Q&A #2: The Arizona Insurrection

In this Q&A for full subscribers to the Proof Substack, I answer your questions about the ongoing pro-Trump domestic insurgency in the State of Arizona.

This Q&A focuses on the fraudulent 2020 election “audit” now being conducted by the Arizona GOP with support via Stop the Steal and Team Trump. This arguably illegal scheme runs the risk of producing new insurrectionist violence in Phoenix, Arizona—and may soon lead to quickly disseminated claims by former president Donald Trump that new new data shows he won the State of Arizona—a provably false claim that 70% of Republicans nationwide already believe.

Proof has previously discussed these dire events in relevant reports here, here and here.

Use the comment section below to submit your questions. I’ll get to as many questions as I can before my fingers give out from typing, and then I will let everyone here know (in an update to this post that will appear below in this space) when that happens.

{Note: I do recognize that some of your questions here will be legal ones. While not an election law attorney, I’ll do my best to work through with everyone how I think some of the potential election crimes now being committed in Arizona may be worked through by FBI investigators. Because these explanations will be complicated, I likely will not repeat them multiple times—which means that you will want to carefully review the answers I have given to other members of the community before asking new questions about federal law.}

UPDATE (5:50PM ET): OK, I answered as many questions as I could in 110 minutes! See below, in the comments, for the answers. Thanks to everyone for participating!