Part I: Additional Information About the Murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Warning: this book excerpt includes violent content. Reader discretion advised.

{Warning: These excerpts from my 2019 New York Times-bestselling book Proof of Conspiracy are being provided to Proof subscribers because they contain critical information about Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, or “MBS.” The Biden administration has now decided not to punish MBS for his central role in the brutal assassination of U.S.-dwelling Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The excerpts below underscore what a scandal this decision is. Some of the content in these excerpts is graphic, so reader discretion is advised. Please do not share this content with others without prefacing it with a trigger warning for extreme violence. Citations for these excerpts can be found at my personal website and at this Macmillan link. As readers of this site know, all my sourcing is from major domestic and international media.}

Because the text below is taken from a late proof of Proof of Conspiracy and because it is screenshotted, there is the possibility of a typographical error in the text—and the certainty that some of the cut-off points in the images below will be unusual. Please excuse these infelicities, as they are not present, of course, in the 592-page book itself, which can be purchased here.

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