Proof: Some Notable Readers (United States)

This publication—and its social media feed—are followed by thousands of journalists, politicians, and other influential figures. Those who ask, "Who reads Proof?" can look below to get a better idea.

{Note: This is a work-in-progress. At present, only 65% or so of the U.S. media and political readers of Proof and its associated Twitter feed have been archived here. For an example of an entry that is now over 80% complete, see the one for “CNN” in the “Journalists” section.}

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Since I launched the Proof project in July 2018 by beginning to write Proof of Collusion (Simon & Schuster), far and away the most-asked question by followers of the project’s books, podcast, substack and Twitter feed has been this one: “Who sees the research you publish?” Readers, listeners, and viewers understandably wonder about the reach that Proof has domestically and internationally. If one follows the multimedia projects associated with Proof—and if one finds oneself struck by their biggest revelations—is the content one sees in fact only accessible to a select few?

The simple answer is absolutely not. The longer answer arrives—here, now—with this new Proof feature, which aims to, over a period of time, catalogue all the journalists, politicians, celebrities, and other assorted influential figures who follow the Twitter feed associated with Proof (which serves as the primary distribution point for all Proof content). If you’ve ever wondered whether individuals from your favorite media outlet follow this research project, or whether politicians close to the center of power in D.C. do, you can either browse the scores of lists below or use the “Ctrl+F” function on this article to have your questions answered. And if you have a similar question about the international readers of Proof, you can click on over to Proof: Some Notable Readers (International). Because literally thousands of individuals in the categories mentioned above follow Proof, this project is necessarily an ongoing one—meaning that the names you encounter below are very much a non-exhaustive list, representing just a sampling of those with a ready awareness of the content published here at Proof.

I do wish that I had compiled a list of this sort several years ago, as at various points so many fascinating figures have followed Proof content for brief periods, be it Twitter founder Jack Dorsey or Mark Hamill, Jeff Daniels or Bill Kristol, Anna Kendrick or Deepak Chopra, Bette Midler or LeVar Burton. Of course, the aim of a list like the one below isn’t to determine why any one individual does or doesn’t follow Proof, only to answer the most commonly asked question about the site: Who is aware of it now?

I think it would safe to say that no one who reads the hundreds and hundreds of names below could doubt that the research compiled by this publication is getting where it needs to go, whether through the thousands of full subscribers to the publication, the tens of thousands of email-list subscribers, the hundreds of thousands who follow one or more of the Proof social media feeds, or the millions who encounter Proof content on a daily basis via Twitter. Indeed, Proof crossed the “100 million retweets” threshold back in late 2020! Still, putting some names to those follows and retweets brings home, I hope, the potential influence Proof can have on journalists and power-brokers alike.

How to Use These Lists

One of the many reasons the lists below must be deemed non-exhaustive is because of the following four restrictions:

  • They consider only verified Twitter accounts;

  • They consider only accounts with clearly noted institutional affiliations;

  • They consider only those institutionally affiliated accounts whose holders are associated on a full-time basis with the institution in question (in other words, freelance work for a given media outlet does not, for the purposes of these lists, create a permanent, categorizable association between a journalist and an outlet);

  • They do not consider individuals who previously worked for an institution—even if that affiliation is noted by the individual—unless that course of past employment clearly coincided with the period the Proof project was operative. In practice, because it’s difficult to readily determine when someone worked for a media outlet, this means that the list below significantly understates the extent to which Proof is followed by those with meaningful affiliations to major-media institutions. By way of example, a 30-year veteran of the New York Times who retired at some uncertain point in the recent past wouldn’t be listed here.

{Note: Because the research regarding prize-winning authors and journalists was conducted separately, in a small number of cases prize-winning individuals whose Twitter accounts have not yet been verified are included in the lists below. All identities were separately confirmed.}

Another restriction limits the number of lists as opposed to the size of any one of them:

  • Journalists for pre-professional media outlets, such as college newspapers, are not considered, nor are local radio journalists. {Note: The non-listing of freelancers and/or student journalists is not intended as a slight—as I’ve been both a freelancer and a student journalist myself—but rather a recognition that student journalists may not be seeking to pursue journalism full-time, and that freelancers do not work as employees for the outlets with which they temporarily contract. As it happens, I also used to be a local radio journalist; as to why that group is not included in these lists, the simple answer is that it would be too large in size, and would quickly overwhelm the archive’s many lists.}

As to full-time employees, these lists consider various roles eligible for cataloging, including reporters, columnists, editors, directors, correspondents, researchers, hosts, writers, photojournalists, video journalists, data journalists, anchors, and producers.

Because journalists often move between organizations, some individuals listed below may be listed under organizations they have since departed. This listing will of course edit any entries upon request (see the contact form on my website). Having said this, if an individual is listed below, it means that I have seen with my own two eyes that they follow Proof, whether or not—at some unknown future date—they happen to continue to do so.

The list below is alphabetical within each category, with the categories being these eleven: Politicians (National); Politicians (State); Journalists Working with Media Institutions; Selected Independent Journalists; Award Winners; Selected Media Outlets, Programs, and Publications; Selected Institutional Accounts; Selected For-Profit and Nonprofit Figures; Selected Law, Journalism, and Government Professors; Selected Military Figures; Other Notable Figures; and Trumpworld. Note that the last six categories in particular have been the subject of little research thus far; they are presented here to offer a sense of how this new archive will expand over time.

The Lists

{last updated July 31, 2021}

Politicians (National)

United States House of Representatives

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA)
Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL)
Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL)
Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI)
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)*
Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX)
Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA)
Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ)
Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX)
Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA)
Rep. Kwanza Hall (D-GA)*
Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI)*
Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA)*
Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA)*
Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV)
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)*
Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY)*
Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL)
Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI)
Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ)
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ)
Rep. Andrew Learned (D-FL)
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV)
Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA)
Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA)
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY)*
Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY)
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY)
Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY)
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO)
Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL)
Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX)*
Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN)
Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO)*
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD)
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)*
Rep. Harley Rouda (D-CA)*
Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL)
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY)
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)*
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA)
Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL)
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

Fmr. Sr. Adv. and Dir. of Investigations (HPSCI) Daniel Goldman
House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Democrats
New Democrat Coalition (U.S. House of Representatives)

*Former member.

United States Senate

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)
Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE)
Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE)
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR)

Presidential Administrations

{current and former}

Adv. Olivia Troye (HSC, Pence)
Agt. Rodney Faraon
Amb. James Costos
Amb. Adam Ereli
Amb. Bruce Heyman
Amb. Barbara Leaf
Amb. Wendy Sherman
Assoc. Dir. John Bisognano
Assoc. White House Counsel Ian Bassin
Asst. Sec. DHS Todd Breasseale
Campaign Mgr. Jen O’Malley Dillon (Biden, 2020)
CEA Member Heather Boushey
Chief of Staff Miles Taylor (DHS)
CTO Aneesh Chopra (Obama)
FEC Chair Ann Ravel
FTC Commissioner Julie Brill*
Dep. Asst. AG Ann Ravel
Dep. Asst. Sec. Alyssa Ayres
Dep. Asst. Sec. Evelyn Farkas (DoD)
Dep. Asst. Sec. Oliver McGee 
Dep. Asst. Sec. Joel Rubin
Dep. Comms. Dir. Liz Allen
Dep. Press Sec. and Sr. Spokesman Jesse Ferguson (Clinton, 2016)
Dep. Press Sec. Brian Morgenstern (Trump)
Dep. Sec. Cristóbal Alex
Dep. Sec. Heather Higginbottom
Dep. Sec. Eric Schultz
Dep. Sec. Wendy Sherman
Dir. Chris Krebs (CISA)
Dir. Luis Miranda
Dir. Alexander Vindman
Dir. Comms. Jennifer Palmieri (POTUS, Obama)
Dir. Comms. Anthony Scaramucci (POTUS, Trump)
Dir. Comms. Kristina Schake (FLOTUS, Obama)
DNC Chair Donna Brazile
DNC Chair Jamie Harrison*
DNC Comms. Dir. Adrienne Watson*
DoD Special Counsel Ryan Goodman
DoD Spokesman Todd Breasseale
EJAC Member Jerome Foster II
EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman
NSA Jake Sullivan
Sec. Julián Castro
Sec. Jennifer Granholm
Solicitor General Neal Katyal
Spec. Asst. DoS and DoD / Sr. Adv. USCENTCOM Ali Khedery
Spec. Asst. White House / Dir. of Partnerships Nathaly Arriola Maurice
Speechwriter David Litt (Obama)
Spokesman Ned Price (DoS)
Sr. Adv. Shahed Amanullah (DoS)
Sr. Adv. Benjamin Haas
Sr. Adv. for Comms. Ted Newton (Romney, 2012)
Und. Sec. Colin Kahl
White House Aide Michael Blake (Obama)
White House Counsel John W. Dean
White House Intern Ammar Campa-Najjar (Obama)
White House Photographer David Hume Kennerly
White House Pollster Joel Benenson (Obama)
White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart

