Analyses from a former federal criminal investigator and HuffPost Law columnist who practiced criminal law in multiple jurisdictions.

A man who presents as a malignant-narcissist sociopath—having already incited an insurrection and stoked far-right fantasies of a Second U.S. Civil…
The lengths Republicans are willing to go to in order to protect their presumptive 2024 POTUS nominee are shocking—including acts that would, in many…
A recent report suggesting that a member of the former president’s legal team may be nearing criminal charges—and that Trump has been warned to have no…
The July 12 House January 6 Committee hearing was filled with shocking testimony. Perhaps the most shocking testimony has thus far gone overlooked by…
It turns out Alito’s draft opinion on abortion may have leaked earlier than believed, and not to Politico but another—farther right—outlet. This…
A little-recalled Reuters article from January 15th may hold the key to prosecuting the former president.
The "New Big Lie" is a bait-and-switch involving the indictment of Donald Trump.
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