Sixth January 6 Willard Hotel "War Room" Member Confirmed; Revelation May Implicate Trump's Department of Homeland Security in the Insurrection

The involvement of DHS in the events of January 6, 2021 can no longer be ignored— especially now that a former DHS employee has been located in Trump's Insurrection Day communications center.


Tech millionaire Joe Oltmann, the confirmed fifth member of Rudy Giuliani’s January 6 Willard Hotel war room—called a “command center” by Oltmann—revealed in a January 9 Facebook livestream that among the “25 to 30” individuals in Giuliani’s suite of offices at the Willard on Insurrection Day were the members of Giuliani’s legal “team.” According to the Daily Beast, a key member of this team on January 6 was former Department of Homeland Security employee and current One America News (OAN) propagandist Christina Bobb, who is presently helping fund a fraudulent post-election “audit” in Arizona. Proof can now confirm Bobb as the sixth entrant into what Trump lawyer John Eastman has called the president’s “war room” at the Willard.

In addition to Oltmann’s statements about the composition of the Willard war room, reporting from the Daily Beast, and an extensive review of Christina Bobb’s Twitter feed by Proof for evidence of past associations—including with Giuliani himself—Proof used a review of hundreds of photos of Bobb dating back years (including indoor, outdoor, on-air, and candid shots from every conceivable angle) to establish more than twenty “match” points confirming Bobb’s presence at the Willard Hotel on January 6. Proof also heard from a reporter who has interacted with Christina Bobb face-to-face.

Among the match points used to conduct the identification described in this article were the following: confirmation that Bobb had worn a visually identical skirt, shirt, and pair of boots not long before January 6, when the photographs of the Team Trump war room posted on Instagram by Trump-Ukraine scandal co-conspirator Robert Hyde were taken (see below); analyses of Bobb’s hair color, hair length, hairstyle, complexion, build, nose, forehead, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, lips, eyes, periocular area, height, and posture; and, as importantly, confirmation from Bobb’s own social media postings that she was in the vicinity of the Willard Hotel on January 6 and indeed was then focused on the very issue being worked through in Giuliani’s suite of offices: false allegations that the 2020 election was stolen from former president Donald Trump.

Finally, and most importantly, Bobb appears to have confessed to her presence at the Willard Hotel, on January 12, 2021 telling a podcast interviewer, Michael Farris, that right as the joint session of Congress began—approximately 1PM on January 6, well over an hour before the first windows were broken at the U.S. Capitol—she left the Cannon House Office Building because “I needed to leave and get to another location to meet up with the rest of the legal team.” Not only is it now clear that this other “location” was the Willard, and that “legal team” referred to the Trump lawyers we now know were congregating at the Willard on January 6—including Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman—but Bobb’s admission contains four other critical components:

  1. Bobb considers herself to have been part of Trump’s “legal team” on January 6, so she can now be classified in this way by journalists or prosecutors going forward.

  2. Bobb had previously agreed to be in the Willard Hotel “command center” during the march on the Capitol, suggesting that the center was intended to be uniquely functional during whatever chaos was expected to ensue on Capitol Hill inside or outside the Capitol; this prior agreement is underscored by Bobb saying that she “needed” to leave her post as an OANN “reporter” at the Cannon House Office Building in order to make a scheduled “meeting” with the president’s legal team.

  3. Bobb clearly feels discomfort about disclosing the logistics of Trump’s strategy on January 6—as in an interview in which she rather openly preaches sedition against the democratically elected government of the United States (see below), she refuses to say exactly where the president’s legal team was meeting during the insurrection, calling it just “another location.” To a former criminal defense attorney, this can sound a great deal like what lawyers call “consciousness of guilt”; in any case, past and near-future Proof reporting suggests that a possible reason for Bobb’s hesitation is the nature of what was happening at the Willard both inside and outside Giuliani’s suite of offices. It remains a distinct possibility that Oath Keepers and other militants were inside Trump’s Willard Hotel nerve center on January 6, making it as important a location for the FBI to thoroughly investigate as almost any other location in the whole of the insurrection timeline. So it would be little surprise if Bobb—even with a similar-minded interviewer—would want to keep the details of her movements on January 6 close to the vest. Indeed, she tells Farris that “I don’t want to get too specific [about what I’m doing for Giuliani]”, but she does say that her role is to “get the truth out to the American people”, offering a hint about what she might have done on January 6.

