Roger Stone, Through His January 6 Willard Hotel Suitemate, Offers His Most Jawdropping Fake Insurrection Alibi Ever

The nonsensical narrative from Stone confidante and "Manhattan Madam" Kristin M. Davis—who was with Stone on Insurrection Day—has been quietly deleted from far-right fake news website Gateway Pundit.


Proof has reported extensively on the many fake insurrection alibis offered by Donald Trump adviser and Stop the Steal co-organizer Roger Stone since January 6, each less plausible than the last. These wildly disparate alibis have been piling up since just a matter of hours after the Capitol was cleared by Capitol Police on Insurrection Day.

Now Stone, through an intermediary, has offered up his most implausible—yet oddly revealing—alibi yet. But something about it was so dangerous to either the Trumpist cause or Stone’s own, apparently, that it had to be removed from the public sphere. After it was published by popular far-right fake news website Gateway Pundit, it was quietly taken down without explanation, as was recently reported by Zachary Petrizzo at Salon.

As Proof has reported, after appearing at two Stop the Steal rallies on Insurrection Eve—in both instances, preaching insurrection in the most thinly veiled ways imaginable—Roger Stone spent January 6 in four locations: (1) inside his suite at the Willard Hotel in Washington, where he was joined by his friend and NYPD officer Sal Greco, Pastor Randy Coggins II, Pastor Mark Burns, and ex-con Kristin M. Davis (a former prostitution-ring kingpin known as “the Manhattan Madam”); (2) inside the InfoWars suite at the Willard, alongside Coggins, Stop the Steal co-organizer Alex Jones, Jones’s lieutenant Owen Shroyer, former Trump National Security Advisor (and then-Jericho March leader) Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn Jr., former Overstock CEO and Team Kraken member Patrick Byrne, and an unknown number of militants from the far-right 1st Amendment Praetorians; (3) in the hallways of the Willard Hotel, where he was found by a fan, who posted a picture of the encounter on Instagram, wandering about with a mysterious binder of information; and (4) outside the front of the Willard, where he was recorded, as broken by ABC News, being protected by since-arrested Oath Keepers even now-disbarred lawyer and federal criminal investigation suspect Rudy Giuliani, former Trump campaign and administration official Boris Epshteyn, and former NYPD commissioner and forever ex-con Bernard Kerik exited the hotel.

Stone and his wife dining with Trump associate Robert Hyde—a Willard Hotel “war room” participant on January 6—on an as-yet unspecified date.

Davis had previously caused Stone some trouble—though whether she realized it at the time or not is unclear—by saying that both Stone and Greco were also in a fifth location on January 6, this being the Willard lobby, hanging out after the insurrection with “literally fifty” people who, Davis implies, might have been involved in the attack. Given how long it took for the Capitol to be cleared, this latter narrative always sat uneasily beside Stone’s claim on InfoWars that he left for Dulles Airport at 4:45PM (having had to spend, presumably, some period before then packing up to leave) along with the fact that it placed him in very close quarters with dozens of insurrectionists.

{Note: Besides the Oath Keepers, subsequent photos that Proof will report on shortly suggest that Stone spent January 5 and January 6 with the Proud Boys as well; Stone has referred to Proud Boy national leader Enrique Tarrio as a personal “aide” of his, a considerable problem for Stone now that the Proud Boys, admittedly sans Tarrio at the time, have been identified as having led the attack on the Capitol while wearing “blaze-orange caps.”}

But one thing that all Stone’s alibis always had in common was a claim that he never planned on leaving the Willard on January 6, having agreed to speak on the Capitol steps at midday as part of Stop the Steal’s “Wild Protest” there but having decided—for reasons that change by the day—to abdicate a responsibility that he had raised money online for and promoted publicly.

The “Disappeared” Gateway Pundit Editorial

In this since-deleted Gateway Pundit article—thank heavens for Wayback Machine— Stone’s confidante Davis now claims that

I booked Roger to speak at the [Stop the Steal] Rally to Save America the night prior [January 5] and was led to believe by [the Amy Kremer-run] Women for America First that he [Stone] was supposed to speak the following afternoon on January 6, at a rally they organized which featured President Donald J. Trump. After a completely peaceful rally on January 5, which attracted thousands of brave American patriots, we woke up the next morning expecting to attend the rally at the Ellipse.