*Not technically a member of any administration, but helps run the political party that President Joe Biden leads, so I believe there’s sufficient basis for this addition.

Politicians (State)


Mayor Randall Woodfin (Birmingham)

Alabama Democrats**


Rep. Alma Hernandez
Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr.
Sen. Juan Mendez


California Assemblyman Ian Calderon (Majority Leader)*
California Assemblyman Evan Low
Chairman Eric Bauman (California Democratic Party)*
Chairman Rusty Hicks (California Democratic Party)
Chairman Ron Nehring (California Republican Party)*
Los Angeles Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff
Mayor Angelique Ashby (Sacramento)
Sen. Dave Min
Sen. Scott Wiener


Gov. Jared Polis
Rep. Shannon Bird
Rep. Meg Froelich
Rep. Karen McCormick
Rep. Andrew Romanoff (Speaker of the House)*
Rep. Paul Rosenthal*
Rep. Steven Woodrow
Rep. Donald Valdez
Rep. Cole Wist*
Sen. Jeff Bridges

Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad**

District of Columbia

Councilwoman Christina Henderson


Rep. Omari Hardy
Rep. Sean Shaw*
Sen. José Javier Rodríguez*
Sen. Annette Taddeo


Councilman Antonio Brown
Mayor Teresa Tomlinson (Columbus)*


Rep. Jonathan Carroll


Sen. Karen Carter Peterson


Rep. Sara Gideon


Attorney General Brian Frosh
Sen. Will Smith
Sen. Charles Sydnor


Rep. Katherine Clark
Rep. Lori Ehrlich
Sen. Karen Spilka


Rep. Barb Byrum*
Rep. Laurie Pohutsky
Sen. Rosemary Bayer
Sen. Erika Geiss
Sen. Mallory McMorrow

Michigan Democratic Party**
Michigan Department of State**
Michigan Senate Democrats**


Attorney General Keith Ellison
Auditor Julie Blaha
Rep. Hunter Cantrell*
Rep. Kelly Morrison


Rep. Matt Sain*


Mayor Wilmot Collins (Helena)


Chairwoman Jane Fleming Kleeb (Nebraska Democratic Party)
Sen. Megan Hunt

Nebraska Democratic Party

New York

Assemblywoman Jen Lunsford
Mayor Svante Myrick (Ithaca)
Sen. Brad Hoylman

North Carolina

Sen. Natasha Marcus
Sen. Mujtaba Mohammed


Rep. Tavia Galonski


Attorney General Aaron Ford
Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian (Nevada Republican Party)*


Rep. Malcom Kenyatta
Rep. Chris Rabb
Rep. Brian Sims
Sen. Vincent Hughes
Sen. Katie Muth
Sen. Sharif Street

South Carolina

Gov. Mark Sanford*
Rep. Bakari Sellers*


Rep. John Ray Clemmons
Rep. Gloria Johnson
Sen. Sara Kyle


Mayor Julián Castro (San Antonio)
Rep. Julie Johnson


Rep. Brian King
Sen. Derek Kitchen


Comms. Dir. for Gov. Inslee Tara Lee
Lt. Gov. Denny Heck

West Virginia

Sen. Richard Ojeda II*


Sen. Chris Larson
Sen. Kelda Roys

*Former position(s).
**Institutional account.

Journalists Working with Media Institutions

ABC News (19)

Dan Abrams
Erin Calabrese
Joohee Cho
Ali Dukakis
Jennifer Eccleston
Katherine Faulders
Scott Goldberg
Elzie Lee Granderson
Matt Gutman
Sunny Hostin
Christopher Isham
Matthew Mosk
David Muir
Kevin Negandhi
Amanda Renteria
Ashley Riegle
George Stephanopoulos
Simone Swink
Anthony Rivas
Chris Vlasto

ABC Local (33)

Louis Aguirre
Brett Allega
Karen Anderson
Mike Beaudet
Larry Beil
Josh Brogadir
Marc Brown
Sam Champion
Luke Cleary
Josh Croup
Quita Culpepper
Manda Factor
Jenn Franco
Kenny Gibson
Christina Ginn
Bob Grebe
Rob Hayes
Steve Irvin
Cheryl Jennings
Leticia Juarez
Liz Kreutz
Aaron Jay Mason
Mary McKenzie
Sarah McRitchie
Graciela Moreno
Sean Nicholls
Rob Perillo
Suzanne Phan
Jory Rand
Matt Reed
Ashley Rowe
Mary Saladna
Sharman Sacchetti
Maria Stephanos
Angelica Thornton

Al Jazeera

Dareen Abughaida
James Bays
Alan Fisher
Kosta Grammatis
Yasser Abu Hilala
Rosiland Jordan
Minreet Kaur
Exavier Pope
Soraya Salam
Barbara Serra
Chris Sheridan
Wajd Waqfi
Antonia Zerbisias


Michal Aharoni

Albany Times Union

Jay Jochnowitz

Arizona Republic

Jeff Metcalfe
Rob O’Dell
Joanna Jacobo Rivera

Associated Press (15)

Ted Anthony
Michael Biesecker
Dave Collins
Maryclaire Dale
Alina Hartounian
James LaPorta
Juan Lozano
Maggie Michael
Peter Mitchell
Ron Nixon
Steve Peoples
Emily Wagster Pettus
Joe Reedy
Lynne Sladky
Evan Vucci
Christopher Weber

The Athletic

Felipe Cárdenas
Chad Jennings
Steve Madeley
Ed Malyon
Aaron Portzline
Katie Strang
Kyle Tucker

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mike Luckovich

The Atlantic

Norman Ornstein
Christopher Orr

Austin American-Statesman

Michael Barnes
Rebeccah Macias
Brandon Mulder


Mike Allen
Zach Basu
Sara Fischer
Glen Johnson
Jacob Knutson
Margaret Talev

Baltimore Sun

Karl Ferron
Dan Rodricks
David Zurawik


Michelle Coffey
Robert Sabat
Eric Savitz


Amy DuBois Barnett

Bloomberg (40)

Shery Ahn
Rebecca Baker
Holly Barker
Ben Bartenstein
Dina Bass
Valerie Bauman
Brian Bremner
Charles Capel
Patricio Chile
John Edwards III
David Fickling
Scarlet Fu
Patrick Garrigan
Robert A. George
Corinne Gretler
Jennifer Jacobs
David Joachim
Tony Jordan
Francine Lacqua
Justina Lee
Hebah Abdalla Lehmann
Michael Leibel
Jenny Leonard
Mike Leonard
Betty Liu
Carol Massar
Steve Matthews
Michael McKee
Saleha Mohsin
Vonnie Quinn
Tom Randall
Michael P. Regan
David Rocks
Adam Schank
Joe Sobczyk
Haidi Lun Stroud-Watts 
Andrea Vittorio
Molly Ward
Dan Wilchins
Janet Wu


