Thank you, Seth. Another brilliant piece among the countless others you have done. Framing Boebert and her ilk as "influencers" rather than legislators is just brilliant. From now on, when I'm scratching my head wondering what people like her are actually trying to accomplish in D.C. I will remember that she and every Trumper's modus operandi is not to actually work on behalf of their constituents. They are in the business of elevating their "brand," growing their audience and grabbing as much cash and notoriety as they can. There have always been despicable and duplicitous characters in Washington but now it seems the place is crawling with people who are as dumb as they are evil.

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I live in Bobert's District in Colorado. I am a Dem. We were flabbergasted when she won the primary. This is a rural Republican District so we were not surprised when she won the election. I have one correction to make. Colorado does not use voting machines. We have 100% mail-in balloting. All the ballots are paper. Also, follow the money. I think she may have gotten enticed into running by someone like Ted Cruz who bankrolled her run. They are using her. She is so dumb she doesn't realize it.

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This is what I have on this:

"Congressional District 3 Representative Lauren Boebert in a speech last Monday implored a gathering of around 200 people in Montrose to call their county clerks to have the Dominion voting machines removed from the Colorado election process. “I need you all to contact your clerk and put pressure on your county clerk; 62 of the 64 counties in Colorado use Dominion,” Boebert said. The audience groaned with their disapproval that so many counties are using the much-maligned machines.

Garfield and Douglas counties are the only two that don’t use Dominion. Garfield uses the ClearVote voting system by Clear Ballot Group. Boebert won her election by 6.5% with all but Garfield County using Dominion. She lost Garfield her home county by less than 6% of the votes."


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thank you for this thorough piece. I live in Colorado, but not her distict. I hope she is booted out, for all our sakes

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In reply, I pulled this off the web. Dominion machines are used to tabulate paper ballots.


Colorado Election Law 2020 Title 1, C.R.S. necessitates a "voter-verified paper record" and all counties to conduct statistically rigorous risk-limiting audits after each election.

In accordance with Colorado Law, Dominion machines accurately tabulated ballots using a durable paper ballot controlled and secured by local elections officials. Results are 100% auditable.

"Since its adoption. Dominion machines have been tested in 62 Colorado counties at least 868 times. They have passed every test," said former Secretary of State Republican Wayne Williams.

Furthermore, election rule 8CCR 1501-1, Rule 11 mandates voting systems undergo both a hardware diagnostic test and a logic accuracy test prior to elections.

Testing was done publicly and conducted by election officials.

Williams has emphasized that "Colorado's system is designed with a number of precautions to ensure that it's done accurately and [people] should have confidence that their votes are counted accurately here in Colorado."

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I wonder if Boebert reads at all? Hard to imagine, but if she does, and if she reads this, you can only imagine how many words she's going to have to google.

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I've given this link to Kerry Donovan, a Democrat, who is running vs boebert

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Great article, Seth, and you're right, there is so much more you could have added to this one. Add her mother and husband to the mix as well as her past criminal record and jeeze o' pete.

Just a couple small things I came across...

"30 to 40 of participating" >> "30 to 40 participating"

"Johnson has already he considered" >> "Johnson has already said he considered"

Thanks again for your work. I'm always looking forward to more.

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Trump is now being sued by Capitol Police maybe her little trail of bed crumbs could provide evidence for a suit against her. We shall see.

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Love the report! You are the man. I never did like her mouthy makeup crusted face. Nor do I appreciate her ammosexuality. She is disgusting.

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