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Proof of Collusion, Chapter 1: Russia and the Trumps

The Trump Trials, Vol. 15: New Indictments Now Expected; NYC Criminal Trial Date Set; a Finding of Sexual Abuse and Defamation

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Proof of Collusion: Introduction

The Stunning Presidential Election Episode of “Succession” Just Showed Us How MAGA May Try to Steal the 2024 Election

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: How the Killing of Jordan Neely Broke Elon Musk

The Truth About Bluesky: The Five Things You Need to Know About the Buzzy New Social Networking Service

The Trump Trials, Vol. 13: The Real Reason Donald Trump Just Sued Michael Cohen for Half a Billion Dollars

The Trump Trials, Vol. 12: Trump Is Orchestrating a Year of Rage That Will Get People Killed

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Five Legal Terms You Need to Understand Before Donald Trump Is Arraigned on 34 Criminal Charges in New York City

EXCLUSIVE: A Primer for the Imminent Indictment of Former President Trump

Donald Trump’s Infamous “Very Fine People” Line Presaged His, Tucker Carlson’s, and All MAGAs’ Vile Defenses of the January 6 Insurrectionists

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: The Proud Boys’ Seditious Conspiracy Trial Is Implicating Donald Trump As the Ringmaster of a Seditious Conspiracy

The Prosecution of Donald Trump in Georgia May Be Over Before It Even Begins

EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Congressional Testimony About January 6 Was As Bizarre As Any the House January 6 Committee Received

The Scott Adams Scandal Is Worse Than You Think

With the Breaking News in Georgia That Trump Is Almost Certain to Be Indicted, What Are We to Make of How Major Media Seems to Be Already Trying to Discredit the Indictment?

How Should We React to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Unilaterally Gifting Tucker Carlson Access to Sensitive National Security Data?

What Should We Make of the Breaking News That One of Donald Trump’s Leading Attorneys May Be Indicted By the Department of Justice?

AI Art Is a Controversial Disruptor Here to Stay—and While It’s Neither Illegal Nor Immoral, It Will Cause Real Pain to Some Artists

EXCLUSIVE: The Donald Trump “Mega-Donor” From Florida Who Funded January 6 Has Just Given America the Most Detailed Timeline Ever of When and Where Trump’s Coup Plot Formed

UPDATE: Two Days After Proof Framed the D.C. Documents Dustup As Concerning Federal Regulations Regarding NARA and VPOTUSes, a Second VPOTUS Is Snared By the “NARA Trap”

Has Twitter Had a Far-Right Bent for Years? Are #TheTwitterFiles a Fraud? The Debate Leads to Strange Words About Me By “Dilbert” Creator Scott Adams and Even Elon Musk Himself

The One Revelation That Could End the Biden Documents “Scandal” Immediately

BREAKING NEWS: Ginni Thomas Gave the Strangest January 6 Testimony By Far—and in Doing So Revealed Far More Than She Intended

BREAKING NEWS: The Biggest Hole in the House January 6 Committee Final Report Has Been Found—and It Could Hold the Key to All Future Investigations of Donald Trump’s Insurrection

Proof Launches Stage 2 of Its January 6 Coverage