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It’s Almost Certain No Supreme Court Justices Will Recuse Themselves From the Case of the Century. But Ordinarily, They Might All Have To.

Proof of Coup: How the Pentagon Shaped An Insurrection

The 2024 Trump-Biden Matchup Allows Experts to Compare the Candidates in a Way That Has Only Been Possible Once Before in U.S. History

The Chuck Grassley Plot Thickens: An ABC News Bombshell Report Sheds New Light on the One Coup Plot Trump Believed Could Actually Work

For Westerners Trying to Figure Out Where They Stand After October 7, Understanding These Six Terms Is Paramount: Zionist, Anti-Zionist, Post-Zionist, Likudist, Anti-Likudist, and Antisemitic

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: A Look Inside the October 7 Death Toll Yields Startling Results That Change Our Understanding of the Ongoing War in Gaza

BREAKING NEWS: A Trump Attorney’s Shocking Proffer to Prosecutors Opens a Major New Front in the Federal January 6 Investigation: Members of Congress

Joe Biden Has Had a Successful Presidency. What Recent Polls Are Telling Us Is Not the Opposite But, Instead, Something Terrifying.

Threat Index: The Top 100 Threats to American Democracy

From Start to Finish, Major Media Got the Tragic al-Ahli Hospital Blast Exactly Right. It Now Looks Like the Munition That Hit the Hospital in Gaza— Causing a Massacre—Indeed Came From Israel.

The Israel-Hamas War: Critical Monday Updates

As Resources Disappear, Gazan Civilians Face Mass Death Among Infants, Children, Pregnant Women, the Elderly, the Sick, and Over a Million Other Noncombatants With Zero Ties to Hamas

Ten Stunning Major-Media Revelations About the Israel-Hamas War You Might Have Missed

As Israel Reels From Mass Deaths and a Seeming Intel Failure, Evidence Mounts of Negligence By Netanyahu—Or Maybe Something More Sinister

UPDATED: Trump Appeared to Be Leading Candidate to Become Next Speaker of the House—Likely to Use the Role to Impeach Biden and Obstruct Pending Cases—Until a Late-Breaking Development Was Announced

The Week in Elon #4: Sex, Lies, Drugs, Violence, Collusion, Debt, and Death

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: Do These New Revelations Disclose What Elon Musk Is Really Planning?

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #10

Vladimir Putin and a Kremlin Agent Directly and Successfully Threatened An American Defense Contractor Into Betraying NATO

Musk Biography Inadvertently Offers Terrifying Insight Into the Danger He Poses to Ukraine

The Top 5 Most Stunning Special Grand Jury Recommendations Ignored By Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis

Volume 2: Trumpworld Figures Who Have Been Criminally Investigated, Referred, Arrested or Convicted, or Who Are Fugitives From Justice, Are in Breach of Subpoena, or Pleaded the Fifth Under Oath

The MAGAs Are Now Amusing Themselves With Homophobic Smears of Barack Obama Based on Forty-Year-Old Letters

Proof Press Kit, Vol. 3: 2023

Proof Press Kit, Vol. 2: 2022

The Revelation That Donald Trump Had a Lawyer Embedded With the January 6 Insurrectionists Is Even Bigger Than You Think

The Trump Trials, Vol. 21: Does a New Georgia Statute Empower Georgia Republicans to End the RICO Case Against Donald Trump?

The Week in Elon #3: The Ten Reasons Elon Musk Is Planning to End Twitter’s “Block” Function

The Trump Trials, Vol. 20: If You Didn’t Realize It Before, Now You Do—MAGAs Have No Idea What Constitutes a Criminal Conspiracy and Badly Need This Primer on the Subject

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: An Annotated List of the 30 As-Yet Unindicted Georgia Co-Conspirators in the Just-Released Trump Indictment in Fulton County

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: DOJ and the NYT Say the First January 6 Coup Memo Was Written in November 2020. They’re Wrong.

America Is Getting Worse at Calling Things What They Are, and It’s a Big Problem for the January 6 Case Against Donald Trump

LIVE UPDATES: Trump Federally Indicted—Again

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: Newly Reviewed Chaotic and Profane January 6 Transcript Confirms Link Between Trump White House and Capitol Attack

The Trump Trials, Vol. 19: An Urgent Primer on the Apparently Imminent Federal Criminal Indictment of Donald Trump in Washington, D.C.

