sic] Priest…Look for truth!”)

{Note: you can watch the video Beck endorsed if you like, but please understand that it is deranged, risible bile from a very sick person in Italy. It’s quite long—and deeply disgusting.}

The next quote:

“President Donald J. Trump has moved out [of D.C.] permanently, for he cannot be president over a Sovereign Nation [the United States] in a Foreign land, which is what the White House and Capitol are. President Trump was voted in by We The People. Not the Corporation [of the United States of America]. After Donald J. Trump exits the White House, D.C. will be locked down because it will not be possible for a foreign ruler to rule over a sovereign country, therefore, the foreign ruler must be locked out. In this case, that would be this new [Biden] administration. Now you see what is meant by Lin Wood’s shouts that we are in the second revolution. We’re literally watching the reclaiming of the United States of America.”

—deranged conspiracy theory about the United States illegally becoming a “corporation” in 1871, posted and endorsed on Facebook by January 5 Trump International Hotel meeting attendee Daniel Beck on January 21, 2021 (Beck: “Based on my research, here’s a great summary of what is going on”)

{Note: you can find this Facebook post here, or below, but please understand that it’s deranged, risible bile from a very sick person in the United States. Much of it is also incomprehensible.}

This next excerpt is by far the worst, which is saying something if you’ve listened to, in full, the rant of the unnamed Roman priest linked to above. Be warned that the video this text is taken from (link below) will give you chills if you watch it, especially if you consider Beck’s apparent endorsement of it and his closeness to the president’s inner circle hours before a violent insurrection.

“The plan [on January 20, 2021] was to have around 26,000 National Guard, which they did, [and] to have fencing around the whole thing, to put Marines into the underground tunnels that absolutely criss-cross that building [the Capitol] that connect to other buildings, to seal that all off. And what was expected was literally to arrest the whole lot [of Congress]. They got them all in one place, and that’s why they were going to do it. That’s why they put 26,000 troops in, that’s why they put the fencing—double-fencing—[with] tents ready. Those tents were ready to process people [members of Congress]. They weren’t for the press. They were to sort people. Sort them out. Senators, Congressmen, et cetera, et cetera. But it never happened. And I had this phone call [with a source in the United States] between 1AM and 2AM [on January 20], [it] kept me quite busy this morning—[in the] early hours—and the exact wording [given to me] was, ‘something went wrong.’ They weren’t going to tell me what it was, not over an open line, so I’m not holding anything back from you. [But] absolutely [I was told]: ‘Something went wrong.’”

Simon Parkes, a deranged conspiracy theorist claiming to be in contact with U.S. insurrectionists plotting a violent overthrow of Congress, endorsed on Facebook by January 5 Trump International Hotel meeting attendee Daniel Beck on January 21, 2021 (“Simon Parks [sic] is an excellent source of intel!”)

{Note: you can find this Facebook post here, but please understand that it is deranged, risible bile from a very sick person from England who is, he claims, in contact with people in the United States that the FBI would undoubtedly arrest for sedition if they could locate them.}

Simon Parkes claims, at other points in his creepy video, to be in either direct or indirect contact with the “core team” that intended to overthrow the U.S. government on January 20, 2021. He makes repeated mention of Mike Pompeo and a “plan” that was in place on the date of Biden’s inauguration, the latter a word and concept that echoes statements made by Beck on Facebook (see here) on January 6 and January 7.

Parkes, who, again, the January 5 Trump war council attendee Beck calls “an excellent source of intel”, implies that the failure of the United States military to stage a coup of Congress and the Biden administration on January 20 is attributable to the “Satanic cabal” that runs Washington—Parkes seems to be speaking of Democrats and their allies—who, Parkes speculates, acquired a loose “dirty bomb” via an Israeli stockpile.

Parkes further insists that Biden’s inauguration was, at least in part, faked, with the event a deliberately deceptive combination of “pre-recorded” and “genuine outside footage”, with Biden and members of Congress actually located in “two different locations” while seeming to all be in the same place. He also says 9/11 was artificially “created, some of it in a [television] studio.” He speaks of “the bad side”—the Satanists spoken of by the Roman priest, above, as well as Parkes—having been engaged in a lukewarm-to-hot war against the forces of good in America for many decades. He says he plans to “physically meet” with U.S. members of the “good side” who plotted or knew of the January 20 plot to overthrow America’s government, but “there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to tell you” what is said at any such meeting. He indicates that the one thing he knows for sure about Biden’s inauguration is that something happened before it that “was big enough” to “pull everything [the entire coup operation].”

It should be emphasized that Parkes says all of this with the calmness only the truly, profoundly mad can muster.

The Part Where It Gets Really Scary

Parkes—whose “intel” Trump ally Beck, who has had access to Trump’s inner circle since pre-insurrection days, accepts as significant and valuable—claims there is going to be, per his sources on “the good side”, “another attempt” at overthrowing the U.S. government and arresting all of Congress. “They’re going to have another attempt”, Parkes repeats. He says he has been told that “it all has to be done by the fourth of March.” But Parkes then adds that he has a second highly placed source that tells him March 4 “is a bit early—we probably think middle of April.”

“So there is going to be another attempt to actually remove Biden”, the Beck-endorsed Parkes declares.

Parkes also says that Trump, prior to leaving office, secretly declassified information not pursuant to any court decisions—“because you can’t trust the courts, that’s been proven”, Parkes says—but “for the states”, presumably meaning state legislatures. Parkes says that “two states now, at the senior level [of government]”, are looking to “declassify” what they’ve been sent from Trump and his team as a means of undermining the 2020 presidential election, its results, and the Biden administration.