Felicia Burton
Nayyera Haq
Anser Hassan
Christine Maddela
Maria White Tillman

Boston Globe (13)

Dan Adams
Lylah Alphonse
Ellen Clegg
Kevin Paul Dupont
Devra First
Felice Freyer
Teresa Hanafin
Linda Pizzuti Henry
Kay Lazar
Janelle Nanos
Hilary Sargent
Michael Silverman
Kimberly Atkins Stohr

Burlington Free Press

Elizabeth Murray
Emilie Stigliani

Business Insider / Insider

Claire Atkinson
Erica Berenstein
Sirena Bergman
Alexander Bitter
William Edwards
Jeff Elder
Mia Jankowicz
Aman Kidwai
Tom LoBianco
Navah Maynard
Elvina Nawaguna
Tom Porter
Darren Samuelsohn
Debbie Strong
Joshua Zitser

BuzzFeed / BuzzFeed News

Heidi Blake
Andrew Kimmel
Paul McLeod
Zia Thompson
Zoe Tillman
Curly Velasquez
Daniel Wagner


Howard Mortman

CBS News (35)

Jim Axelrod
Shani Benezra
Jeff Berardelli
John Dickerson
Dennis Dodd
Vladimir Duthiers
Luis Miguel Echegaray
Pamela Falk
Farrah Fazal
Major Garrett
Olivia Gazis
Christopher Isham
Weijia Jiang
Katiana Krawchenko
Ian James Lee
Jessica Levinson
Lilia Luciano
Robin Lundberg
Scott Magoloff
Anthony Mason
Cami McCormick
Sasha Charnin Morrison
Julie Morse
Caitlin Nolan
Markham Nolan
Norah O’Donnell
Jeff Pegues
Faith Salie
Evie Salomon
Anthony Salvanto
Paul Schlesinger
Keith Sharman
Shawna Thomas
Sheryl Underwood
Jamie Wax
Jamie Yuccas
Adam Zucker

CBS Local

Ryan Allison
Jim Benemann
Jacob Blount
Paul Caron
Andrea Courtois
Araceli Crescencio
Bill Fitzgerald
Lesli Foster
Karen Fuller
David Goldstein
David Hodges
Lisa Hughes
Mike Krafcik
Rich Kurz
Morgan Loew
Suzanne Marques
Tom Merolla
Kate Merrill
Chris Pantaleo
Lauren Pastrana
Breana Pitts
Bree Sison
Craig Thomas
T.J. Wait
Wilson Walker
Phil Williams

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Trish Mehaffey

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Alison Gerber


J.D. Durkin
Adriana Guzman

Chicago Sun-Times

Mike Berardino
Lorraine Forte
Stephanie Zimmerman

Christian Science Monitor

Peter Grier
Jacob Turcotte
Scott Peterson

Chronicle of Higher Education

Michael Vasque

Cincinnati Enquirer

Pat Brennan
Amber Hunt
Chris Mayhew

CNBC (18)

{see also MSNBC, NBC News, and NBC Local}

Ekta Batra
Louisa Bojesen
Kevin Breuninger
Scott Cohn
Turney Duff
Herb Greenberg
Eamon Javers
Cory Johnson
Ted Kemp
Michael C. Khouw
Ari Levy
Steve Liesman
James Pethokoukis
Brian Schwartz
Elliot Smith
Julianna Tatelbaum
Meg Tirrell
Christina Wilkie


Andy Altman
Sean Keane
Sarah McDermott
Michelle Meyers
Jesse Orrall

CNN (99)

Zain Asher
John Avlon
Veronica Bautista
Carl Bernstein
Natasha Bertrand
Kevin Bohn
Gloria Borger
Janie Boschma
Pamela Brown
Erin Burnett
Ana Cabrera
Josh Campbell
Amanda Carpenter
Tim Carter
David Chalian
Matthew Chance
Julia Chatterley
Faye Chiu
Zachary Cohen
Stephen Collinson
Bethany Crudele
Chris Cuomo
S.E. Cupp
John W. Dean
Andrea Diaz
Patricia DiCarlo
Christian DuChateau
Norm Eisen
Victoria Fleischer
Laurie Frankel
Josefina de la Fuente
Stephanie Gallman
Matthew Gannon
David Gelles
Ika Ferrer Gotíc
David Handelman
John Harwood
Nia-Malika Henderson
Michael Holmes
Elie Honig
Matt Hoye
Scottie Nell Hughes
Laura Jarrett
Joe Johns
Van Jones
Kellie Keesee
Jackie Kucinich
Cedric Leighton
Melissa Mahtani
Laura Michalchyshyn
Paul La Monica
Ed Lavandera
Harry Litman
Joe Lockhart
Suzanne Malveaux
Renato Mariotti
Alli Hedges Maser
Jess McIntosh
Ed Meagher
Sofia Mitra-Thakur
Saima Mohsin
Seán Federico O’Murchú
Dean Obeidallah
Tom Page
Penelope Patsuris
Kirsten Powers
Asha Rangappa
Majid Rafizadeh
Paula Reid
Lisa Respers
Don Riddell
Christine Romans
Isabel Rosales
Shelby Rose
Hilary Rosen
Angela Rye
Maria Santana
Jim Sciutto
Bakari Sellers
Isha Sesay
Tara Setmayer
Sara Sidner
Dan Simon
Stacy Strazis
Miguel Susana
Zoë Todd
Jeffrey Toobin
Daniel Tozzi
Carla Vilhena
Sam Vinograd
Karl de Vries
Selina Wang
Clarissa Ward
Vicky Ward
Nick Watt
Kristin Wilson
Zach Wolf
Shanlon Wu
Jessica Yellin

Congressional Quarterly / Roll Call

John Donnelly
Herb Jackson
Megan Mineiro
Patrick Pexton
Kate Ackley Zeller


Jill Hamilton

The Daily Beast

Will Bredderman
Christopher Dickey
Jackie Kucinich
David Rothkopf
Matt Wilstein

The Daily Caller

Andrew Kerr
Betsy Rothstein

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Ronny Chieng
Jordan Klepper
Matt Koff
Matt Negrin
Bararunde Thurston
Roy Wood Jr.

Dallas Morning News

Erin Booke
Deborah Fleck
Lorena Flores
Bob Garrett
Miles Moffeit
Patrick Walker

Dallas Observer

Richie Whitt

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Katie Kustura

D.C. Examiner

Daniel Chaitin
Naomi Lim
Jon Nicosia
Tori Richards

Denver Post

Mark Kiszla
Seth Masket

Detroit News

Jennifer Chambers

E! News

Natalie Finn

Entertainment Weekly

Jeff Jensen
Lynette Rice


Ryan Droste

ESPN (27)

James Allen
Stephania Bell
Jeff Borzello
Doris Burke
Brandon Chatmon
Elle Duncan
Brian Dunseth
Chris Fowler
Kirk Goldsberry
Elzie Lee Granderson
Jay Harris
Julia Henderson
Shaka Hislop
Maddy Hudak
Tom Junod
Max Kellerman
Mike Kessler
Porter Larsen
Anita Marks
Thaddeus D. Matula
Dave McMenamin
Andrew Miller
Kevin Negandhi
Lonnae O’Neal
Bernardo Osuna
Margaret Myers
Nick Rosenberg
Bob Stelton


Cori Murray

Fast Company

Ross Rubin
Missy Schwartz


Seth Masket

Food & Wine

Kat Kinsman

Forbes (19)

Mike Berardino
Hansa Bhargava
Jason Bisnoff
Jack Brewster
Jesse Colombo
Jesse Damiani
Steve Dennis
Caroline Howard
Mark Joyella
Janet Novack
Robert Olsen
Christopher Orr
Rhett Power
Melissa Jun Rowley
Chris Saint
Somdutta Singh
Marty Swant
Kyle Westaway
Chase Withorn

