Thanks for pulling this together. The FBI has seemingly been "unclean", going all the way back to the announcement just b4 the 2016 election, which effectively deep sixed Clinton. Durham.is ADDING more misdirection to the cover up Barr was put in to effect. Sadly, this is classic FSB. Speculatively...are there connections to Rohrbacher and what the 2018 GQP Russia trip? It would not surprise me.And moving fwd to today....

The FBI/DoJ foot dragging is extremely odd and concerning. Without meaningful action or any explanation, it is hard not to view them as 'slow walking" all of this into an abyss that I don't want to contemplate...yet. BUT, my sniffer is blinking red hot right now, causing further elevated skepticism of their intent to fully do justice to this whole sordid s*it show. To conclude, history is not kind to the will or ability of our Fed Govt to bring these investigations to full transparency or 100% accountability. Maddening

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This whole episode is an excellent example of the KGB's use of "chaff" - throw out enough junk, mixed in with some half-truths - so that any investigators are in a hopeless quagmire for years. And "innocent" people on the sidelines can comment on how nothing really happened, why don't you get on with your lives, look! there's a squirrel....

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Have you ever noticed that capitalist Russia stopped being Communist 31+ years ago. But now we have again new Cold War - with capitalist Russia thanks to Russia-gate scam of the century.

The Russia-gate criminal hoax is a major issue -- for ALL progressives. It is not only a "conservative" issue -- not at all.

GOP has its lunatics but Russia-gate was concocted by Hillary's pro-war extremists.

Demanding an investigation into DNC and Biden-family massive corruption is a major step toward stopping the US War Party.

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Boris, you can stop now.

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Any particular reason why? We are drowning in corruption and lies. And Seth Abramson is one of the reasons.

"We are being lied to. Constantly, and in more ways than we realize. By omission, by distortion, by half-truths and by outright deception. Our minds are being actively messed with by powerful people with limitless resources to ensure their continued domination of the planet at any cost. Our very perception of reality is being assaulted on myriad fronts. Until humanity finds a way to wake itself up from its propaganda-induced coma, the abuses of the powerful will continue."


Caitlin Johnstone - June 29, 2021

-- Trump and GOP are truly HORRIBLE.

-- DNC oligarchs (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer) are even WORSE (CORRUPTION, censorship, they concocted Russia-gate hoax, torture of Julian Assange, Daniel Hale’s persecution for Obama’s drone crimes, $16B Haiti-corruption under Hillary/Obama – Biden-family corruption pales in comparison)

The ONLY solution – vote THIRD party – now and forever.

ALWAYS vote – but VOTE for a Third (or fourth, fifth..) party – at ALL levels, especially at LOCAL levels (vote OUT each and every incumbent).

“If you always vote for the lesser of two evils, you will always have evil, and you will always have less.” [Ralph Nader]

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Boris, not sure if you are an earnest individual vs a conscientious disinformation agent.

(Note, I suspect the latter, I dont trust you)

I wholly reject the premise of your collection of posts.

I think you are pulling a classic bait and switch as you reject one conspiracy and posit another.

In this scheme you establish bonafides with the audience declaring your repulsion of TFG .

Also in this scheme advantage is taken that this space is friendly for political conspiratoral discussion (ie the BAIT). And then the SWITCH to softening 'liberal' attachments to politicians they voted for. Perhaps you were classically trained in the arts of rhetoric and persuassion.

Saying all that, if I were to accept the foundation of your rationale, I would argue an American spook as president is better than a Russian stooge as president.

2nd, in life we battle the greater evil because it requires the greatest attention, we then focus our attention to lesser evils and on it on it goes as evil is a part of life, as good cannot exist without evil as life with one but without the other just 'is'.

I see your replies and they follow the same lame script of profound sadness wrapped in arrogant cynicism and then off to the next poster

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Maybe you should lay off the Vodka Boris. It’ll rot your brain.

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Russia is a state in trauma. It suffered under the czars, then under Lenin, then the Civil War, then Stalin, then all the geriatrics - but at least during this time, there was a balance between the Party, the KGB, and the Mafia. And then came the disintegration of the USSR and the KGB and the Mafia got into bed together. And they then proceeded to infect almost every state in the world - which is how they infiltrated the GOP, the Evangelicals and the NRA.