  4. Later in the interview, Bobb says, in an apparent reference to antifa (and Donald Trump’s own conspiracy theory aiming to whitewash the events at the Capitol), “there were other groups that were known to have infiltrated [the U.S. Capitol mob] intentionally to frame Trump supporters.” Of Trump supporters she says, “They obviously weren’t trying to break in [to the Capitol]. They were invited in…and then framed for it. It’s all part of the [Democrats’] plot. They needed a reason to impeach Trump again…they know as long as he’s in that office he’s a threat to them, and he’s a threat to what they’re doing. And so he’s got a little over a week left to tear it all down, and who knows how it’s going to play out.”

With all this said, here are three pictures of Trump legal team member Christina Bobb inside the Willard Hotel “war room” on January 6 (with other room entrants labeled):

The interview in which Bobb admits to being on Trump’s “legal team” (see link above) is also significant inasmuch as she not only acknowledges that she was a member of the said team but also indicates she was contemporaneously reporting on its activities for OAN. This provides law enforcement with a potential clue on how insurrectionists communicated on January 6; while of course many such communications will be found to have been encrypted or sent via channels that could be easily masked or destroyed, it remains possible that some messages were sent via the then-president’s favorite (and publicly endorsed) propaganda channel, and that they could be so sent because they were being transmitted by someone the president knew was on his “legal team” and who he’d repeatedly spoken highly of on Twitter. For instance, in these two tweets:

Of course Bobb was not merely highly regarded by former President Trump, and Bobb did not merely tweet that she “get[s] so excited when Donald Trump tweets about me or my show” and “love[s] our President”, she was, much more importantly, actively working for his lawyer on January 6. As Yahoo! News has reported, “documents show” that Bobb has “been aiding the effort [to overturn the 2020 election] since at least December [2020]”, both “fundraising for the effort” and “aid[ing] Arizona Senate Republicans with the effort”, going so far as to “supply[ ] Arizona Senate President Karen Fann with witness declarations, statements, and expert testimony in early December to help bolster the Republican-led effort to undermine the election results in Maricopa County, where President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump by 45,000 votes.” One such email, in which Bobb is clearly acting—in the legal sense of this term—as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s “agent,” is this one:

That Bobb acted as a willing conduit between President Trump and individuals in Arizona seeking to overturn the 2020 election—the two most infamous individuals in this category being Ali Alexander and Mark Finchem, though we do not yet know if Bobb interacted with them in particular—is significant with respect to the events of January 6. Yahoo! News notes that GOP legislators in Arizona “asked Bobb to pass along lists containing names of ‘deceased or illegal aliens who voted’ that Bobb’s team [Trump’s legal team] said they would send.” This backchannel cooperation between the same team that met at the Willard on January 6 and insurrectionists in the state government of Arizona increases the odds substantially that Bobb was not merely in Trump’s Willard command center on January 6 but was at least willing to be used by her fellow Trump legal team members to pass messages outside the hotel—including to Arizona state legislators key to the events of the insurrection, as Alexander and Finchem were. Indeed, two reasons it is so telling that Bobb was in touch with GOP legislators in Arizona in December 2020 are (1) on January 6, 2021, Oath Keeper Mark Finchem, one of the two leading insurrectionists inside the Arizona state government, was, like Bobb, in the Willard Hotel, and (2) Bobb has in the past publicly praised the other chief insurrectionist inside the Arizona state government, Oath Keeper Wendy Rogers (whose connection to the Trump war rooms on January 6 is discussed here).