Foreign Policy

Azeem Ibrahim
Elise Labott


Verne Kopytoff
Michal Lev-Ram
Ellen McGirt
Chris Taylor

Fox News (17)

Brett Baier
Andres Del Aguila
Jacqui Heinrich
Andrew Keiper
Bryan Llenas
Mary Grace Lucas
Chad Pergram
Rick Reichmuth
Jason Riley
Jessica Rosenthal
Kristen Ruby
Eric Shawn
Robert Sherman
Brooke Singman
Brie Stimson
Jessica Tarlov
Juan Williams

Fox Local

Evan Axelbank
Kathleen Bade
Ashley Casper
Tracy Clemons
Daniel Cohen
Doug Downing
Kody Fisher
Tom Fitzgerald
Rebecca Gannon
Angela Ganote
Bob Grip
Susan Hirasuna
Steve Lacy
Marc LeCuyer
Bradon Long
Kurt Ludlow
Brian MacMillan
Angeline McCall
Elex Michaelson
Randi Naughton
Bisi Onile-Ere
Brian Parsons
Huel Perkins
Tony Pierce
Shirin Rajaee
Josh Roe
Stephanie Rothman
Ginny Ryan
Evan Sernoffsky
Darren Sweeney
Matt Trezza
Maureen Umeh
Jacob Unger
Lindsay Watts

Fox / Fox Sports

Andrew Freund
Laura Okmin
Bob Pockrass

Fresno Bee

Joseph Kieta


C.J. Johnson

Gray TV

Natalie Grim
Jill Sears

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Karl Ebert

The Herald News

Dan Medeiros

The Hill

Rafael Bernal
Morgan Chalfant
Lindsay Chervinsky
Michael Hopkins
Amanda Renteria

Houston Chronicle

Paul McGrath


Matthieu Balu
Jennifer Bendery
Maxime Bourdeau
Brandon Cloud
S.V. Dáte
Jesse Jackman
Richard Jeter
Sebastian Murdock
Gianni Riotta
Gayle Rose
Michaël Szadkowski
Will Tooke
Astrid de Villaines
Paul Waugh


David Amerland
Tom Foster
Amrita Khalid
Scott Omelianuk

Indianapolis Star

Jim Ayello


Leo Adrian Garcia
Libby Hill
Eric Kohn


Laura Brown
Laura Norkin

The Intercept

Paul Abowd
Akela Lacy
Sharon Lerner

International Business Times

Jijo Jacob

Just Security

Ryan Goodman

Kansas City Star

Vahe Gregorian

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Vincent Bonsignore
Bill Dentzer
John Katsilometes
Janet Murphy

Lexington Herald-Leader

John Clay

Los Angeles Times

Nabih Bulos
Marissa Evans
Elzie Lee Granderson
Len De Groot
Melody Gutierrez
Sam-Omar Hall
Virginia Heffernan
Lara Hochuli
Christopher Knight
Harry Litman
Susanne Rust
Terry Tang

Los Angeles Weekly

Shana Nys Dambrot

Louisville Courier Journal

James Robert Carroll


Michelle Coffey
Steven Kutz
Robert Powell


Mike Garbett
Kevin G. Hall

Miami Herald

Julie K. Brown

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mary Spicuzza

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Jill Burcum
Paul Douglas
Jim Souhan

Money Magazine

Chris Taylor

Mother Jones

Jackie Mogensen
Tasneem Raja

MSNBC (39)

{see also CNBC, NBC News, and NBC Local}

Laura Bassett
Mika Brzezinski
Julián Castro
Scott Cohn
Donna Edwards
Ronan Farrow
Frank Figliuzzi
Francesca Fiorentini
Ellen Frankman
Eddie Glaude Jr.
Amanda Golden
Mehdi Hasan
Jo Ling Kent
Glenn Kirschner
Dafna Linzer
Harry Litman
Zerlina Maxwell
Barb McQuade
Phillip Mena
Ayman Mohyeldin
Elie Mystal
Dean Obeidallah
Kavita Patel
Liz Plank
Irwin Redlener
Joy-Ann Reid
Mimi Rocah
Jesse Rodriguez
Evan Rosenfeld
Janell Ross
Stephanie Ruhle
Richard Stengel
Charlie Sykes
Omnika Thompson
Rick Tyler
Ali Velshi
Nicolle Wallace
Maya Wiley
Jill Wine-Banks

MTV News

Kelsey McLaughlin

The Nation

Elie Mystal
Katrina vanden Heuvel

National Geographic

Indira Lakshmanan
Doug Main
Michael Seeley


Nidhi Subbaraman

NBC News (48)

{see also CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC Local}

Keri Blakinger
Sara Bueno
Julián Castro
Nicole Childers
Scott Cohn
Jason Cumming
Dan De Luce
Leigh Diffey
Sossy Dombourian
Janine Doyon
Donna Edwards
Cyrus Farivar
Frank Figliuzzi
Ellen Frankman
Suzanne Gamboa
Sam Go
Amanda Golden
Saba Hamedy
Mehdi Hasan
Julia Jester
Nate Johnson
Jo Ling Kent
Glenn Kirschner
Matt Korade
Dafna Linzer
Shako Liu
Jordan Malter
Betsy Martin
Zerlina Maxwell
Barb McQuade
Phillip Mena
Carl Nasman
Robert Pardo
Emily Passer
Kavita Patel
Shannon Pettypiece
Antonio Planas
Heidi Przybyla
Morgan Radford
Mimi Rocah
Kalhan Rosenblatt
Evan Rosenfeld
Anna Schecter
Mimi Wishner Segel
Haley Talbot
Priscilla Thompson
Chuck Todd
Steve Veres
Kristen Welker
Charles T. White

NBC Local (48)

{see also CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC News}

Anne Allred
Anthony Antoine
Michael Barkann
Eric Bauman
Jackie Bensen
Tara Blume
Heather Brooker
Jim Caskie
Angie Crouch
Tyler Dumont
Ismael Estrada
Jeremy Finley
Mark Garfinkel
Maritsa Georgiou
Jonathan Gonzalez
Ryan Houston
Lisa Hughes
Jeremy Jojola
Constance Jones
Rick Karle
Dan Katz
Brendan Keefe
Brandie Kramer
Angie Lassman
Steve Litz
Fletcher Mackel
Marianne Martinez
Amanda McDonald
Tommy McFly
Jayne Miller
Sue O’Connell
Ari Odzer
Hank Plante
Allyson Rae
Bob Redell
Danielle Robay
Monica Robins
Darlene Rodriguez
Janelle Rodriguez
Jim Rosenfield
Kelly Saberi
Devin Scillian
Christie Smith
Darby Sparks
Joyce Taylor
Tom Vazquez
Vince Vitrano
Matthew Waggoner
Gordon Wittenmyer
Michael Wooten
Matt Zaffino

New Orleans Times-Picayune

Stephanie Grace

New York Daily News

Errol Louis
Shant Shahrigian

New York Magazine

Frank Rich
Jerry Saltz

New York Post

Zach Braziller
Phil Corso
Ken Davidoff
Emily Jacobs
Emily Smith

New York Review of Books

Elizabeth Drew

New York Times (50)

Maria Abi-Habib
Alexandra Alter
Brett Anderson
Francesca Barber
Katie Benner
Jacob Bernstein
Monica Bhide
Maya Blackstone
Ham Boardman
Malachy Browne
Frank Bruni
Herbert Buchsbaum
Rukmini Callimachi
Ron DePasquale
Shaila Dewan
Sam Dolnick
Susan Dominus
Adam Ellick
Thomas Erdbrink
Farnaz Fassihi
Rubina Madan Fillion
Margalit Fox
Sandra Garcia
Carol Giacomo
Katie Glueck
Laurie Goodstein
Erica Green
Jill Hamilton
Amy Harmon
Jenée Desmond Harris
Michiko Kakutani
Caroline Kim
Matt Kwong
Nicholas Kristof
Sharon LaFraniere
Sarah Lyall
Doug Mills
Farah Mohamed
Paul Mozur
Tara Parker-Pope
Elizabeth Paton
Gina Pollack
Matt Purdy
Matthew Rosenberg
Michael Rothfeld
Jenni Russell
Roberta Smith
Sabrina Tavernise
Gillian Wong
John Woo