So I feel bad for the Russians who have to suffer under their evil Mafia that doesn't give a damn about them.

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I have suspected (feared) for a long time now that the Biden admin would not prevent prosecutors from going after the Trump family for financial crimes, but would block or slow-walk anything that touched on National Security or intelligence/counter-intelligence. This hit me again as I read your sentence about Mueller demurring some matters as "too hot to handle". Trump is going to get away with the vast bulk of his crimes, isn't he ?

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Basic fact: The entire anti-Russian fairytale was and is a (stupid and dangerous) deliberate fabrication – a scam of the century. Infinitely more dangerous than bipartisan WMD lie about Iraq.

Clapper, Brennan & Hayden trio were among former 50 intelligence officials stating that Hunter-laptop is classical “Russian disinformation”.

- They were also key promoters of the now five-year Russia-gate hoax that is still ongoing.

- They were also key intelligence executives in Obama/Biden/Hillary government – the government which hunted Snowden (forcing Bolivian plane with Bolivia’s president to land to search it) and armed Al Qaeda (including “white helmets” hoax) and staged all chemical attacks in Syria to remove its government.

Trump’s utter incompetence in handling Covid-19 created the human and economic catastrophe that will be called - Trump-virus. The insane clown (see famous Matt Taibbi's book with this title) brought into government religious extremism and racism.

The Russia-gate hoax and Ukraine-impeachment “entertainment” was concocted by Obama/Hillary/Biden/Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jamie Ruskin, etc. and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors, i.e., the imperial War party


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You're funny.

And incorrect.

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Comment removed
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True to an extent but there is a lot more going on here. We had a national security risk and his cabal, traitors to our country's interest, in our highest office and surrounds for four years. These people have no scruples. They would not think twice about compromising the country either to try to save themselves or simply out of spite. You can be sure if they go down, they are going to take everyone and everything they can down with them. I'm confident the damage they are in a position to do is part of the risk assessment, along with the banana precedent.

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Exactly. What I'm wondering is whether Trump moles in Justice & FBI could alter past case files to rewrite history -- what actually happened. That's Trump's superpower: to alter the perception of what's really going on & what really happened, as we all well know.

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"Trump moles in Justice and FBI" -- oh boy...

Biden administration is full of Russia-gate hoax conspirators. Among them is Hillary campaign's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan — now President Biden's National Security Advisor. Sullivan was a member of the team that concocted the Russia-gate scam of the century and has played a role in destruction of Trump’s National Security Advisor, a distinguished general Michael Flynn (whom narcissist Obama abhorred).

The persecution and insults to Mike Flynn still continue to this day: Chase bank just cancelled credit card of US general, Michael Flynn. Reason given: Flynn is a "reputation risk".... Truly an outrage – always remember Obama’s bank mega-gangsters and their “reputation”.

The Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russia-gate Wing of U.S. Media.

The DOJ's new charging document, approved by Biden's Attorney General, sheds bright light onto the Russia-gate fraud and how journalistic corruption was key. https://greenwald.substack.com/p/the-indictment-of-hillary-clintons

PS: I am sure that Hunter Biden has all his credit cards - full of money "earned" by Biden-family corruption.

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You're funny.

And incorrect.

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It would have been hard to do that when I worked in the government decades ago due to the number of people who would have had knowledge and the fact attorneys generally maintained their own files but I don't know what might have changed since then.

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Comment removed
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Yes! I keep hoping there's more behind the scenes we're not seeing but I fear the perceived need to calm and bring people together is overriding the bigger need to ensure those who would engage in acts of sedition and force minority rule on the majority in an autocratic regime are stopped and, in appropriate cases, served us hard justice.

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Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform -- For Everyone But Their Enemies

Principles of rehabilitative justice, reform of the carceral state, and liberalized criminal justice evaporate when Democrats demand harsh prison for their political adversaries.

Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform -- For Everyone But Their Enemies - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald (substack.com)

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More funny from you.

