Just because the 1/6 Committee overlooked Kirk and his associates doesn't mean AG Garland did, or that this trail can't be pursued, especially in light of Seth's new investigative findings. Further, the R House is going to look very stupid trying to revisit and defend Trump's term in office. His Russian appeasement and incompetency left disasters from Afghanistan to Libya into southern Africa. Domestically, Trump turned the EPA into a domestic terror machine and his personal ATM. Finally, the Big Lie and then organizing and leading the 1/6 Insurrection was a effort to overturn the fundamental rules of our democracy. Thanks to Trump rubber-stamping the R 2017 Tax Law 10 trillion of new debt was added in just four years, and another 10 trillion Fed "backstop'' was needed to avert another Great Depression, in the midst of sky rocketing income and wealth disparity, and inflation. Note this debt was incurred but our challenges, like infrastructure, climate change, and immigration reform were ignored and made worse, despite the fact that deferred maintenance isn't free, inhibits our economy's growth and performance, and costs double or triple when nothing is done for four years.

There's a straight line between Trump undermining NATO, betraying the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, and then allowing Russia and Syria to kill innocent civilians with chemical weapons and cluster bombs without a single peep from leadership, especially after Trump's choreographed for T.V. strike at an empty Syrian airport hanger that did nothing to stop the Syrian and Russian attacks on civilians. However, Trump got a headline for being "Presidential'. How does anyone fire so many cruise missiles without accomplishing anything? After the firework shows, Trump remained silence as Russia took military control of the vast oil reserves of Libya and continued using chemical weapons and cluster bombs on civilians. If not for France and Tukey, Russia would have taken all of Libya and built more military bases facing NATO's southern flank.

Trump received money and favors from every autocrat and billionaire along the way as he was ideally setup to accept foreign bribes:



Trump almost started an accidental nuclear war with North Korea, without bothering to realize his target was bordered by China and Russia, not to mention our allies South Korea and Japan, which was only a missile lob away from North Korea's nuclear arsenal. Trump's ill conceived and belligerent trade pushed China into Russia's arms. After losing is ill-conceived trade war and putting the majority of small farmers out of business, while raising prices on Americans, Trump proved unequivocally to the world that a signed U.S. agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on if a sponsor is willing to post 100 million dollar campaign donation (Paris Climate Agreement & Iran Nuclear Agreement) and a POTUS agrees to accept the payment. Trump also "negotiated" a surrender agreement with the Taliban again to boost his reelection chances. First he agreed to release 5,000 ISIS and Taliban prisoners, and drew down U.S forces before the U.S. withdrawal Also, all negotiations were between Trump and the Taliban., and didn't include the Afghan government or the Afghans who supported the U.S. mission for twenty years. No wonder there was no effective résistance. This ensured an unfortunate withdrawal and abandoned all hope for any of the the human rights issues that America fought for and was supposed to stand for - they weren't on the table. Trump never uttered the word democracy or the phrase human rights. or women's rights and/or kid's rights during his four year term or thereafter. All this brings us back to Russia.

At the height of his atrocious and self-serving "leadership" during the Pandemic and while many Americans were waiting in food lines and car lines for food, Trump again sided not with Americans but with the American Oil industry and a foreign cartel. Not with the future of America and of our Allies, but with his future reelection, and his fossil fuel sponsors who would help him secure the Presidency again:


It's wasn't the first time Trump put his reelection chances ahead of American interests and those of our Allies. He was willing to delay military aid approved by Congress unless Ukraine agreed to his demand to create dirt on Biden. Without even knowing what Brexit was, Trump was for it along with Robert Mercer (the guy who made him POTUS and appointed his two operatives Bannon and Conway to "advise" Trump, along with Putin, while Mercer ran his hedge fund. Mercer helped Trump financially when Trump was "self-funding" his campaign, by selling stock in an up market and trailing Clinton by double digits. Mercer also helped with the microtargeting Americans in swing states using Facebook data, and in the UK assuring a Brexit victory, which has proven very damaging for most U.K. citizens, and NATO unity. Clearly, the American Oil Industry wasn't going out of business as Trump claimed, with 340 Million Americans waiting to purchase every drop of oil it was willing to produce in the very near term at OPEC+1 prices (so much for letting the "market" pick winners and losers).