The New Yorker (8)

Elif Batuman
Adam Davidson
Jim DeRogatis
Ronan Farrow
Susan Glasser
Raffi Khatchadourian
Jane Mayer
Monica Racic


Lane Filler
Hank Winnicki


David Brennan
Jeff Stein
Ramsey Touchberry

NPR (58)*

Bobby Allyn
Deborah Amos
Neela Banerjee
Matthew Bell
Robert Benincasa
Adrienne Lavidor-Berman
Melissa Block
Clemency Burton-Hill
Steve Bynum
Edith Chapin
Susan Davis
Ron Elving
Jodi Gersh
Heidi Glenn
Don Gonyea
Amber Hall
Barrie Hardymon
Elise Hu
Aileen Humphreys
Renee Klahr
Danielle Kurtzleben
Frank Langfitt
Rebecca Lavoie
Mara Liasson
Alexa Lim
Harry Litman
Jo Mannies
Obed Manuel
Jenifer McKim
Charity Nebbe
Scott Neuman
Peter Overby
Tim Peterson
Sylvia Poggioli
John Poole
Maria Pulcinella
Tasneem Raja
Brian Reed
Catharine Richert
Carol Ritchie
Angela Rye
Faith Salie
Monica Samayoa
Matthew Schwartz
Jim Schachter
Teri Schultz
Joe Shapiro
John Henry Smith
Stephen Snyder
Alix Spiegel
Molly Stentz
Francie Swidler
Ken Tucker
Neda Ulaby
Vikki Valentine
Marco Werman
Christopher Werth
Paula Wissel

Ohio Capitol Journal

Tyler Buchanan

Omaha World-Herald

Bob Glissmann

The Oregonian

Maxine Bernstein

Orlando Sun-Sentinel

Mario Ariza
Steven Lemongello

Palm Beach Post

Joe Schad
Christine Stapleton


Yamiche Alcindor
Lorna Baldwin
Joshua Barajas
Heath Buckmaster
Chris Bury
Sarah Ficca
Jace Lacob
Joy Lin
Joan Lunden
Bill Moyers
Margaret Myers
Courtney Norris
Vanessa Ruiz
Nick Schifrin
Courtney Vinopal
Marco Werman
Charles T. White
James Williams

People Magazine

Mary Green
Wendy Naugle
Michelle Tauber

Philadelphia Inquirer

William Bender
Chris Brennan
Amy Rosenberg

Phoenix New-Times

Ray Stern

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Andrew Rush
Michael Sallah


Brian Karem

Politico (18)

Erin Banco
Bryan Bender
Carrie Budoff Brown
Kate Day
Quint Forgey
Ryan Heath
Alex Isenstadt
Matt Karnitschnig
Natasha Korecki
Carla Marinucci
Mackenzie Mays
Kellie Mejdrich
Brooke Minters
Stephanie Murray
Tara Palmeri
Elizabeth Ralph
Lois Romano
Jeremy Siegel

Portland Press-Herald

Katherine Lee
Aimsel Ponti

Project Lincoln

Kurt Bardella
George Conway
Zack Czajkowski
Reed Galen
Mike Madrid
Steve Schmidt
Ron Steslow
Stuart Stevens
Joe Trippi
Rick Wilson


James Bandler
Mick Dumke
Jeremy Kohler
Annie Waldman


Hilary Sargent

Reno Gazette Journal

Brett McGinness

Reuters (22)

Amran Abocar
Tim Ahmann
Hassan Ali
Jim Bourg
Joe Brock
Andy Bruce
Rory Carroll
Doina Chiacu
Michelle Conlin
Marla Dickerson
Jamie Freed
Ted Hesson
Katharine Houreld
Eric M. Johnson
Jonathan Landay
Poppy McPherson
James Oliphant
Joel Schectman
David Shepardson
Phil Stewart
Frank Tantillo
Chris Taylor
Chad Terhune

Rolling Stone

Rob Sheffield
Sean Woods


Chauncey DeVega
Andrew O’Hehir

San Antonio Express-News

Brandon Lingle

San Diego Union-Tribune

Boyce Garrison
Michelle Gilchrist
Jeff McDonald
Gary Warth

San Francisco Chronicle

Cole Chapman
Carlos Avila Gonzalez
Matthew Fleischer

San Francisco Examiner

Stuart Schuffman

San Jose Mercury News

Nhat Meyer

Seattle Times

Sean Quinton
Benjamin Woodard


Jenée Desmond Harris
Virginia Heffernan

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Mario Ariza
Omar Kelly

South Jersey Times

Matt Gray

Sports Illustrated

Greg Bishop
Priya Desai
Kevin Driscoll
Jenny Vrentas

Tampa Bay Times

Dan Sullivan

Tech Crunch

Kim-Mai Cutler
Sarah Perez


Sara Bueno
Cindy Burbano
Ismael Estrada
Victor Hugo
Robert Pardo

The Tennessean

Rachel Wegner

Texas Tribune

Glenn Brown
Anna Canizales
Kate McGee
Jim Schachter
Todd Wiseman


Charlotte Alter
Brian Bennett
Leslie Dickstein
Phil Elliott
Janell Ross
Kimberly Tal
Michael Zennie


Félix de Bedout
Fernando Espuelas
León Krauze
Suzette Laboy
Meaghan O’Connor
Rafael Olavarría
Gerardo Reyes

USA Today (39)

Hannan Adely
Sam Amick
Aleszu Bajak
Jarrett Bell
Caren Bohan
Pat Brennan
Pete Caldera
Bill Cannon
Steve Coogan
Alicia Cypress
Kristen DelGuzzi
Doug Farrar
Isaac Fornarola
Mike Freeman
Steve Gardner
Anne Godlasky
David Jackson
Andrew John
Sara Karnes
Sally Kohn
Jill Lawrence
Lindsey Leake
Megan McCarthy
Sophia A. Nelson
Nick Penzenstadler
Kristine Phillips
Robert Powell
Kirsten Powers
Dinah Voyles Pulver
William Ramsey
David Rothkopf
Melissa Ruggieri
Chris Saint
Michael J. Stern
Martina Stewart
Emilie Stigliani
Veronica Stoddart
Kyle Stucker
Courtney Subramanian
Brian Truitt
Rachel Wegner

Vanity Fair

Joe Hagan
Jennifer Palmieri
Nancy Jo Sales
Gabriel Sherman
Craig Unger


Rebecca Davis
Anna Marie de la Fuente
William Earl
Marc Malkin
Malina Saval
Jazz Tangcay


Ross Mathews


Roberto Daza
Manisha Krishnan
Matt Laslo
Michael Learmonth
Thomas Morton
Tess Owen
Adriane Quinlan

The Virginian-Pilot

Alissa Skelton
Denise Watson
Kris Worrell

Voice of America

Iram Abbasi
Chris Casquejo
Elizabeth Cherneff
Katherine Gypson
Sue Jepsen
Jackson M’vunganyi
Cindy Saine
Salem Solomon
Patsy Widakuswara
Alex Yanevskyy


Sean Illing
Swati Sharma

Wall Street Journal (20)

Erin Ailworth
Adam Banicki
Elizabeth Bernstein
Michelle Coffey
Alexander Cohn
Amanda Foreman
Jason Gay
Nell Henderson
Shelby Holliday
Almar Latour
Will Mauldin
Daisy Maxey
Peggy Noonan
Michael M. Phillips
Jason Riley
Vivian Salama
Jay Sapsford
Stephanie Stamm
Kejal Vyas
Robbie Whelan
Lindsay Wise
Bart Ziegler