It takes little imagination to be concerned that a key member of Donald Trump’s legal team who has publicly said “Thank God for Wendy Rogers!” might have been willing to pass messages to other leading Oath Keepers as she was acting as a well-positioned Trump communications agent in a hotel swarming with Oath Keepers on January 6.

The Implications of Bobb Being in the Willard War Room

The revelation that Bobb was with Giuliani, Eastman, Oltmann, Hyde, and Dallas-area cybersecurity expert Russell Ramsland Jr. at the Willard on January 6 has at least two key implications:

(1) It implicates One America News Network (OANN) in the events of January 6.

By January 6, OANN had become the propaganda broadcast of choice for Trumpists, and Bobb one of its new stars, with the former U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate being repeatedly commended by Trump himself on Twitter. A new front on the FBI insurrection investigation—namely the degree to which OAN was weaponized by Trump to communicate with insurrectionists on January 6, and the degree to which any such coordination was deliberate on both ends—is thus opened.

(2) It implicates DHS in the events of January 6.

According to the Washington Times, Bobb was hired by Trump’s DHS in 2018. While it is unclear when she left DHS, her earliest reporting for OANN came in May 2020, not long before the 2020 general election began. At DHS, writes the Times, Bobb “oversaw written communications intended for and originated by the [DHS] secretary and deputy secretary”, holding the title of “executive secretary.” In November 2019, then-president Trump tapped Chad Wolf to be his acting Secretary of Homeland Security, making it highly likely that for a significant percentage of her time at DHS Bobb was the executive secretary for Wolf himself. The Times notes that when Bobb “quietly began reporting for OAN [in May],” among “her first contributions was an interview with acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf that was uploaded to the network’s YouTube channel afterward without making any mention of her previous job with the agency.”

Bobb’s status as Wolf’s former executive secretary is significant because it may explain how Team Trump’s war room at the Willard—not presently known to have hosted any then-active government officials or individuals with a security clearance—could have gotten such ready access to Secretary Wolf in the middle of the January 6 insurrection, as described in detail by Oltmann. It remains unclear if the war room’s connections to Wolf were also relevant to its apparent and otherwise inexplicable procurement of (per Oltmann) “DNI reports” and “intelligence” on alleged foreign election interference.

DHS’s role in the events of January 6 insurrection has been an unresolved question for some time. On the evening of December 21 (registered as “December 22” in the image below because the screenshot was taken by a Twitter user in the United Kingdom) domestic terror leader Ali Alexander called into what Proof has confirmed is—per a recorded message at the 202 area code number in question—a “DHS” conference call line. December 21 was the very evening that then-President Trump met in the White House with at least seven members of the Freedom Caucus, including all three of the Republican representatives—Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)—who Alexander would later confess he “schemed” with to put “maximum pressure” on Congress via a “loud war” outside the building. While there’s no evidence yet that Alexander used a DHS call-in number to attend a White House meeting, he claimed at the January 5 Rally for Revival held at Freedom Plaza that he’d been in touch with Trump on many occasions, and his contention that his 90-minute call to a DHS number on December 21 could “change the world” remains unexplained.

How Radical Is Christina Bobb?

Journalists and other investigators will understandably seek to determine the level of seditious fervor inside Team Trump’s Willard Hotel war room on January 6, both for historical reasons and to better gauge the likelihood that the entrants into that room on Insurrection Day might have been willing to pass sensitive information not just to GOP legislators at the state and federal level but those involved in the storming of the Capitol (or in the planning of the storming of the Capitol) itself. More consequentially, a growing body of evidence indicating that the war room was active prior to January 6—Proof will shortly be publishing photographic and social media evidence suggesting that, at a minimum, the war room was operative on January 5—raises the stakes of the operations there, as any reports, intelligence, strategic planning, or other useful work product emanating from a single suite of offices at the Willard on January 4 or January 5 could have redounded to the benefit of on-site insurrectionists and their lieutenants.