In just four years, Trump radically changed Putin's fortunes by dealing Russia a royal flush: 1) Control of the global oil price (with Saudi Arabia and American complicity). This deal Trump brokered on behalf of Russia, Saudi Arabia and American Oil significantly increased revenue for Russia and even more potential leverage over NATO - two vital prerequisites for invading Ukraine . 2) During Trump, Russia also made influential inroads into the Middle East in terms of arms sales, military bases, and new alignments with Saudi Arabia, and greater control of oil supply, instead of Americans and our Allies experiencing the benefits of a competitive oil market. 3) Additional military control of the vast reserves in Southern Libya by Russia, that could no longer be sold and/or developed since they were under Russian military control. 4) More possibilities for Russia gaining influence, control, and development of additional resources in the Middle East and what Trump thought of as African "Shithole countries". 5) The surrender and withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan; 6) The contraction of the U.S. economy combined with the amount of Fed debt financing not going for infrastructure or other investments in America, but rather to making the very wealthy even wealthier via the 2017 R Tax Law 7) The completion of Putin's bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. 8) The heavy European dependence on Russian oil and gas. 9) The 1/6 Insurrection and the development of another American 1st political movement in the U.S. Instead of rooting for Hitler, the new movement would sing the praise of a new monster - V. Putin.

These conditions and more gave the impetus to Putin to conquer all of Ukraine, a dream that he has always cherished but would never have pursued if not for Trump's appeasement and complicity. As we have seen, "Getting along with Russia wasn't a good thing" unless your rooting for North Korea, China, Syria, Iran, or Trump, no matter how many times Trump repeated this phrase. Appeasement of an expansionist dictator only whets their appetite and strengthens their hand. We shouldn't elect Presidents who are inexperienced, unread, compromised, and whose vision for America ends at the tip of their noses - no matter how many times they hug and kiss the flag, and especially when they lie about everything repeatedly, change the subject, hide their school records and won't share their tax returns.




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Terrific sleuthing, Seth. There is something similar in what you've uncovered that reminds me of what Trump did for his own inauguration. Taking money from donors, the Trump team used one individual (Stephanie Winston Wolkoff) to be the point person, and then siphoned lots of money to themselves and loyalists (e.g., hotel reservations, or "speaker's fees"), and if anyone bothered to check, blamed any misdeeds on the point person. In this case, however, Kirk was a participant instead of a whistleblower, willingly pumping-the-well-'till-it's-dry with the rich lady donor. You'd think the far-right extremist dark money titans would catch on, but it's literally just a few drops from their sloshing buckets of money spent on manipulating our democracy.

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Gee, it's not hard to read these transcripts. If Sethie here has...he's just a damn liar

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Wren made a profit coming and going on wholefoods moneys donations, used Kirk as a way to through weight around to try to get Alex Jones, who attacked the Kremers physically, on stage with them. It was a set up to try to get proximity for the optics to come. Ali alexander was banned from the 6th and there were body guards keeping him from the stage. Alex jones lied about being pulled out by SS, Wren did it. He lied entirely about everything regarding proximity. It was a set up.

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um, no. Pass the hunter Biden Crack pipe on that one. Kirk took whole foods money and ran.

In the transcripts. Read them, losers.

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Well done ... because of your deep knowledge of the subject(s) the significance of some things are apparent to you that may not be to others reading through all of the evidence.

In defense of the Jan6 Committee, I believe that they were strategic in concentrating most deeply on what was most urgent - exposing ex-Pres & hopefully surfacing enough evidence to have him indicted &/or prevented from running for office (either through official means, or public backlash etc.) They KNEW how much evidence they were surfacing on all sorts of people & events, and that if they were shut down in Dec there was only so much that could be realistically addressed in depth.

They also know that hundreds of people will be scouring all the evidence they made sure to release, and as they know the work of Proof in the past, that people such as yourself will surface & shine the spotlight on those things they had to let go for the bigger picture.

I hope that the Senate will take up where the Jan6 Cttee left off, and be able to delve into these other people who should be exposed & disgraced at the least, and prosecuted at the best. While the promoters & enablers remain free and unexamined, they continue to be a threat into the future. At the least, forwarned is forearmed for people who previously don't know their backgrounds?