Washington Examiner

Jamie McIntyre

Washington Monthly

David Atkins
Richard Cooke
Paddy Manning

Washington Post (50)

Reem Akkad
Karen Attiah
Sarah Pulliam Bailey
Lenny Bernstein
David Betancourt
Monica Bhide
Zach Purser Brown
Sarah Cahlan
Libby Casey
Robbie DiMesio
Donna Edwards
Dan Eggen
Randall Eliason
Sarah Ellison
Amy Gardner
Ann Gerhart
Matea Gold
Rudi Greenberg
Natalie Jennings
Akilah Johnson
Mary Jordan
Dave Jorgenson
León Krauze
Joyce Sohyun Lee
Carol Leonnig
Annie Linskey
Elías López
Ann Maloney
Ann Marimow
James McAuley
Ellen McCarthy
Allison Michaels
Michael Miller
Kristen Page-Kirby
Deanna Paul
Anthony Rivera
Allison Robicelli
Josh Rogin
Lois Romano
Philip Rucker
Karly Sadof
Elyse Samuels
Greg Sargent
Ian Shapira
Michelle Singletary
Paul Sonne
Ann Telnaes
Robert Thomson
Griff Witte
Kate Woodsome

Washington Times

Emily Zantow

The Weather Channel

Ally Hirschlag
Carl Parker
Alex Wallace

The Week

James Pethokoukis


Rhett Allain

Yahoo News

Julia La Roche
Kate Murphy
Kristin Myers
Nick Whigham

*Includes all individuals now working for an NPR station, whether state or national.

Selected Independent Journalists

Henry Abbott
Josina Anderson
Sulome Anderson
Reza Aslan
Krystal Ball
Mariah Blake
Carole Cadwalladr
Lee Camp
E. Jean Carroll
Jim Clancy
Joe Conason
Katie Couric
Ana Marie Cox
Eric Feigl-Ding
Kurt Eichenwald
Andrew Feinberg
Jill Filipovic
Chip Franklin
Laurie Garrett
Mark Halperin
Thom Hartmann
Julia Ioffe
David Cay Johnston
Nomiki Konst
Brian Krebs
Jason La Canfora
David Lat
Josh Levs
Peter Maer
Judith Miller
Danielle Muscato
Soledad O’Brien
David Pakman
Heather Cox Richardson
Jon Ronson
Brian Ross
Jared Yates Sexton
Matt Taibbi
Vicky Ward
Charlie Warzel

Award Winners

Pulitzer Prize (37)

Lorraine Adams
Taimy Alvarez
James Bandler
Douglas Blackmon
Ron DePasquale
Cliff DesPeaux
Adam Ellick
Karl Ferron
Mark Fiore
Sydney Freedberg
Laurie Garrett
Kevin Hall
Amy Harmon
Amber Hunt
Rick Hurd
David Cay Johnston
David Hume Kennerly
Alison Killing
Christopher Knight
Katherine Lee
Mike Luckovich
Poppy McPherson
Maggie Michael
Jim Morin
Peggy Noonan
Rob O’Dell
Thomas Peele
Michael Rothfeld
Michael Sallah
Jerry Saltz
Robert Schenkkan
Stacy Schiff
Ernie Slone
Ann Telnaes
Evan Vucci
Stuart Warner

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for Excellence in Broadcast and Digital Journalism in the Public Service (7)

Sandy Balazic
Brad Lichtenstein
Rob Rand
Bigad Shaban
John Sherman
Jennifer Sherwood
Phil Williams

Peabody Award for Work in Television, Radio, and Online Media (32)

Deborah Amos
Paul Caron
Sam Champion
Steve Delsohn
Robert Drake
Vladimir Duthiers
David Friend
Laurie Garrett
Laurens Grant
Jenny Turner Hall
Brendan Keefe
Kellie Keesee
Henry Lenz
Brad Lichtenstein
Robert Magee
Thaddeus D. Matula
Jay Millard
Laura Nix
Al Patrick
Hank Plante
Barbara Rick
David Sabino
Isha Sesay
Bigad Shaban
Christine Sharp
John Sherman
Joyce Taylor
Maria White Tillman
Clarice Tinsley
Sarah Wallace
Phil Williams

1895 Films

Edward R. Murrow Award for Broadcast and Digital Journalism (41)

Paul Aker
Susan Arbetter
Kim Block
Michelle Bonner
Tracy Bright
Colleen Callan
Jeff Chirico
Tammy Clabby
David Martin Davies
Mike Deeson
Chip Franklin
Matt Grant
Ed Greenberger
Della Hasselle
Tom Hayes
Kira Hoffelmeyer
Ted Homer
Christina Jewett
Nelson Jones
Michael King
Lilia Luciano
Peter Maer
Phillip Martin
Aaron Jay Mason
Stewart Moore
Zach Paul
Chad Pergram
Ryan Peterson
Cory Pippin
Sandra Sanchez
Matthew Schwartz
Jennifer Sherwood
Alan Springer
Joyce Taylor
Evan Vucci
Sarah Wallace
Doug Watson
Nick Weig
Christopher Werth
Andy Wheeler
Wendy Widom

Emmy Award (157)

{Note: Over 90% of these Emmys were awarded for journalistic activities.}

Steve Adubato
Louis Aguirre
Kabir Akhtar
Taimy Alvarez
Chris Arnold
Brian Beacock
Patranya Bhoolsuwan
Helen Blakeman
Richard Brooke
Sergio Camacho
Paul Caron
Jaime Chambers
Sam Champion
Jeff Chirico
Amanda Clinton
Gary Cogill
Jordan Cohen
Dwayne Colbert
Gary Cooper
Candy Crawford
Lidia Curanaj
Douglas Davis
Bumper DeJesus
Dina Demetrius
Andrea Diaz
Doug Downing
Mike Emery
Paula Fairfield
Susan Farkas
Eddie Feldmann
Sarah Ficca
Joanne Fish
Maile Flanagan
David Friend
Joe Fusco
Angela Ganote
Leona Gould-McElhone
Solly Granatstein
Laurens Grant
Matt Grant
John Gray
Ed Greenberger
Kathy Gulinello 
Dane Gussin
Janelle Hall
Sharlette Hambrick
John Hammond
Ahmed Hassan
Jacqui Heinrich
Lee Hirsch
Lara Hochuli
Michelle Hopkins
Lauren Hudson
Victor Hugo
Neda Iranpour
Monica Jackson
Chris Jones
Van Jones
Michele Josue
Lisa Kaye
Mike Kessler
Michael King
Cory Kirk
Tom Kleijn
Jason Korber
Chris Kunicki
Scott Leatherman
Michael Lebron
Anthony Leong
John Lewis
Rae Lewis-Thornton
Brad Lichtenstein
Loni Love
Adriana Loya
Lilia Luciano
Tariq Luthun
Robert Magee
Gina Maravilla
Thaddeus D. Matula
Bob Maurer
Tanya McRae
Matt Meech
Jeff Mendelson
Donald Meteny
Jay Millard
Donna Murphy
Sean Murphy
Denise Naughton
Jack Nolan
Courtney Norris
Lena Nozizwe
Rafael Olavarría
Bisi Onile-Ere
Kyle Osborne
Robert Pardo
Tara Parker-Pope
Spencer Pearson
Carey Pena
Tony Pierce
Sherelle Pierre
Hank Plante
Mike Poore
Laural Porter
Frank Radice
Rob Rand
David Reisner
Charles T. Richardson
Barbara Rick
Ashley Riegle
Regina Rodriguez
Jim Rosenfield
Rebecca Rusch
Andrew Rush
Simon Russell
David Sabino
Mary Saladna
Kate Schermerhorn
Robin Schwartz
Bigad Shaban
John Sherman
Scott Silberstein
Robbin Simmons
Brandon Smith
John Cyrus Smith
Nick Smith
Patrick L. Smith
Rachel Smith
Beth Stevens
Stacy Strazis
Steph Stricklen
Kathleen Sullivan
Anu Sun
Barbara Nevins Taylor
Joyce Taylor
Ron Terrell
Maria White Tillman
Adam Toews
Joe Tripician
Ming Tsai
Michael Tushaus
Jacob Unger
Bhavesh Upadhyaya
Jennifer Platt Ure
Mario Vannucci
Sarah Wallace
Steve Weakley
Nick Weig
Patrick Weiland
Andy Wheeler
Timothy Whims
Charles T. White
Lynne White
Wendy Widom
Brenda Wood
Joe Visconti
Peter Zizzo