Still incorrect.

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I wonder if this means we will see some of what you have written about actually discussed in open court and on the record. All the details behind the dossier, etc.

Durham might be opening a can of worms he’s going to regret.

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Did you really have the stomach to get through that show? Lots of misrepresenting and distraction in the big interview too. Taibi has followed a very dark path.

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It is time for someone to shut Durham down! My thought is there are no guts in the Justice Department to do this because of fallout! Sad! I honestly believe there are those who are going to let this democracy crumble because of fear of a civil war. Is that too extreme? Hell, they can't even indict Bannon to back up the January 6 committee. If justice is done, our country is saved. If not, it is doomed. My pet peeve, the voting machines are turning the elections, not the voters! The computer scientists have been screaming at the top of their lungs to no avail. The GOP has mastered control of the voting machines and are destroying the one company, Dominion, that created a fool proof paper trail.

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Biden has called Putin a killer, but has made peace with MbS. On one level, it is all just politics. "Doing justice" may be too high a price for America to pay. To acknowledge how close Putin/Trump came to succeeding might be more truth than the US can handle. The broken institutions, the corrupted agencies, that Trump too easily exploited, etc. Maybe just boxing up all the documents and putting the whole thing in an Indiana Jones warehouse, and pretending it was all a bad dream might be the considered & prudent response to folks like Biden, Garland, et al. It reminds me of Costs Gavras' film "Z"; or perhaps more bluntly: "Forget it Jake; it's Chinatown."

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THEY might consider a coverup to be prudent, but how would they explain that inaction to citizens who expect sedition to carry

severe legal consequences? That path would require whitewashing Trump & his minions, which really sticks in my craw.

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Why exactly do you want to shut Durham investigation down? What is your agenda?

Tulsi has been endlessly criticized for visiting and investigating Syria (actually her duty as a Congresswoman). Now it has been fully confirmed that all (ALL) chemical attacks in Syria were staged by CIA in cooperation with Al Qaeda. The mainstream media, in service of military-industrial warmongers is still completely silent about that

All Syria gas attacks were staged by CIA-Saudi-ISIS/Al Qaeda war-mongering alliance – if Hillary was a President there would already have been a major war

The US worsened the suffering of Syrians by backing Jihadist terrorists against them, burning their wheat fields and looting their oil and gas (see the memo of Jake Sullivan to Hillary - published by Wikileaks). Now the US wants to “help” the Syrians by suffocating them with brutal sanctions!

Queues all over Syria for bread and fuel after the US and NATO looted Syria’s oil and burned its wheat. The US is a sadistic regime that thrives on the misery of nations. Syria was once a self-sufficient country. Before America decided (remember 17 years ago !!) that secular socialist Syria needs “democracy and freedom”.

But - your key concern is to -- silence Durham... You don't have any shame.

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If you had read Seth's total annihilation of Durham which I doubt that you are capable of doing instead of spouting a bunch of nonsense you would find that the reason his investigation should be shut down is that the emperor has no close and is a total fraud just like Trump. Two peas in a pod I do believe, comrade! By the way your boy Putin elected Donald Trump. He was TOTALLY illegitimate and this was the last pitiful effort to draw attention away from the fact just like the bogus fraud charges against Biden are totally designed to make people forget Russia elected Trump in 2016. Totally like a Russian to respond to my comment. You indeed are another attempt at coverup.

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My poor, poor Gary -- you are wrong on two items:

-- I read twice Seth Abramson's garbage -- his quantity didn't improve the miserable quality he peddles

-- I am neither of Russian origin nor I speak (unfortunately) any Russian

Trump was/is indeed horrible as most of GOP oligarchs. Stay in your delusion that Hillary/Obama/Biden are any better... They happily grunt together and feed from the same corporate troughs. Always remember Tulsi's words after Hillary criminally accused her:

Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton . You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose. It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly.

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You lie! End of story! Oh, by the way, I am a 25 year US Army retiree celebrating Veterans' Day today! Not a traitor like our former faux President and Durham, Barr's toadie. If you think Trump didn't watch the prostitutes pee on the bed, you are insane!