While Davis does PR work for Stone, and here admits to legally being an “agent” of his, it’s misleading to say she “booked” him at an event that was being staged by an organization he founded in 2016—and it’s a clear attempt to distance Stone from InfoWars’ Jones (who Stone nevertheless conducts interviews with on a regular basis, and on which network Stone regularly appears as a co-host with Shroyer and others) as well as the more troublesome Ali Alexander, an ex-con who was long in hiding until a recent, if brief, reappearance to again stoke continued insurrection.

Secondly, Davis is confusing two events (one she says Stone was to “speak” at and the other which he was due to merely “attend”), and surely she knows this, as the Stop the Steal event that was scheduled for the White House Ellipse on the morning of January 6 was one at which Stone, Jones, and Alexander were going to speak alongside Trump until Trump—for reasons not yet disclosed, but which can be guessed at—decided he didn’t want to be associated on camera on Insurrection Day with anyone from Stop the Steal, while the second Stop the Steal rally scheduled for January 6, which was to take place on the steps of the Capitol after Trump concluded speaking at the Ellipse, was also to feature Stone, Jones, and Alexander and constituted a transparent attempt to ensure that the crowd at the Ellipse would move from that location to surrounding the Capitol. It was this second Stop the Steal event that Trump falsely told the gathered mob at the Ellipse he would be speaking at; whether Stop the Steal knew Trump was lying or not remains unclear, though video evidence recently published here at Proof suggests they actually did believe the president would be joining them at the Capitol.

Amy Kremer of Women for America First was involved with the first Stop the Steal event—the one Trump big-footed to avoid (it appears) being seen with men who might shortly thereafter be considered criminals (in Ali Alexander’s case, for a third time)— but she was not involved in the “afternoon” event at the Capitol, which was very much the brainchild of Jones, Alexander, and Stone himself. While Stone was indeed bumped from the first rally by Trump, his convenient decision to avoid the second was his own.

By juxtaposing the two January 6 rallies Stone helped organize, not only does Davis, working as a PR agent of Stone, seek to remove Stone from a “movement” he founded, but also rather transparently aims to deflect blame from Trump to Kremer, one of the most fanatical Trump supporters in America (and indeed a known domestic extremist).

Thirdly, the January 5 gathering was only sort of “peaceful”—as after its conclusion, some of the attendees set a fire outside the Willard Hotel and then marched to Black Lives Matter Plaza to stage a series of violent clashes with the D.C. Metropolitan Police. While Stone wasn’t at either of these events, despite claiming on InfoWars that he was apprehensive of the safety of D.C. streets on January 5 and January 6 he is seen on Proud Boy Tim Gionet’s January 5 livestream conveniently leaving the Willard and heading toward Trump International Hotel with Greco just minutes before the fire was set outside the Willard—a fire coordinated and recorded, as it happens, by Proud Boy allies. Researchers, including Proof, are now of the view, based on video of the fire, that it was partly intended to launch the march against Black Lives Matter Plaza. That it occurred after Stone had suddenly vacated the premises marks another time Stone would disappear just as things were getting dangerous during his stay in Washington.

In her since-deleted article, Kristin M. Davis continues:

However, despite Women for America First promoting Stone as a speaker and insisting that they were sending a transport for Mr. Stone and our team to the Willard Hotel, the escort never came. As we were waiting, the staff at the Hotel Willard asked anyone congregating in the lobby to stay out of the cold to step outside in order to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Mayor of Washington, DC [Muriel Bowser].

Davis again appears to refer here to the event at the Ellipse, rather than the event at the Capitol, as it was the former that Women for America First had co-organized—Ali Alexander, Stone’s Stop the Steal co-organizer, was the chief organizer and promoter of the latter, ultimately far more problematic event—and it was the former event that had a “VIP area” Stone had a ticket to (per Alex Jones); that was the launch site for a march Stone had been asked to lead (per Stone); that hosted at least two Oath Keeper bodyguards earmarked for Stone for January 6 (per the since-arrested Oath Keepers Jessica Watkins and Donovan Crowl), and that was due to start not very long after the point at which Davis described Stone as “waiting” for his transport outside the front of the Willard Hotel.

Roger Stone with (l-r) Michael Flynn, Owen Shroyer, and Randy Coggins II in the InfoWars suite at Washington’s Willard Hotel on Insurrection Day (January 6).
Reporting by the New York Times indicating that Stone kept advertising his January 6 appearance at the Capitol long after he had decided not to attend it.
In this still image from Tim Gionet’s January 5 livestream, Stone is seen leaving the Willard with Greco and walking in the direction of Trump International Hotel.
Minutes after Stone leaves the Willard, two groups he’s linked to—InfoWars and the Proud Boys—orchestrate and film the burning of a BLM flag outside the hotel.