1895 Films

Selected Media Outlets, Programs, and Publications

{via institutional accounts}


Bloomberg Law
Bloomberg Opinion
Boing Boing
Bold TV
Boston Magazine
CBS Tweet (CBS News)
Cheddar News
The Conversation
The Crookston Times (MN)
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Forward
KMBZ 98.1 Kansas City
Law & Crime
The Los Angeles Review of Books
Napa Valley Register
The Nation
The National Memo
News 12 Westchester (NY)
The New York Observer
Q13 Fox Seattle (WA)
The San Francisco Chronicle
The South Florida Sun Sentinel
The Sun (US)
The Tylt
WFAA ABC News 8 Dallas (TX)
WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa Bay (FL)
WOUB Public Media


The 11th Hour (MSNBC)
As It Happens (CBC)
The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross (MSNBC)
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
Firing Line with Margaret Hoover
Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien
Newsource (CNN)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
State of the Union (CNN)
The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capeheart (MSNBC)
Tooning Out The News (Paramount)
Unprotected Sets (Epix)
The World (NPR)


Bipartisan Report
Black Parenting Magazine
Classroom (The History Channel)
Comic Riffs (The Washington Post)
The Daily 202 (The Washington Post)
DNA Magazine
Epic Magazine
Letters of Note
Paper Magazine
PowerPost (The Washington Post)
Rattle Magazine
Retro Report
Scalawag Magazine
West Wing Reports

*Now The ReidOut with Joy Reid.

Selected Institutional Accounts

Alliance for Youth Action
American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey
American Clean Power
American Constitution Society
American Geophysical Union
Athlete Ally
Awards Daily
Beagle Freedom Project
The Brooklyn Museum
CAP Action
Center for Inquiry
The Chicago Council
Committee to Protect Journalists
Common Dreams
Covering Climate Now
Dartmouth College
The D.C. Department of Health
The Democratic Coalition
Economic Policy Institute
Farrar, Straus, & Giroux
Film Independent
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Forward Majority
Freedom House
Google News Initiative
Government Accountability Project
Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Hip Hop Caucus
The James A. Garfield National Historic Site
The Jewish Council for Public Affairs
The Jewish Democratic Council of America
Let America Vote
Macmillan Publishers
Marked By Covid
Meidas Touch
Mothers Out Front
Niskanen Center
No Labels
Ocean Conservancy
Open Society Foundations
PeaceJam Foundation
PEN International
The People’s Party
Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Action Fund
Princeton University Press
Protect Democracy
Public Citizen
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Rand McNally
The SETA Foundation
Simon & Schuster
Simon & Schuster Audio
St. Martin’s Press
Stand Up America
Stop Handgun Violence
The Truman Project
Twitter Verified
Vera Institute of Justice
Vote Forward
Wheels Up
Yelp Brooklyn
Young Americans for Liberty

Selected For-Profit and Nonprofit Figures

American Federal of Teachers

Michelle Ringuette

American Security Project

Giorgio Cafiero
Fadi Elsalameen

Atlantic Council

Sweta Chakraborty

Bipartisan Policy Center

Steve Scully

The California Partners Project

Jennifer Siebel Newsom

The Center for American Progress

Patrick Gaspard

The Center for European Policy Analysis

Alina Polyakova

The Chicago Manual of Style

Carol Saller

Columbia Journalism Review

Chairman of the Board Stephen J. Adler

The Committee to Protect Journalists

Sherif Mansour
Kerry Paterson

The Committee on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Scott Rauland

Common Cause

Paul Seamus Ryan

Council of Foreign Relations

Richard N. Haass

Environmental Integrity Project

Ari Phillips

Equal Rights Center

Crystal Lewis

Facebook Gaming

Vivek Sharma

Ford Foundation

Rebecca Cokley


Sarah Kate Ellis
Mary Emily O’Hara

The GroundTruth Project

Kevin D. Grant

The Hudson Institute

Michael Doran


Sarah Dohl


Ashley Goldsmith

International American Council

Majid Rafizadeh

The Justice Collaborative

Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter-Poza


Siobhan Morrin

National League of Cities

Brooks Rainwater


Bishop Talbert Swan


Stefanie Payne

National Prevention Science Coalition

John Roman

The New Democrat Network / New Policy Institute

Simon Rosenberg

The News Co/Lab at the Cronkite School of Journalism (ASU)

Kristy Roschke

Nieman Foundation for Journalism

Chris Vognar

One People’s Project

Daryle Lamont Jenkins

The Poor People’s Campaign

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Professional Bowlers Association

Commissioner Tom Clark


Robert P. Jones

The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Joe Cirincione
Trita Parsi
Annelle Sheline


Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

The Rainey Center

Robert Dillon

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Chairman of the Board Stephen J. Adler

Rest of World

Abubakar Idris

Sesame Street

Matt Vogel

The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic

Joanne Freeman

Stand Up America

Sean Eldridge


David Rosenberg

Third Way

Jim Kessler

United Federation of Teachers

Rachel Fields

Wallace Global Fund

Ellen Dorsey

The Wilson Center

Teresa Eder

Writers Guild of America

Beau Willimon

Youth Service of America

Steve Culbertson

Selected Law, Journalism, and Government Professors

{all individuals are professors unless otherwise noted}

Deborah Amos, Princeton University Ferris Professor of Journalism
Roger Awan-Scully, Cardiff University Professor of Political Science*
Tim Bale
, Queen Mary University of London School of International Relations
Emily Bell, Columbia Journalism School
Adam Benforado, Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law
Nicholas Burns, Harvard Kennedy School
Jo-Marie Burt, George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government
Christine Cheng, Senior Lecturer in War Studies at King’s College London
Danielle Citron, University of Virginia Law School
Andrew Crespo, Harvard Law School
Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School
Kim Fox, American University in Cairo Journalism Program
Leona Gould-McElhone, Western Michigan University Journalism Program
Marty Lederman, Georgetown University Law Center
John Pitney, Claremont McKenna College Roy P. Crocker Professor of Politics
Dorit Reiss, UC Hastings
Vanessa Ruiz, Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism
Bob Shrum, University of Southern California Warschaw Chair of Pragmatic Politics
Barbara Nevins Taylor, City College of New York Journalism Program
Zephyr Teachout, Fordham Law School
Claire Tighe, New York University School of Journalism
Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School
Jennifer Victor, George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government
Betsy West, Columbia Journalism School (Professor Emerita)
Pat White, l’Université du Québec à Montréal Journalism Program
David Zurawik, Goucher College Professor of Practice in Media Studies

*Also Chair of the Political Studies Association (UK).

Selected Military Figures

Col. Henrik Elo, Commandant of the Finnish Air Force Academy
Ret. USM Col. Doug Applegate
Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark
Ret. USN Commander Phil Ehr*
Ret. Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré
Ret. Cpt. Jason Kander
Ret. USN JAG Atty. Pam Keith
Ret. USAF Mech. Kim Mangone**
Ret. Lt. Col. Amy McGrath
Ret. Maj. Richard Ojeda II
Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Canadian Forces in America
United States Indo-Pacific Command

*Now running to unseat Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).
**Unsuccessfully ran to unseat Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in 2020.