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Poor Gary -- his behavior MUST be worse than Biden family...

Russia-gate === Watergate -- Russiagate, More Like Watergate

The indictment of Michael Sussmann sheds new light on the outrageous pre-election activities of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, which have a familiar ring

Russiagate, More Like Watergate - by Matt Taibbi - TK News by Matt Taibbi (substack.com)

Russia-gate is MUCH worse than Watergate and -- increasingly so because the whole DNC lying team is back in power and supported by “security” (CIA/FBI/intelligence) leadership. They like and NEED the continuing presence of the incompetent clown Trump --- to stay in power.

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You're not very convincing.

But you type well.

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Has anyone done a line-by-line analysis of the Steele document to determine which information was accurate, inaccurate, or remains unproven? Would help to evaluate the 70% accuracy claim (also, what information was public knowledge at the time of reporting}

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It is ALL made up. Russia-gate's Steele Dossier

-- PAID For By Clinton

-- Had Clinton Operative As KEY Source

The real ‘collusion’ crime was the creation of ‘Russia-Gate’ out of absolutely nothing…

Hillary-Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff – they made it all up

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Go away boris! Get off here! We are all fans of Seth’s! He makes more sense and digs for the facts! More than any other journalist or shit disturber like you. “Capitalist Russia” …..ya if you don’t count murderous putin

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Love you too... -- Putin is far less "murderous" than we, or Saudis, or Israel are...

Danchenko Indictment: How Dossier Non-Source Sergei Millian Was Framed

By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations -- November 10, 2021


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Russian propaganda bullshit 👋👋buh-bye…..

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I feel sad for you...

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Yeah, that's it. That's what happened. That's the ticket! Thanks for clearing that up.

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Seth - nice work!

A couple of possible inaccuracies that you might want to address in the article are:

1) “As it turned out, the ultimate source of the money for Steele’s work was in the first instance anti-Trump Republicans…”

This is inaccurate - quoting from your NYT link:

“The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee retained Fusion GPS to research any possible connections between Mr. Trump, his businesses, his campaign team and Russia, court filings revealed this week. Working for them, the firm retained Christopher Steele, a respected former British intelligence officer.”

So Steele is retained *after* the Democrats took over funding…

2) “Indeed, with Trump breathing down AG Barr’s neck (before ultimately firing him for insufficient toadying)”

By all accounts I’m aware of Barr resigned.


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These are great catches! The first is a brain fart—I mean to write "Fusion GPS" (elsewhere in the article I am clear on Steele having been hired in mid-2016)—and the second was poorly written, as I think the major-media reporting confirms Barr was forced out after his shouting match with Trump but it is not right to say he was "fired." Thank you for these notes, both issues are now fixed!

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There are few mote:

Nov 9, 2021 -- Glenn Greenwald: Steele Dossier COLLAPSES To Media SILENCE | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar - YouTube


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glenn greenwald sucks…..and boris petrov….go jump on some other sub stack. You suck, too.

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The truth hurts -- difficult to face your delusions.

I am here to try to help you...

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don’t need or want your “help” you delusional freak. Go away

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You need some medication...

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Welcome, but “It is not the critic who counts.” Btw, your article may be longer than the recent wapo chronology, started in the spring with a small army of reporters :)

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If you read about the coup in Crimea when Russians took over the Parliament building and rounded up the parliamentarians and made them vote to become independent of Ukraine and to join Russia, it is a lot like what almost happened to us. The Russian military intelligence (GRU) was also involved in the attempted coup in Montenegro. They were going to vote to join NATO.

The Russian operatives go in under the cover of a demonstration/riot that they have created with domestic revolutionaries so it looks like it is not a foreign take-over.

I recently read an article in a Ukrainian paper and a Bulgarian paper that believe the attempted coup in our Capitol building was a Russian operation, but I had my idea on my own from what I know about these new GRU special operations units.

Some special operations GRU units were identified in the Mueller Report for hacking and disinformation. The GRU unit that I am looking at is called GRU Unit 29155. You can read about them in reliable Internet sources such as NYT, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and Bellingcat.