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It’s all about the money laundering. Donate illegally obtained money (foreign, etc.) to a cause anonymously, don’t declare it to the IRS, then have that cause hire you to speak at an event. You now have clean money. Now add in the ability to donate dark money to a political cause, then hire the same donators as speakers and you have a well oiled machine. Trump companies running as they were intended! That’s his connection to SA, Epstein, Kushner, Turkey, etc. Then add in sporting events and such. Geez!

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But DOJ derp derp dee poo poo whaddya gonna do. I'll bet the mortgage we're still here this time next year.

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I think we already know this. But I’m glad it’s documented. I did not realize Tucker Carlson was a Foreign Affairs advisor. He should be in jail.

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You have told us that J6SC has referenced your outstanding work. Your evidence is so complete on so many issues that grand jury indictments of dozens of insurrectionists would be inevitable if brought forward. My question is do you have any clue that the no nonsense special counsel is reviewing it? If not, that is a travesty of justice!

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Some pretty damning stuff here.

I would like to comment that I don’t think this statement is very accurate: “Freedom Plaza is just 1.4 miles—a nine-minute walk—from the Capitol.”

It takes about 15 minutes of walking at a pretty brisk pace to cover 1 mile. I’d put the amount of time it would take for a reasonably fit person to walk 1.4 miles closer to 22-23 minutes.

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Funny…I was thinking the same thing! I jog a 9-10-minute mile, so it’d take me 13-14 minutes to run it. Most people take 18-20 minutes to walk a mile, so, yeah, 25-30 minutes for 1.4 miles.

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"[The Dec. 9 round of subpoenas] demands documents about the FUNDING of the ellipse rallies (that would include GINNI THOMAS[)]." Is this something that would dovetail with the above-described Charlie Kirk stuff?


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Whew! Glad dinner is a Pizza

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Dude your fans will find out what a fraud you are.. Read the transcripts. Big problems with Wren and who shes trying to bring on. JR and wife had to be paid to speak. Nobody is friends and working together. You conpsaracyies are wackier than alex jones! Kirk took the money and ran! Did you try? don't think you try...

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Interesting thing about Kirk is that he was funded at least in part by the same billionaire, Foster Friess (who was also a long time CNP member ) about the same time Friess funded Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller launch, Ali Akbar Alexander's Blog Bash/National Bloggers Club,.Jenny Beth Martin's Tea Party Patriots & James O'Keefe's Project Veritas.

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Ali Alexander has flipped and is working with The DOJ.

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The pilot Don Johnson, Oprah Winfrey's private pilot, at Swift Aviation, in Phoenix, was the source for the Korean Air debacle that they used to manipulate Staci Burk and to justify Mike Flynn's pal Jovan Pulitzer to claim he could examine the ballots for "bamboo" justifying his $200,000 payout for the analysis... yes... that pilot is ALSO a close friend of Charlie Kirk.

In early November 2020, Johnson allegedly called Arizona Trump Campaign fundraising chairperson Christine Cothrun-Ong, to tell her fake ballots were unloaded from a Korean Air flight at Swift. Cothrun-Ong contacted Matt Gaetz Project Veritas whistleblower Ryan Hartwig, who then contacted Three Percenter leader Marko Trickovic, who had been security for the Arizona House Elections Chairperson Kelly Townsend, along with Congressional candidate Josh Barnett, who had also had direct contact with Donald Trump Jr, along with attorney Tom Van Flien, who was Congressman Gosar's staffer.

At that point, Charlie Kirk's associates Liz Harris and Kelly Townsend had already begun canvassing neighborhoods to gather affidavits and proof of election fraud presented at the Guiliani hearing on November 30, 2020, at the Hyatt and Congressmen Biggs referenced in his January 6th speech. Don Jr. and Jim Penrose from the Powell team had direct access to the data Harris and Townsend were compiling.

Kelly Townsend not only sponsored legislation for the alternate slate of electors but also gathered signatures from fellow lawmakers for the letter sent to Mike Pence to accept the alternate slate. Townsend communicated directly with Mike Flynn and Rudy Guiliani during this time and with Eastman and the Trump team. Townsend had a long relationship with Trump dating from before he was President, as she took the Obama birth certificate conspiracies to him.

In the Spring 2021, Charlie Kirk, Kelly Townsend, and Liz Harris, organized and attended school board protests in Arizona that appeared almost similar in nature and pattern to January 6th. Here is a video of Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend bragging about how their group sent school board members fleeing out the back door in fear for their safety (which again included Charlie Kirk speaking outside this school board meeting).


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