This is an especially robust possibility given that insurrectionist leaders Roger Stone and Alex Jones were both in the Willard on January 5, along with a Jericho March co-organizer, former Trump National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and Jones aide Owen Shroyer. Moreover, at least six subsequently arrested Oath Keeper conspiracists were at the Willard on January 5 and the morning of January 6; Stone’s Willard suite-mate, Kristin M. Davis, contends that “literally fifty” people were “hanging out” with Stone and his NYPD friend Sal Greco at the Willard near the time of the insurrection.

What all this suggests is that the level of seditious sentiment in the most important room at the Willard Hotel on January 5 and January 6 is quite important indeed. If the persons congregated in that room were intent on toppling the burgeoning Joe Biden administration, they were in a position to do awesome damage to U.S. democracy by dangerously—perhaps even illegally—sharing information and intelligence in their possession with those who intended harm to the Capitol and the lawmakers inside it. It is with all this in mind that the question is asked, “How radical is Christina Bobb?”

The answer: one could scarcely exhibit a greater degree of seditious sentiment than has been exhibited by Bobb since the 2020 presidential election. Her interviews and public statements, even her public actions, reveal a militant seditionist whose presence at the Willard on January 6 and her presumptive access to the corridors of power at DHS on that date profoundly disturbing. In her January 12 interview, Bobb admitted, “I’m working with Rudy [Giuliani]”, and said that she considered herself to be a player in an “information war.” She observed that people regularly contact her to find out President Trump’s movements and state of mind, and that she’s in a position to offer information on that score—suggesting she had likewise been in a position to answer such questions five days earlier, on January 6, for any insurrectionists requiring such information. Indeed, by January 12 Bobb was sounding very much like Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, telling her interviewer that the president is (emphasis in original):

…in good spirits, considering the circumstances. He cares very much about the American people, and cares about his followers and those that are constantly sending him words of affirmation. I think he believes—and I agree with him—that the election was stolen from the American people, and the American people are being forced to accept a president [Joe Biden] that they didn’t vote for. And I think that saddens him. But I think he’s determined to get the truth out, however the truth surfaces—and he’ll do that as long as he’s able.


I don’t think he’s nervous at all. I think he gets angry—or, like, burdened; angry is not the right word—sorrowful for what happened [on January 6], because, you know, I think he genuinely cares about the American people….he wants life as normal, the American life back. I think he feels burdened by that, but he’s not nervous about anything.

But Bobb doesn’t merely sound and act like Trump’s January 2021 comms director and—broadly speaking—someone with ready access to his thinking, she openly advocates insurrection. Of Biden’s inauguration she tells her interviewer (emphasis in original):

People who want to believe it’s just going to be business as usual [during inauguration week], and it’s just going to be a regular week, and Joe Biden’s going to get inaugurated, and everything’s just going to be fine and rosy, I can tell you that’s not going to happen. {laughs} I mean right now it looks like—it looks like, at least—that Biden is going to be inaugurated on [January 20th], but {laughs} it’s not going to be business as usual….I would expect it [the inauguration week] to be as chaotic as it has been, until Joe Biden is inaugurated or {pause} whatever happens. I do believe that there was a massive amount of election fraud, and I do think this is why the left is creating these other stories to detract [sic] from the fact that, hey, we have millions of fraudulent votes counted across the country, and they [the Democrats] don’t want people talking about it. So they’re creating these other stories. So I think they’ll continue to do that because they don’t want people to go, “Oh, look [at] it—there were 330,000 votes added for Biden in Pennsylvania instantaneously, through the machines.” They don’t want people talking about that. So, yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen [pre-inauguration], but I don’t think it’s just going to float into a Biden administration.

