More on the Alabama-Arizona January 6 Axis

More evidence emerges that public officials from these states will be critical foci in the ongoing federal criminal investigation into the Trump insurrection.

Just days after I outlined a potential ring of Trump-insurrection co-conspirators tied to Arizona and Alabama—a linkage that implies that, in order for Trump to keep witnesses (including public officials) from the Republican parties of these two states loyal, Trump will need to show them special favor—Trump has shocked the U.S. military by suddenly moving U.S. Space Command from Colorado to Alabama.

The move will cost Colorado an untold number of jobs, and is considered a stunning reversal that is explicitly tied to the ongoing impeachment and insurrection processes.

Note that the U.S. Attorney for DC and the FBI just announced yesterday that they’ve put multiple “public corruption” prosecutors on their insurrection investigative team—seemingly confirming that public officials (for instance, Reps. Gosar and Biggs of Arizona, and Rep. Brooks and Sen. Tuberville of Alabama) could end up targets of their investigation.

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