National Security Website Finds Missing Link Between Roger Stone and the Funding of the Insurrectionists

Days ago, Proof suggested the likelihood of a link between Roger Stone and Ethan Nordean. A prominent website staffed by national security experts just located it.

On February 4, in an article on Proof entitled “Federal Prosecutors Appear to Be Closing In on Roger Stone”, I wrote the following:

“Filings from federal prosecutors reveal details of [Proud Boy and Roger Stone friend] Nicholas Ochs’ and Nicholas DeCarlo’s conduct that are far more interesting than merely the broad categorization of ‘conspiracy,’ as it’s clear prosecutors aren’t just looking at the ‘funding’ of the insurrection in general terms. Per a CNN report on another Proud Boy who was recently arrested, Proud Boy ‘sergeant-at-arms’ Ethan Nordean, ‘Federal prosecutors wrote they believed Nordean asked on social media for help to buy “protective gear [for January 6].”’ Which happens to be exactly what Roger Stone did. The video of him doing so is still public.”

Two national security experts writing for Just Security, Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix, have just released an exclusive story that includes a video whose contents confirm that, as Proof wrote on February 4, federal prosecutors are closing in on Stone.

The video shows Stone at a December 11, 2020 event flanked by several Proud Boys who are acting, says one of them, as “security” for the Trump adviser. One of the Proud Boys is Ethan Nordean, according to Just Security. If accurate, this means that Stone had previously contracted with Nordean for security services—indeed, under four weeks before Insurrection Day—confirming that when Stone recorded a video in late December, just 19 days later (see link above) seeking donations to fund “protective equipment” for “security” personnel at the January 5 Stop the Steal/Rally to Save America and January 6 Stop the Steal/March to Save America events, the odds that he was referring to the militiamen we now know acted as his protective detail on January 5 and January 6 is extremely high. More importantly, it means federal law enforcement has arrested a known Stone associate for “asking on social media for help to buy protective gear”—which is exactly what Stone did just 19 days later. As Proof noted on February 4, the ongoing Proud Boy conspiracy cases have unindicted co-conspirators.

It is increasingly fanciful—up to impossible—to disbelieve that Stone is one of these unindicted co-conspirators. And as Proof noted on February 4,

Donald Trump can no longer protect the man [Roger Stone] he secretly plotted illicit activities with in the past. And once the FBI picks up Stone, he’ll have to make a decision he didn’t have to make the last time he lied for Trump, when he knew that a pardon would be forthcoming if he stayed quiet. Stone will have to decide if he’s willing to spend two decades in federal prison on conspiracy charges—a life sentence for the 68 year-old—to protect a self-described “private citizen” (Trump) who can’t help him anymore.

This article will be updated as more information is received.