Hey Seth,

I've often asked you questions in this forum (and others) including one yesterday that started "march down Pennsylvania avenue" (it's easy to find in the comments).

I understand that you are busy, and I very much appreciate what you are busy doing--meta-journalism--tying many many articles, interviews, reports etc. together and creating a narrative that, if accurate, begs serious questions, which you then actually ask (plus of course, the entire rest of your life).

This is hard slogging work, needed work, and you do it extremely well, and for that I thank you.

I realize that this is a comment section, not a Q&A, but your substack subscribers likely consist of folks who have been reading you for awhile and believe your narrative, not just because of sources well cited, but because their own research has come up with nothing that contradicts it, as mine has not.

I would appreciate (esp. in this forum) if you would try to respond to questions, only ones you deem worthwhile of course, and I am not suggesting that mine have been, but several other subscribers have expressed interest in your thoughts on my thoughts. Cheers!

--Silas P-2nd pfizer shot!(drop the mic) Frank

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I almost woke up my wife when I said "Yeah No F*****g Shit!" Out loud when I read that Watkins said "The Secret Service didn't ask me for help." So you want me to believe that a group of the highly trained, hand picked, most skilled protective detail on the planet didn't need help from some dork in a too big combat helmet and a velcro vest from Walmart. I am blown away!

Seth - Thanks for the AMAZING reporting, keep up the great work, we need more like you!

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If they planned to murder EVERY member of Congress, Ron Johnson's faith that the insurrectionists ment them no harm and he felt no threat is a little misplaced.

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I've been waiting for jones to feel some heat. I hope he sings.

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I appreciate your continued work on this topic. I will never be ok with what happened. My heart broke that day. Our fellow citizens, our own people, attacked the U.S. capital.

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So confused but keep it coming! Lol! Watkins in the VIP section without Stone... 🤔🤔

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ROGER STONE's is forever crying in his Champaign about being broke, as he fund-raised off his trial in wh he was convicted for 7 felonies. The Press reports @ 3 years that Roger has $20 million in the bank.

Seth is looking in all the right places: Roger Stone, Flynn X 2, & all the Red Fascists (Putin's GOP). Remember Stone introduced DJT to Alex Jones. Roger is a form of diabolical backslapping Iago (lit ref for Seth's love of lit, one of the deep ways to understand. Bill Flannagan & I noted on our way into EDWARDIII that we were going to the origin of political evil)

Go back to Roger's 18 yr old infatuation with Dick Nixon, the tie to Roy Cohn, over 50 years of living like John Malkovich where Donald Trump's brain should have been. His standard Method of Operation is a perverse reflection f the Peace Movement, using Hell's Angel's to intimidate voters, fake latters accusing Muskie's wife of Racism, × Eliot Spitzer, Proud Boys banging on glass to stop 2000 Fla recount. Stone is not smart just vindictive, & his MO is redundant. Everyone @ RS is a CutOut, as he lingers in the shadows. PS Here a little exercise: find out what Members of the House & Senate Roger Stone & Paul Manifort served as Political Consultant, & you will understand that these Members, along w jerks like Mike Cupoto & Scott Reed, former Chamber Political Director, are Stone Cutouts: Jordan? Meadows?

Et al. The $ lives with the Pol Adv, not Member. Rev Robert Maury Hundley, former Hill Stal

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This whole thing reads like a novel. I only wish it were a novel....

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We know, so why are these people still walking free!

We know that Lin Wood and Mike Flynn are guilty.

We knew that January 6th was going to happen, so did the FBI.

I’m so angry that these people are still free while the little fish are behind bars.

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If one has consumed the documentary, “Get Me Rodger Stone” then it will be no surprise to learn that the man who claims responsibility for the Brooks Brothers Riot (which stopped vote recounting in Florida long enough to give us Bush instead of Gore) then went on to scheme up a “Grand Riot” at the capitol to stop vote counting & flip a second presidential election, will it? 🤔

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"All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. It's gonna be moving. It's gonna be quick."

~ Steve Bannon, Jan. 05

"Yesterday, they could have blown the [Capitol] building up. They could have killed us all. They could have destroyed the government."

~ Sen. Lindsey Graham, Jan. 07

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This is a comment to your query re: Herbster https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1375222637266399234

since I'm not on Twitter.

Have you considered that the picture is mirrored? Lapel flags on the wrong side (i.e. right) :) also EXIT sign. This hides the left mole on his nose, visible with the green shirt in https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1375224464493965312 .


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Does Bannon fit in anywhere?

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Just wrote long comment on Roger Stone wh disappeared as I came to close..

Where'd I go? Robert M Hundley

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