Of the election, its aftermath, and the insurrection, Bobb says (emphasis in original):

This whole experience has been extremely revealing of the United States of America—how we’ve done government, in every branch and at every level. It has shown who the true constitutionalists are. It has shown—what I would call—radicals, people who are trying to push the United States to a form of government that is, quite frankly, unconstitutional, and was never intended by our Founding Fathers. And it shows those who are cowards and might believe that the election was stolen, or might believe that there are things that are happening that are wrong, but they’re too scared to do anything about it. There’s just been a lot of motives that have surfaced that I think is [sic] really interesting. And we’re at a crucial time to figure out, “Okay, so are we willing to correct it [the 2020 election]? Or are we all going to cave, and just and become a communist country?” It’s not even socialism at this point, it’s going to be straight communism [under Biden]….conservatives are at a point [now], “Are we going to fight back, or are we going to just take it?” And we’re seeing a lot of conservative leaders that are just like, “Let’s take it.” And I don’t think that’s the MAGA movement, and I don’t think that’s Trump supporters, so what are we going to do about it?


The biggest thing [Trump] has done for our country is expose the corruption and the dirty deeds that have been seeping through every area [of America]—not just government. Corporations as well. And media. And all these different spheres of influence. So he’s done a huge service to the country in exposing all of this. And it’s up to the rest of us—are we just going to accept it, or are we going to do something about it?….A lot of Americans would just say, “Oh, well, I’m just a—whatever—I’m just this, I’m just that, I can’t do anything about it.” But no, you have to do something about it. I genuinely believe we have an obligation as Americans to do something about it. Not just for our country, but the rest of the world. If freedom falls in America, it will fall everywhere. Like, there will not be a piece of land that’s free on this planet if America loses its freedom. So I’m doing everything I can.


We’re not far from that [the government “grabbing” activists off the street illegally] under Biden. I’m not trying to scare people or be dramatic, but that is the goal. That’s why China has been so aggressive in paying off the Bidens and I was about to say paying off our Democrat [sic] leaders, but they’ve been doing it to Republicans, too. So this is not Democrats versus Republicans, this is a political elite group that is largely run by Democrats at the moment…versus the rest of America….they [China] are going to continue to pay Biden. They’re going to continue paying him off until they take over the United States. And then who knows what they’ll do? And who knows how long that will take? I actually don’t think it will be that long. It’ll be before he leaves office. {NB: Farris interjects to say, “Depending on how long he [Biden] is in office,” and Bobb responds, “Yeah. Yeah, that’s exactly right.”}

Lest this be unclear, less than a week after an armed assault on the Capitol, Bobb is calling those who didn’t participate in the attack “cowards”, those who repelled the assault literally and politically “radicals”, those who coordinated the events of January 6 “constitutionalists”, and the incoming Biden administration “communist.” {Note: A minute later in the interview, without any irony, Bobb calls private “corporations” dangerous, and says that their power must be curtailed dramatically by the government.} So it is that just six days after the worst attack on America’s government since the American Civil War, Bobb, a member of Trump’s legal team, urges those who share the sentiments of the insurrectionists to continue to “fight back.” If Bobb was putting out similar messages both on-air and off-air on January 6, she may well have been one of the most valuable assets to Team Trump’s incitement of violent sedition on that day.

Indeed, Bobb herself claims to have had such a capacity on January 6, saying just six days later (emphasis in original), “I do see myself as having a powerful voice. I do see myself as having influence.”


Six of the “25 to 30” members of Donald Trump’s Willard Hotel war room have now been identified, along with 23 members of Trump’s concurrently operative Trump International Hotel war room. The size and scope of former President Trump’s pre-insurrection and Insurrection Day strategy and communications team—and the size and scope of their communications network—has thus been uncovered by Proof and the hundreds of publications Proof has cited in its research, curations, and reporting. This said, Christina Bobb has put out so much material worthy of documenting (including her claim, in her January 12 interview, that the “whole thing”—referring to the insurrection—was a “set-up” and “staged” and a “fram[ing]”) that this can only be an initial foray into determining her significance to January 6. More news will follow.

On a related note, information on the seventh member of the Willard Hotel war room is coming to Proof shortly, and investigation into an eighth member proceeds apace. Still, a key question that remains to be answered: were insurrectionist leaders like Stone or Jones ever inside the Willard war room before the attack on the Capitol? Proof expects to have reporting on this critical subject as well in the days ahead.