Just search GRU Unit 29155.

This unit does subversion (coups), sabotage (blowing up weapons depots in Czech Republic), and assassination (poison).

I am amazed that more people aren't wondering if GRU Unit 29155 was involved in our Capitol insurrection. It was done under the cover of a demonstration/riot. The plan seems to have been to prevent a legal vote from being counted. Smaller attacks also happened in other American cities.

Hopefully, the FBI, CIA, DOJ are looking at the possibility that the GRU was involved in the attempted coup at the Capitol. I am not saying I have proof, but that's what this looks like to me.

If this coup was planned by some Americans in knowing coordination with GRU operatives in order to overthrow an election, that seems like treason to me. Of course, probably most plotters who participated, even at a criminal level, would not have known the Russians were involved.

Evil creeps like Trump, Bannon, and Stone would have been in on the secret and probably some of the leaders of the militias.

Maybe our government would take this up privately with the Russians, but it is an act of war.

Russian operatives may also have been involved in some of the violence in our cities in order to discredit peaceful demonstrators. That's what they do.

This is just my speculation based on how similar our coup attempt looks like what GRU Unit 29155 does.

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Seth A's telling critique of SP PROS DURHAM's shoddy indictment of Dolan is spelling binding, revealing Durham (revealing him to be a clone for Bill Barr & Trump) to be intent on sowing confusion on Trump's financial & political ties to Putin. Trump's behaviour toward Putin was consistently that of a submissive small country leader. From the Muller Report we knew that Russians were like the proverbial flies on s*it, all over the place - from Manifort & Stone using Greg Craig to vilify Putin opponents in Ukrain on behalf of traditional Russian paranoid ag-

agression toward Ukrain, & any country near the border with Russia. The Putin obsession was the Majenski Sanctions, which cut deeply into Rus Oil & Gas exports. Slimy creeps like former DIA Chief Mike Flynn, the later a litany of partisan hacks, like Eastman, Chs Flynn, etc all promoting an assault on Democracy Jan 6 as Insurrectionists fought to resurrect the very Fascist foes we fought WWII to defeat. Now Durham has thrown up chaff to obscure the reality of Trump Inc captivity by Putin Inc.

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Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform -- For Everyone But Their Enemies

Principles of rehabilitative justice, reform of the carceral state, and liberalized criminal justice evaporate when Democrats demand harsh prison for their political adversaries.

Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform -- For Everyone But Their Enemies - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald (substack.com)

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WHO will be the first current or former Democrat Congresswoman/man or Senator to publicly acknowledge and confirm the scam of the century -- the Russia-gate conspiracy – concocted by Hillary-Obama-Biden? There is no possibility of "unity and healing" in the US until that.

Most of "our" representatives are millionaires, some even billionaires, especially among “hidden” but controlling DNC oligarchs – some might be tempted to confirm the obvious truth, many of their family members or close friends or lovers might provide detailed testimonies, etc.

My personal hope is that heroic Tulsi Gabbard might state it, now that despicable Trump has defeated himself and is gone. Her brilliant and epic response after Hillary criminally called her -- “Russia’s asset” is still ringing in my ears:

“Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton . You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose. It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly”.

By far the highest interest of Biden government and its oligarch cabal is that Russia-gate immense hoax – the scam of the century -- will NOT / will NEVER be fully exposed. The entire anti-Russian fairytale is a deliberate fabrication -- the worst scam in US history is DNC/CIA Russia-gate hoax.

They lost to a TV host and instead of reflection, they latched onto a moronic conspiracy theory -- this includes the completely (proven) false accusations that Russia gave WikiLeaks Hillary's emails (hence the TOTAL silence on Assange persecution and torture). The publisher of our century and the leading free speech advocate, Julian Assange must be silenced -- ALL the plotters/players agree...

There has been collusion between media, Democrat party, Hi-Tech companies and the deep state (CIA, FBI, NSA) for now five years. The Russia-gate hoax and impeachment “entertainments” were concocted by Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jamie Raskin, etc. and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors. That lying war-mongering team is now back in power – note that Kamala Harris (and her sister) and Neera Tanden are Hillary's protégés; Pete Buttigieg was promptly rewarded for his role of election theft in Iowa, etc.

