I think democrats would be stupid NOT to attack him regarding this long known issue he has about his disgusting stench. He deserves every bit of the spotlight people are shining on him about it. He’s such an evil, nasty piece of human garbage that ANYTHING we do to keep him from ever taking the oval office again is justified. He needs to acutely feel the same cruel burn of humiliation which he has inflicted on people who are much better than him. I want to see him jailed and a pauper and his entire empire and his reputation destroyed for what he has done to tear this country apart.

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People of many different ages may exude an odor that is not agreeable

to another. It could be due to eating gobs of garlic, taking certain medications, being homeless, or even not knowing that one needs gallbladder surgery. Yeh, it’s hard to see body odor as a topic of journalism.

I think we’ve all been there. Too much garlic, alcohol, smoking or cologne, lack of soap and deodorant...or eating at a restaurant that leaves a significant scent to the point of others commenting that “you ate at so-and-so.”

But. But DT dishes it and can’t take it.

And he stinks. He stinks at following the rule of law. He stinks at being a public servant. He stinks at business. He stinks at truth.

He’s spectacular at bullying. He’s an accomplished liar.

We are not hearing much rebuttal from him on this odiferous issue. And the snipey side of me thinks this has to really bug him.

And for that reason, I like this slogan of “he stinks.” He just does.

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A colonoscopy requires planning and preparation and time. In order to have a successful colonoscopy, it is necessary to cleanse the colon by taking strong laxatives the day before and to not eat solid food. If the colon is not clean, then it can’t truly be examined for any issues. This is why I have doubts that Trump’s “emergency visit” to Walter Reed in November 2019 was for a colonoscopy. He could suffer from chronic gastritis or Crohn’s disease or have an anal fissure or other medical condition which required an immediate visit to the hospital.

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One of your best pieces yet. Please don't let this issue drop. Noel Cassler has been mentioning Depends and a adderall use for years. I think he hits the nail on the head and understands enough about addiction to know what he was seeing on "The Aprentice" set. This issue is definitely fair game and an important one. Trump's an even a bigger fraud than we all realized. Great research and analysis. Keep going.

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If this was an elderly man in my street, he would have my sympathy. No one should laugh at his health issues. It's Trump, however, so all bets are off. He slurs anyone he wishes to put down - almost always without foundation - and threatens the lives of people, either individually or as a group. Anything that brings him down and turns the tide of this ridiculous fascist MAGA movement will be a bonus, even if it turns out to be that, unsurprisingly, a Trump smells like a fart. It's been a running play on words in Britain for years, without getting close to him!

It's also interesting that it's the Republicans and people once on his side that are doing the damage - they're the ones who have physically been closest to him - while the left can sit back and watch. His silence on the matter speaks volumes. No three a.m. rants on Untruth Unsocial? "I smell of roses on a warm summer's day!"

On a personal note, I recently had a minor operation but the woman in the next bed to me had had most of her colon removed due to cancer, bless her. She was having to get used to having a stoma bag. I was only in hospital for 30 hours but it was quite unpleasant listening to the bag regularly fill up, the odour even more stomach churning. It horrified the lovely lady that this was the rest of her life now. It wasn't her fault she was so ill and I put my own revulsion to one side to offer her comfort that couldn't even touch the sides.

I can't imagine how a person can do as he does and be so narcissistic, so bullish, with what is such a socially "offputting" condition. His issue sounds as if it's self-inflicted. Eat better for a start, lardarse! To continue as though you're not a problem is pure arrogance, so I say call it out, especially as he uses projection so much. I know his is still a medical condition but how dare you pretend you are so blooming perfect when you have so many issues, both mental and physical? Not my idea of an alpha male in any shape or form.

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Just look at the memes MAGA puts out there with Trump as a superhero with a jacked body, etc. He has encouraged it with things like his NFT trading cards. Tearing this image down is absolutely fair game and in fact needs to happen because the emperor truly has no clothes here and the country must reckon with it. How else will the cult be dismantled? And if media will not do it, then they are participating, willingly, in keeping the cult going.

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I couldn’t help wondering if you had to suppress a chuckle or two as you put this together. Just look at what this fraud of a political leader has done to discourse in our country that this a legitimate area of investigation. Seems to me some intrepid reporter could ‘approach’ this issue head on with a direct report from the field, so to speak.

And since you tackled this, I’d love to see you take on the nagging question of was marg taylor greene the bomber on J5. Back in the good ol days of Twitter, someone put a pretty compelling A/B video analysis of her walk and movements that sure looked like she could be the bomber

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There should be scratch'n'sniff ballots.

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Seth, we've always thought of you as a smart feller, not a fart smeller. But I have no doubt of the stench of theRump. There is a lot of evidence that he sniffs some powder, Adderall or something stronger, which could enable him to hold steady on camera. The smell doesn't make it through the lens. But the facial expressions of those near him tells an irrefutable story. Yech.

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I’m thinking of all the twisted psychological aspects:

1) whatever the medical condition might be, there is that ever present aggressive, hostile flouting of acceptable/expected adult behavior. This literally couldn’t be any more infantile.

2) the “mess” is left to others to deal with and clean up. I can’t speculate on his inner world, but externally, the shamelessness is truly something to behold.

3) how he uses this to gaslight and dominate. Anyone in his proximity will no doubt immediately try to ignore/deny the reality—just to be socially polite, just to “get through” the moment until they can breathe again. And trump requires this of everyone. He inflicts some level of awkwardness/discomfort/pain/suffering at all times, and expects everyone to conform and comply, thereby sparing him from any reality/facts/hard truths.

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Excellent piece!

Important issue to know of Presidential health. Thank you

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I wonder why he hates dogs.

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All I can think about is how all of the females who have been grabbed by the p*ssy by a man who reeks of a noxious mix of butt, armpits, ketchup & apparently loose bowels, must still be suffering from Post Trump Stench Disorder. 🤢

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The most common symptoms of frontotemporal dementia involve extreme changes in behavior and personality. These include:

Lean forward when standing

Increasingly inappropriate social behavior.

Loss of empathy and other interpersonal skills.

Lack of judgment.

Loss of inhibition.

A decline in personal hygiene.

Changes in eating habits. People with FTD typically overeat or prefer to eat sweets and carbohydrates.

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Excellent work Mr. Abramsom - "Trump stinks" is an understatement

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Little wonder Trump insisted on (illegal) NDAs for everyone who worked for him!

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