More from Davis:

[A]fter I determined that nobody would be escorting us to the rally at the Ellipse, we returned to our hotel suite at the Willard and watched everything unfold on TV. Pastor Mark Burns, Angela Stanton King, George Papadopoulos and his wife Simona [Mangiante] were present both during the time we were waiting to go to the rally and when we returned to our hotel suite. Women for America First, who appear to have used Roger’s name as a speaker to make him look like the mastermind of the rally at the Ellipse, have been dead silent as they allow the media and Democrats to spread incredibly vile lies that Mr. Stone was responsible for the insurrection….To date, Amy Kremer, who founded and leads America First, has not admitted that she never sent transport for Roger, perhaps in an attempt to allow him to absorb the blame that falls squarely on her shoulders.

While Davis wisely here clarifies that the transport she and Stone were waiting for was to the Ellipse, not the Capitol, given that the distance from where Stone was recorded standing with a retinue of Oath Keepers at the Willard to the White House Ellipse is only 0.3 miles—a six-minute walk—the notion that Kremer, who was not in control of the Ellipse event by January 6 (that honor went, in order of decreasing authority, to Trump adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump adviser Katrina Pierson, and Guilfoyle aide Caroline Wren) was going to send a car for Stone and six Oath Keepers to drive them 0.3 miles strains credulity, let alone the notion that Kremer’s failure to do so justified Stone skipping what at the time was considered to be the most fraught moment of Trump’s political career, and one Stone had directly helped orchestrate (even meeting with Trump to discuss it at Mar-a-Lago less than ten days before Insurrection Day).

But Davis also makes the critical mistake—which may have led to her piece’s deletion by Gateway Pundit despite her role as Stone’s flack—of implying the idea that criminal liability could accrue to anyone who was a “mastermind of the rally at the Ellipse”, as the mastermind of that event was actually, major-media reports confirm, the president himself. Trump chose the speakers, the schedule, the coordinators (Guilfoyle, Pierson, and Wren) and even, apparently, the logistics (including the event being run by Event Strategies, a company at which ex-con and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was and is an executive). Davis also accidentally confessed that Stone was with a second ex-con besides herself in his Willard Hotel suite on January 6, this being former Trump national security adviser George Papadopoulos. This addition, by Davis, underscores that not only did Stone leave the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and 1st Amendment Praetorians out of his January 6 narrative of who he was with on that day, but also a key figure in a DOJ investigation of which Stone himself was at the heart.

But most importantly, Davis implies that, though Alex Jones and Ali Alexander knew that their speaking roles at the Ellipse had been eliminated by Trump himself by the evening of January 5, Stone—who had much better, more reliable, and more regular contact with Trump than either Jones or Alexander—did not, a dubious contention that, if Stone advanced it publicly, would even more clearly make Trump a witness in the about-to-start bipartisan House Select Committee investigation focusing on the events surrounding the insurrection. Just so, by confusing the Ellipse event and the Capitol event, Davis leaves open the possibility that Stone is acknowledging now that he planned to speak at the Capitol—as advertisements put out by Alexander, at the time, indicated he would, and as Stone said he would in a late December 2020 video—which acknowledgment begs the question of why Stone suddenly decided to skip the Capitol event before he had any basis to realize that the Capitol was being attacked.

This preview of a coming Proof report features an image of the violent January 5 clashes between insurrectionists and the D.C. Metropolitan Police at BLM Plaza.


In short, Davis appears to have imperiled the former President of the United States and Roger Stone by suggesting more contact between the two men on January 5 and/or January 6 than is currently known—indeed, contact that would suggest that both had foreknowledge of the dangerous events at the Capitol that were soon forthcoming—and which, as importantly, contradicts almost every lie about Insurrection Day that Roger Stone has already told.

No wonder Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) took Kristin M. Davis’s editorial down without any public acknowledgment of having done so.

Perhaps the one thing Davis got right in her piece is this: “The Department of Justice [has]…announce[d] they are formally investigating [Stone’s] role in the attack on our Capitol.” Indeed they are, and indeed they should. And Davis has now, inadvertently, underscored for America precisely why.