Remember, Clapper, Brennan & Hayden trio were among Obama's 50 intelligence officials stating that Hunter-laptop is -- a classical “Russian disinformation”.

-- They were also key promoters of the by now five-year Russia-gate hoax.

-- They were also key intelligence executives in Obama/Biden/Hillary government – the government which hunted Snowden (forcing Bolivian plane with Bolivia’s president to land to search it) and armed Al Qaeda (including brazen “white helmets” hoax) and staged ALL chemical attacks in Syria to remove its government.

When asked about Hunter's corruption laptops - Pelosi brazenly stated "All roads lead to Putin"; commenting on Capitol invasion Schumer said - "worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11"...

Lying Russia-gate team is fully back in power and working at full speed -- massive censorship is mandatory for them to preserve power..

WHO among Democrat politicians will be the first whistleblower, demolish the silence and misinformation barrier, and confirm what most of the population already knows for years -- the Russia-gate hoax is the largest crime against democracy in the US..

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And -- a bit more on St. Obama and his CIA, FBI and NSA executives:

Barack Obama was/is a spook (i.e., CIA operative/spy ), from a spook family, and his political campaigns were financed by spooks… ). Snowden disclosed the all-encompassing surveillance of US population under St. Obama after Clapper directly lied about it in Senate and to all of us.

In 1965 CIA organized a coup against Indonesia founding president Sukarno by CIA-trained generals. The US considered Sukarno too progressive (he implemented land-reform – same reason for CIA coup in Guatemala which resulted with a genocide of high-land Mayas). CIA installed one of the most murderous military regime (under Suharto dictatorship) on Earth which killed more than two millions ( 2M ) civilians – the massacres are known as “The Jakarta Method” (see book by Vincent Bevins) used subsequently in Africa (Angola, Mozambique) and throughout Latin and Central America.

What is important here is that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, worked for U.S. government agencies and allied NGOs—the Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation, Development Alternatives Inc., and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—in Indonesia in the 1960s and 1970s as well as later in Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Thailand.

Obama’s mother married Indonesian Lt. Col. Lolo Soetoro; they had a daughter Maya Soetoro when Barack Obama was four. The colonel was from an aristocratic family which lost out in Sukarno’s land reform; the marriage was likely arranged, Obama’s mother may have acted as a female “honeypot” for the CIA whose job was to recruit assets

Obama always lied and claimed that his mother did not know about the countless atrocities that were committed by the Suharto government, which is implausible given her CIA background and the fact that they were much reported on by mainstream newspapers at the time (although mostly favorably by right-wing media). Of significance, Obama underplayed his stepfather Lolo’s army rank in his 2006 book, The Audacity of Hope.

Soetoro went on to become an executive at Mobil Oil and its liaison to Suharto, whose policies Obama’s mother praised. And – Obama became a labor and community “organizer” – while he actually worked for a large corporate foundation.

A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA

By Jeremy Kuzmarov - October 1, 2021 ( Note: Photos themselves are truly fascinating )

A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA - CovertAction Magazine


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It's kind of nice that you waste all your time here.

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I am a little disappointed you haven't commented thoughtfully on my perspective. I read that the Steele Dossier was circulating widely and perhaps in different versions. I think it's pretty accurate; however, I expect the GRU or SVR got a copy and decided it would be cool to see that it was released as kompromat right after the election in order to intimidate/blackmail Trump.

Dr. Fiona Hill said in her Congressional testimony or deposition that the Russians attack both sides of the political spectrum in our country in order to divide us and make us fight. You assume that if the document is fairly accurate that it couldn't come from the Russians. I think it was fairly accurate too, but that the Russians made sure it was circulated to Western anti-Trump media in order to make trouble.

It's even possible that Russian intelligence had some role in getting unwitting Western experts to research Trump. After all, this research started as a Republican effort and was passed along to the Democrats. Probably a lot of people knew about this research. There are lots of possibilities.

