This is purely anecdotal but Regarding #6, other than bigots posting memes or "attack helicopter" joke attempts, I've genuinely never heard anyone say "I identify as _______."

I've only ever heard, "I am ______."

Anyone experience different?

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Good afternoon Seth. I just tried to go to your twitter page and all your post are hidden because of Elon’s new limits

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Since yesterday Twitter has been blocking unregistered users.


Seth, this is how I've been continuing to view your threads after having deleted my Twitter account back in February. I felt good about my workaround though would love to see everyone leave that site, as you've mentioned before too.

Is this a ploy by Musk to get more registered users? If so I'm not taking the bait.

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I hope Zuck will use your reporting in his upcoming “cage match” with Musk, ic that actually happens. Wondering if Meta’s “Threads” will succeed.

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I look forward to next weeks reveal. I was very opposed to his purchase of twitter because at a minimum I see him as a mook and at the maximum he had already repeatedly shown what a waste of flesh he is coupled with his seeming inability to assign any value to anything related to being a human. He is a live performance of Beevis and Butthead (each time I see his face I hear the laugh) with the exception that Beevis and Butthead were not white supremacist nazi sympathizers. And he has a lot of power, more power than anyone other than you (so far) has recognized.

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When I was getting divorced, I had a wonderful therapist who would call on one of two mantras whenever I described my ex's latest annoyance:

* "Are you surprised?"


* "People do the best they can with what they've got."

Both mantras might be helpful here. This is not new behavior from him (I know people who worked at SpaceX) but now it's unfolding on the global stage he bought.

I am a nobody on Twitter, and I don't need it in my life. When Twitter becomes unbearably toxic, I will quit, as I did with Facebook. Not to negate the level of influence he wields, which is scary. If the Nazis had controlled social media, 1939 would have happened sometime around 1933. It's terrifying to see such a similar scenario unfolding again.

Seth, I am grateful that Substack exists so that you can share your wisdom with us.

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