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EXCLUSIVE: The Unraveling of Trump’s 2020 Pre-election—Yes, Pre-election—Coup Plot Speeds Up After Revelations From the House January 6 Committee Report

Source: Nick Luna Not Involved with Trump NFT Company CIC Digital or Trump NFT Scam

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Stunning New Ali Alexander Text Message Released By House January 6 Committee Could Be the Smoking Gun for Link Between Trump and Capitol Attackers

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump’s NFT Scam May Have Been Part of a January 6 Cover-Up

Here Are the Top 10 “Major Announcements” Donald Trump’s Bizarre “Superhero” Video on Truth Social Could Presage

NEW: Just Released “Meadows Files” Confirm the Rotten Fruits of Donald Trump’s September 2020—Yes, September 2020—Election-Theft Plot

Twitter No Longer Has a Content Moderation Policy—and Appears to Be Hiding First Amendment Violations By the Trump White House While Viciously Targeting Twitter’s Progressives

BREAKING NEWS: Neo-Nazis and Other White Supremacists Launch Massive Nationwide Campaign to Leverage Elon Musk’s Ownership of Twitter to Deplatform the American Left

Inside Elon Musk’s Last 24 Hours on Twitter

The Latest 2024 “Trump v. Biden” Polls From 32 States, Including All Battlegrounds, Don’t Show What You Think

On the Eve of Trump Announcing His 2024 White House Run, It’s Clearer Than Ever That the Patriot Party Could Soon Transform American Politics

Have the Odds of a Biden Impeachment Changed?

BREAKING NEWS: New Hampshire Republican Senate Candidate Don Bolduc Assaults Libertarian Party Activist on Camera Before Debate, Then Makes False Report to Law Enforcement

(MEME LIBRARY) A Free Archive of the Very Best Pro-Democracy Election Memes

EXCLUSIVE: The Harrowing Story of How—and Why—the Most Dangerous Woman in America Has Been Set on the Long Path Toward Becoming President of the United States

Attention, Georgia Voters: Herschel Walker Isn’t Even a Georgian—He’s a Texan

The Congressional January 6 Investigation Can Continue Into 2023 and Beyond—Even if Democrats Lose the House. Here’s How.

Why Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs Is 100% Justified in Refusing to Debate Insurrectionist Disinformation Merchant Kari Lake

A Free Archive of the Very Best Pro-Ukraine Memes

BREAKING NEWS: PROOF Now Has the Full Christoffer Guldbrandsen Interview with Danish TV About What He Told Congress About Roger Stone, Donald Trump, and January 6

EXCLUSIVE: The Danish Documentarian Who Will Be the Star of the Next House January 6 Committee Hearing Has Just Given His First Major Interview on the Subject. Read it Here.

BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Investigating Ties Between the FBI and the Kremlin Agent Behind 2016 Trump-Russia Collusion; Jared Kushner May Also Be Implicated

An Alphabetical Compendium of the Dangerous and Deadly Weapons Insurrectionists Wielded at the Capitol on January 6

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keeper Lawyer Kellye SoRelle Has Been Indicted for Conspiracy. Here’s What She Wrote Privately to PROOF in June 2021.

EXCLUSIVE: New, Possibly Criminal Misconduct By Trump’s Legal Team Has Just Been Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: The Real Scandal in Donald Trump’s Historic Theft of Classified Records Is Not What You Think

Q&A #4: A Discussion of the New Book “Proof of Coup: How the Pentagon Shaped An Insurrection”

(BOOK RELEASE) Proof of Coup: How the Pentagon Shaped An Insurrection

NEW: Two Men Very Close to Ginni Thomas—One of Them One Step Removed From Trump’s Coup Plot—Come Under New Scrutiny

Did Donald Trump Commit Treason on December 18, 2020? The Arguments on Both Sides of a Suddenly Pressing Question

The House January 6 Committee Hearing Archive

NEW: Trump Addressed Extremists Via Zoom 96 Hours Before the Capitol Attack—Some of Whom Thereafter Trespassed on Capitol Grounds

BREAKING NEWS: New Revelations Further Implicate Ginni Thomas in the Events of January 6, and Usher in What May Be the Gravest Constitutional Crisis Since the American Civil War

NEW: The Many Mysteries of Barry Loudermilk’s Insurrection Eve Capitol Tour

The New York Times Has Just Published An Excellent Third-Party After-Action Report on the Battle at the Capitol That’s Nevertheless Missing the Most Important Element of All

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Attorney John Eastman Responds to Allegations of Seditious Conspiracy with the Most Problematic Substack Essay Ever Published

BREAKING NEWS: New Revelations Emerge About the Members of the Loudermilk Tour and Their Connections to Leading Republican Elected Officials

BREAKING NEWS: Capitol Police Confirms Loudermilk Gave Large Capitol Complex Tour on Insurrection Eve in Buildings Trumpist Insurrectionists Aimed to Occupy

House January 6 Committee Hearing #2: After Action Report (AAR)

A Guide to Watching the January 6 Hearings

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 8: Ali Alexander

BREAKING NEWS: Insurrectionist GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk’s Insurrection Eve Alibi Has Collapsed

BREAKING NEWS: Social Media Posts By GOP Congressman Newly Accused of Giving Pre-Insurrection Recon Tours at the U.S. Capitol Reveal Startling New Details

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: New Report Raises Possibility Putin Sought to Infiltrate 2008 GOP Presidential Ticket Through Sarah Palin

The Real Supreme Court Leak in Dobbs v. Jackson Isn’t the One You Think—and May Point Toward the Leaker’s Identity

The True Story of the “Ghost of Kyiv”

Infection, Inflation, Insurrection, and Invasion: The Four Drivers of American Life Right Now

This Is the Single Best Indication that Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Committing Perjury in a Georgia Courtroom Right Now

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 7: Erik Prince

BREAKING: The Biggest Lie Trump Just Told the Washington Post Was About January 6. It Now Requires An Investigation.

The Truth About Trump and Ukraine

The Ten Hardest Truths About the War in Europe

BREAKING NEWS: New Revelations Indicate Ginni Thomas Was a Key Author of Trump’s January 6 Coup Plot

(MAJOR BREAKING NEWS) Eyewitness: I Was Present As Alleged Coup Plotter Patrick Byrne Privately Confessed to Federal Crimes on January 6—and There's a Video of Him Doing It

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 6: Patrick Byrne

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: The National Security Implications of a Newly Discovered January 4 Trump International Hotel Meeting Are Well Beyond What the Washington Post Reported

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 5: Ginni Thomas

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 4: Chuck Grassley

The Story Behind the "Ray Epps" Conspiracy Theory Now Burning Through Congress and Far-Right Social Media

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 3: Corey Lewandowski

NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 2: Roger Stone