Other Notable Figures

Omar Abdulaziz
Joey Lauren Adams
Patrick J. Adams
Charlie Adler
Ted Allen
Craig Venegas Alvarado*
Jonathan Ames
Stuart Antony
Judd Apatow
Lee Arenberg
Curtis Armstrong
Heather Armstrong
Dale Arnold
Tichina Arnold
David Arquette
Patricia Arquette
Jason Ayers
Diedrich Bader
Caitríona Balfe
The Ballroom Thieves (band)
Jillian Barberie
Ellen Barkin
Chris Barron
Kathy Bates
Jim Beaver
Belly (band)
Kameron Bennett
Julie Benz
Paul Bettany
Mike Birbiglia
John Bishop
Lisa Bloom
Blues Traveler (band)
Chaz Bono
Elayne Boosler
Zack Bornstein
Mark Bosnich
Dylan Bostic
Loren Bouchard
Stuart Braithwaite
Russell Brand
Ian Bremmer
Christie Brinkley
Bill Browder
Jericho Brown
Yvette Nicole Brown
Cara Buono
LeVar Burton
Sophia Bush
Meg Cabot
John Cale
Calexico (band)
Howie Carr
Ever Carradine
Charlie Carver
Rosanne Cash
John Cena
Rex Chapman
Lauren Chen
Tommy Chong
Annie Erin Clark###
Jemaine Clement
Ben Cohen
Misha Collins
Stan Collymore
Roisin Conaty
David Cone
Carrie Coon
Sarah Cooper
James Corden
Tom Crabtree
David Cross
Marcia Cross
Trae Crowder
Ben Crump
Jon Cryer
Michael Cudlitz
John Francis Daley
Jordan Daley
Eric Dane
Owen Daniels
Rosario Dawson
Jason Day
Tom DeLonge
Taye Diggs
Glennon Doyle
Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show (band)
Drive-By Truckers (band)
John Edward
Peter Egan
Cary Elwes
Blaire Erskine
Sam Esmail
Chris Evans
Explosions in the Sky (band)
Morgan Fairchild
Jerry Ferrara
Joely Fisher
Dave Foley
Will Forte
Foster the People (band)
Jonathan Frakes
Peter Frampton
Travon Free
John Fugelsang
Josh Gad
Jim Gaffigan
John Gallagher Jr.
Peter Gammons
Alex Gaskarth
Ana Gasteyer
Mark Geragos
Ricky Gervais
Leeza Gibbons
Daniel Gillies
Mike Godwin**
Gomez (band)
Emily V. Gordon
Greg Grunberg
Fred Guttenberg
Kenny Hamilton
Roger James Hamilton
Chelsea Handler
Darryl Hannah
Juliana Harkavy
Finn Harries
The Head and the Heart (band)
John Henson
Barbara Hershey
Cullen Hoback
Lauren Holly
Gale Anne Hurd
Timothy Hutton
Eric Idle
Kathy Ireland
Jason Isaacs
Ken Jeong
Phil Jimenez
Charles Johnson
Kristen Johnston
Duncan Jones
Star Jones
Jo Joyner
Guy Gavriel Kay
Minka Kelly
Emma Kennedy
Keegan-Michael Key
Taran Killam
Aja Naomi King
Carole King
Charlie Kirk
Jen Kirkman
David Koechner
Harjinder Singh Kukreja
Ricki Lake
Padma Lakshmi
Brie Larson
Erik Larson
Jason Latour
John Legend
John Leguizamo
Marcus Lemonis
Narda Lepes
Richard Lewis
Gary Lineker
Joe Lo Truglio
Nils Lofgren
Phil Lord
Ana Lynch##
Jane Lynch
Natasha Lyonne
Benji Madden
Rebecca Mader
Sean Maguire
Aimee Mann
Ken Marino
Eddie Marsan
Amy Jo Martin
Danyel Cecil Martin
Tim Matheson
Kenny Mayne
Scott McCloud
Rose McGowan
Joel McHale
Kevin McHale
Ian McKellen
John Melendez#
Jaime Meline***
Debra Messing
Stef Michaels
Alyssa Milano
Joel McKinnon Miller
Wendy Molyneux
Christopher G. Moore
Mandy Moore
The Mountain Goats (band)
Dale Murphy
Nada Surf (band)
Aparna Nancherla
Casey Neistat
Nerf Herder (band)
A.C. Newman
Daniel Newman
Ross Noble
Edward Norton
Alissa Nutting
James O’Brien
Aubrey O’Day
Rosie O’Donnell
Tatum O’Neal
Roy Orbison Jr.
Sarah Paulson
Chelsea Peretti
Emmy Pérez
Ron Perlman
Lou Diamond Phillips
Jodi Picoult
Wendell Pierce
Oliver Platt
Ellen Pompeo
Anthony Pompliano
Paulina Porizkova
Will Poulter
Bill Prady
Marky Ramone
Michael Rapaport
Ruth Reichl
Perri Arlette Reid^^
Rob Reiner
Rick Remender
Robert Rudolph Remus^^^
Randi Rhodes
Santino Rice
Adam Richman
Lisa Rinna
Jason Ritter
Josh Ritter
Sofia Niño de Rivera
Robots with Rayguns (band)
John Roberts
Sebastian Roché
Richard Roeper
Seth Rogen
Justin Roiland
Sage Rosenfels
Jeff Ross
Darius Rucker
Mark Ruffalo
Meredith Salenger
R.A. Salvatore
Levi Sanders
Will Sasso
Adam Savage
Paul Scheer
Richard Schiff
David Schneider
Caterina Scorsone
Adam Scott
Peter Serafinowicz
Mark Sheppard
John Sickels
Sarah Silverman
Nancy Sinatra
Marina Sirtis
Brendon Small
Michael Smith^
Patricia Smith
Yeardley Smith
Sonic Youth (band)
Mira Sorvino
Spoon (band)
John Stamos
Dan Stevens
Ryan Stiles
Cheryl Strayed
Tara Strong
Tumi Sole
Morgan Spurlock
Jason Sudeikis
Diane Seuss
Alan Sugar
Paula Jean Swearengin
Jodie Sweetin
Jorma Taccone
George Takei
Robin Lord Taylor
Lea Thompson
Boyd Tinsley
Christopher Titus
MarQuis Trill
Lee Unkrich
James Valentine
Kirsten Vangsness
Dave Vescio
Ulrich Janse van Vuuren
Lilly Wachowski
Taika Waititi
Jesmyn Ward
Mikey Wax
Scott Westerfeld
Frank Whaley
Wil Wheaton
Bradley Whitford
Jesse Williams
Treat Williams
Vanessa Williams
Marianne Williamson
Preston Wilson
Judd Winick
Scott Wolf
Elijah Wood
Rod Woodson
Natalie Wynn
Sami Zayn
Andrew Zimmern
Tay Zonday
Danny Zuker

*Better known as DJ King Assassin.
**Creator of Godwin’s Law.
***Better known as El-P of Run the Jewels.
^Better known as Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.
^^Better known by her stage name, Pebbles.
^^^Better known by his name in professional wrestling (WWF/WWE), Sgt. Slaughter.
#Better known by his radio nickname, Stuttering John.
##Better known as Ana Matronic of pop-rock band Scissor Sisters.
###Better known by her stage name, St. Vincent.


Michael Cohen
Kellyanne Conway
Omarosa Manigault Newman
George Papadopoulos
Lev Parnas
Barbara Res
Mary Trump

{Note: Proof is blocked by, among several others just beyond Trump’s inner circle, Michael Flynn and Sebastian Gorka.}

A Special Note

Carl Bernstein is my journalistic hero. He follows about a hundred people on Twitter.