Putin hated Hilary Clinton, so he wanted Trump to win, but then perhaps he kept Trump in-line with truthful "kompromat" developed by Western investigators.

If Democrats had controlled this research, it would have been released BEFORE the election when it could have done some good.

I do have a background in Soviet/Russian studies, but I am nothing special. This kind of stuff can be very complicated. It's pretty obvious that Trump got help from the Russians and that his agent Manafort gave election information to the SVR or GRU operative Kilimnik. We know that Bannon was on the board of Cambridge Analytica. We don't need the Steele Dossier to see what thieves and traitors these people are.

This document could be fairly accurate. The information could have been collected by honest Western researchers, but the Russians may have played a role in its genesis as the project was passed along and certainly by providing (fairly accurate?) information to the researchers. The Dossier damaged the reputations of Western experts as well as intimidating and blackmailing Trump to keep him in-line.

Fiona Hill says she thinks Chris Steele may have been "played," but that doesn't mean that the information isn't fairly accurate. It would have to be fairly accurate to scare Trump as much as it did.

I fully expect that our security agencies are wondering if GRU Unit 29155 was involved in the attempted coup. After all other GRU special units were involved in the hacking and disinformation.

Ok. My speculation may be way off-base, too.

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I still find it suspicious that Dolan would give information to Danchenko, but when the Dossier was published by Buzzfeed he ran right to his client Gubarev and informed him that his name appeared in the Dossier. Gubarev ended up suing Steele, but he lost.

In the UK, it is not uncommon for Russians to sue Brits who reveal embarrassing information about them. This has been a problem for many years. There is even an old book about this called "The KGB Lawsuits." The libel laws in the UK are different than they are in the US.

Maybe Dolan told Gubarev about the Dossier immediately because he was trying to make sure his client didn't suspect his involvement.

I wonder about that. There might be many explanations, but that bothers me. Many times, people end up getting used by the Russians even when they are loyal Americans.

If the reports in the Steele Dossier were true, they would scare Trump more than if they were fake, and Trump sure seems scared of Putin.

I agree that Durham does not really say the Dossier is fake information. He says that they couldn't really confirm the information in it because Danchenko didn't tell them about his source Dolan. That seems like a valid complaint. I also think that Dolan might be arrested.

Personally, even if the Dossier didn't exist, we would know that Trump is a political criminal who is afraid of Putin.

I think it is possible that the Dossier may have been pretty accurate but was used for kompromat against Trump. The Russians want to hurt both sides. They wanted Trump to win. but they could control him better if Trump knew that the Russians could leak kompromat on him if he didn't play ball with them.

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Please read Fiona Hill's Congressional testimony. You seem to think she is an expert, but she thinks Christopher Steele was "played." Her big point was that the Russians try to damage both political parties. You seem to assume they would not try to damage Trump because he was their choice.

The Dossier leaked to Buzzfeed in January 2017--after the election. It would not have changed the election, but TRUE information would have scared Trump into further collaboration.

It's difficult to figure out Russian motives, but that's my best guess.

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I read your huge report very carefully; but all of this is so confusing and can be looked at in multiple ways.

Still, you never addressed something really, really important: To my great surprise, Fiona Hill testified in Congress that she thought Steele may have been played by the Russians. She said that the Russians try to discredit BOTH sides. I took this to mean that the Russians might want to make Trump look bad, too. [Certainly, the Russians would also like to burn Steele, because he used to be the head of the Russia Desk at MI6, so I read.]

Hill testified in Congress that it was inappropriate for Steele ( a person she knows and admires) to create this dossier.

Your essay repeatedly assumes that the Russians would not try to expose/damage/intimidate Trump. A bit of TRUE information coming out would really scare Trump into not betraying the Russians.

The effect of this operation was to terrify/blackmail Trump and the Republicans about further exposures of their collaboration.

Small point: wasn't Danchenko's childhood friend who worked in Cyprus? a woman?

I think this Dossier is pretty-much true, but I feel pretty clueless about what is going on.

There are a lot of media sources that tell what Fiona Hill testified to in Congress.

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