“There are”, continues Parkes, citing his source, “800 senior officers, from the rank of general down to colonel, who are absolutely standing with Trump” in his apparent post-election plans to retake control of the White House. Parkes says these officers “want nothing to do with Biden”, such that we “in effect [in the United States] have two governments in Washington, DC. You have the office-holder [Biden], who can sign into law civilian matters, something to do with world affairs, but you have a military government now.”

I won’t detail much more of this nonsense, except to note that Parkes says Biden is “not allowed to step foot in the Pentagon” and that Parkes alleges Chris Miller and Trump’s FEMA head are “running the show”—a second government—which, while absolutely not what’s happening, causes one to wonder if Miller lieutenants and Trump sycophants Kash Patel and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, or (now on hold) Trump-appointed Defense Policy Board member Corey Lewandowski, the latter of whom was inside Trump’s home in Trump International Hotel on January 5, are in any way tied to Parkes’ “sources.” Remember that Daniel Beck, who endorses Parkes, was in the room with Lewandowski on January 5.

So, is this all deranged? Without question. But if it was the mindset of Daniel Beck on January 5, and perhaps that of Michael Flynn as well—which it may well have been, given the content of his interview with Alex Jones on January 5—it means that America is in far more danger from the men who met in Trump’s private residence on January 5 than we could ever have supposed. And perhaps from the former President of the United States, too, as it was his family and his political team that met with these people on one of the most critical days of his life. And of course we still don’t know if the president himself attended the January 5 meeting via speakerphone or otherwise. We certainly do know, however, that his personal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, attended as his agent.

Framed differently, if Daniel Beck was in a room with Trump’s family and top advisers on January 5, and days later still believes Simon Parkes has “excellent intel”, does it not indicate that what Parkes is saying is—as Beck understands it—consistent with what Trump and his advisers have been saying in private? If what Team Trump is saying in private were inconsistent with what Parkes is saying via a Bitchute video, why would Daniel Beck have endorsed Parkes’ “intel” so lavishly and publicly?

The FBI and the entire USIC must immediately discover who in the inner circle of the former president, including the former president himself, is still in communication with a man, Daniel Beck, who seems to be tracking “another attempt” at overthrowing our government, and who has in the past been part of strategy and planning sessions with Trump’s family and the former president’s adviser corps.

A Trump Adviser May Have Funded the Insurrection

What remains unclear is how the foregoing relates to other key January 5 figures—those who didn’t attend the meeting at Trump’s DC home in person—most notably Alexander (who communicated with the group by cell), Roger Stone, and Alex Jones.

Unfortunately, the evidence that has emerged as to these individuals is almost as troubling as that involving Daniel Beck and Michael Flynn.

In a video recorded a week before the January 6 insurrection (see below), Trump friend and adviser Stone publicly requests funding to purchase “protective equipment” for those who will be participating in the Stop the Steal/March to Save America event on that date. (Note: Stone refers to this as an event he himself will be speaking at, echoing earlier Washington Post reporting that he was slated to speak on January 6—in addition to or instead of on January 5—until, for reasons that are unclear and under whose direction is unknown, he was removed from the speaking slate).

Given that, as the last five articles here at Proof have established via photographic and other evidence, Stone’s bodyguards on January 5 were Oath Keepers—and he has previously used Proud Boys as a personal protection detail—it is almost impossible to understand Stone’s fundraising appeal for “protective equipment” for those working “security” at the January 6 Trump march to be a reference to anyone but the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, or other paramilitary groups involved in the breach of the Capitol on that date. If the money Stone raised via his video indeed went toward equipment for anyone who breached the Capitol (whether or not, like some Oath Keepers, they were part of the sort of plan Daniel Beck tweeted about to arrest or harm members of Congress in the tunnels beneath the Capitol) Stone is almost certainly looking at seditious conspiracy charges not covered by any pardon he got from Trump.

That Stone encouraged people to come to the march but then fled, himself, before it began—while declining an offer, from an unknown source, to “lead it”—could help establish that Stone, as already seems clear from his video appeal below, anticipated violence on January 6 and wanted to be nowhere near it.

Here’s the shocking video of a Trump adviser appearing to fundraise for a revolution:

We know that Stone and Alexander are longtime associates, and that Alexander and Alex Jones worked together in Georgia to try to overturn the election there (and if “we” can’t do so, Alexander told the pre-insurrection Georgia crowd at time—which crowd had members in it audibly shouting, “White power!”“We’ll light the whole shit on fire.”)

Court records from Roger Stone’s federal trial indicate that Trump remains in constant telephonic contact with Stone, even during periods when he says otherwise. There’s no reason to think this is no longer true. Meanwhile, Ali Alexander was in touch with the Trump war council on January 5. Daniel Beck was in the room with the Trump war council—and then-Defense Policy Board member Corey Lewandowski—on January 5.

So does anyone still think it appropriate for Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate to be focused exclusively on his January 6 speech? Or for 45 GOP senators to vote to acquit Trump on the grounds—rejected by even Trump loyalist Matt Gaetz (see below)—that what presidents do in their final two weeks can’t be punished?

The game Trump and his allies are playing is not just dangerous: it’s seditious. There must be a full investigation of the January 6 insurrection immediately, including the weeks of Trump-endorsed, Trump-advertised “Stop the Steal” events that preceded it. And this must be done—though how it could be is unclear—before the second Trump impeachment trial begins. What Proof has uncovered (see archive) is without a doubt only a small piece of this historically harrowing story.