Thank You!! I've spent some time explaining This issue to folks in the past 24 hours... While I certainly wouldn't have agreed to meet with the press, I feel like she limited her answers to Exactly the Limit established by Georgia Rules and the Instructions from the Judge... 😉💫✨

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I disagree that Americans don't know how the criminal "justice system" works. It works like this: Realty Winner does five years for one classified document and post haste, orangehead goes almost two years with DOJ begging him on bended knee to return the hundreds he stole, and the FBI refuses to even question him like they would any other person. Cops get to shoot a driver 60 times for running a red light and face no "justice system". Brock Turner gets to rape coeds and gets probation while Breonna Taylor gets murdered in her own bed for doing what exactly? Going on a date with a drug dealer? I'm pretty sure that's not a crime even in Kentucky. Added bonus! the cops that lied to get a warrant get off scot free. Trust me we know EXACTLY how the "justice system" works...

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After all the media coverage given to Trump and his conspirators over their cries of election fraud, the clearest case of election fraud was Trump’s attempt to compel Raffensperger to find the votes needed for Trump to win in Georgia. The broadcast of Trump’s phone call to Raffensperger has been ringing the bell for indictment of Trump ever since. Let’s hope 2023 is the year justice answers.

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Thank you, Seth, as ever. I have been waking up early every day hoping to see some significant movement toward these indictments, only to find there's only all this agitprop about the longest-ever "witchhunt." Yawn. Thank you for all your efforts!

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My only concern about this interview is that her giddiness about meeting Giuliani and Graham, and her remarks as to how funny some of the witnesses were, detracts from the perceived seriousness of the job of this or any jury. I hope that their deliberations were more sober. And who would have written the report? Do the jurors have help with that?

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There are six corporations that comprise the U.S mainstream media:


Trump has been very profitable for the MSM and in return the MSM has significantly helped Trump:



It's not that some of the MSM doesn't report the news accurately or in depth, but generally this requires citizens that are interested in issues, life-long learning, and who have the time and money to to pursue greater knowledge and understanding and make better choices.

The U.S. has a relatively high adult literacy rate of 79%. However, 54% of U.S. adults are only literate at or below a 6th grade level. Additionally, newspaper consumption has dropped in more than half between 2000 and 2020. The Internet, which offers the potential library in your hand, can fill this gap but people need to want to continue learn, and have the time and money to pursue more understanding as well of some basic online search skills. For those without sufficient interest, time and money, and especially those who find reading difficult, there is a formidable knowledge and information gap. Add to this the increasing amount of conspiracy theories and misinformation combined with purposeful manipulation and exploitation and you have a recipe for disaster.

My hope is that one day, after a major environmental disaster, when a con man comes to the impacted town, instead of a crowd of people welcoming him as if to thank him for everything he has done for them, those impacted will understand his role in their tragedy. Of course, they will run him out of town, before he has a chance to pitch his putrid brand, sociopathy, and vision that always ends at the tip of of nose:







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Thank you. As ever, you clarify legalities for me, a layman retired elementary school teacher (with three college degrees). Your succinct and lucid perspective is always heartening to my beleaguered political spirit..

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I don’t understand how so many people can not know the law in Georgia is different than most states regarding their juror’s and speaking out after they’ve been discharged.

All people in the media at minimum should know.

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