The Trump Trials, Vol. 18: As Trump’s 2023 and 2024 Trial Dates Are Set—With More to Come—the Particulars of His Endgame Are Revealed

Proof of Collusion, Chapter 5: The National Security Advisory Committee

The Trump Trials, Vol. 17: The Disconcerting News We Got on the Day of the Trump Target Letter That No One Is Talking About

The December Conspiracy, Vol. 1: Ben Hendrick

Proof of Collusion, Chapter 4: The Campaign Begins

Tucker Carlson’s Elon Musk-Amplified Lie About School Urinals Is One of His Most Insidious Ever

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: A Running Tally of Every Twitter Feature Elon Musk Has Broken

The Week in Elon #2

LIVE UPDATES: Trump Federally Indicted (Arraignment)

LIVE UPDATES: Trump Federally Indicted (Arraignment Eve)

Trump Has a Vile and Dangerous Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory About DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith and He Refuses to Shut Up About It

LIVE UPDATES: Trump Federally Indicted (Day 3)

CONTINUING LIVE COVERAGE: Trump Federally Indicted [Regularly Updated Post]

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Federally Indicted

Proof of Collusion, Chapter 3: Kompromat

BREAKING NEWS: Federal Whistleblower Called “Credible” by Intelligence Community Inspector General Says U.S. Military Has “Quite a Number” of Spacecraft in Custody of “Non-Human” Origin

The Trump Trials, Vol. 16: Donald Trump Appears to Believe His Federal Criminal Indictment Is Imminent After a Meeting Between His Attorneys and DOJ Special Prosecutor Jack Smith

The Week in Elon #1

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Endorses Democrat and Conspiracy Theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shortly After Using a Vile Slur to Describe the Democratic Party

Proof of Collusion, Chapter 2: Trump and the Agalarovs

A Five-Paragraph Explanation of the Debt Crisis

Proof of Collusion, Chapter 1: Russia and the Trumps

The Trump Trials, Vol. 15: New Indictments Now Expected; NYC Criminal Trial Date Set; a Finding of Sexual Abuse and Defamation

The Trump Trials, Vol. 14

Proof of Collusion: Introduction

The Stunning Presidential Election Episode of “Succession” Just Showed Us How MAGA May Try to Steal the 2024 Election

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: How the Killing of Jordan Neely Broke Elon Musk

The Truth About Bluesky: The Five Things You Need to Know About the Buzzy New Social Networking Service

The Trump Trials, Vol. 13: The Real Reason Donald Trump Just Sued Michael Cohen for Half a Billion Dollars

The Trump Trials, Vol. 12: Trump Is Orchestrating a Year of Rage That Will Get People Killed

The Trump Trials, Vol. 11: The Trump Arraignment Transcript Reveals Some Big Surprises

The Trump Trials, Vol. 10

The Trump Trials, Vol. 9

The Trump Trials, Vol. 8

The Trump Trials, Vol. 7

The Trump Trials, Vol. 6

The Trump Trials, Vol. 5

The Trump Trials, Vol. 4

The Trump Trials, Vol. 3

The Trump Trials, Vol. 2

The Trump Trials, Vol. 1

Five Legal Terms You Need to Understand Before Donald Trump Is Arraigned on 34 Criminal Charges in New York City

EXCLUSIVE: A Primer for the Imminent Indictment of Former President Trump

Donald Trump’s Infamous “Very Fine People” Line Presaged His, Tucker Carlson’s, and All MAGAs’ Vile Defenses of the January 6 Insurrectionists

PROOF EXCLUSIVE: The Proud Boys’ Seditious Conspiracy Trial Is Implicating Donald Trump As the Ringmaster of a Seditious Conspiracy

The Prosecution of Donald Trump in Georgia May Be Over Before It Even Begins

EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Congressional Testimony About January 6 Was As Bizarre As Any the House January 6 Committee Received

The Scott Adams Scandal Is Worse Than You Think

With the Breaking News in Georgia That Trump Is Almost Certain to Be Indicted, What Are We to Make of How Major Media Seems to Be Already Trying to Discredit the Indictment?

How Should We React to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Unilaterally Gifting Tucker Carlson Access to Sensitive National Security Data?

What Should We Make of the Breaking News That One of Donald Trump’s Leading Attorneys May Be Indicted By the Department of Justice?

AI Art Is a Controversial Disruptor Here to Stay—and While It’s Neither Illegal Nor Immoral, It Will Cause Real Pain to Some Artists

EXCLUSIVE: The Donald Trump “Mega-Donor” From Florida Who Funded January 6 Has Just Given America the Most Detailed Timeline Ever of When and Where Trump’s Coup Plot Formed

UPDATE: Two Days After Proof Framed the D.C. Documents Dustup As Concerning Federal Regulations Regarding NARA and VPOTUSes, a Second VPOTUS Is Snared By the “NARA Trap”

Has Twitter Had a Far-Right Bent for Years? Are #TheTwitterFiles a Fraud? The Debate Leads to Strange Words About Me By “Dilbert” Creator Scott Adams and Even Elon Musk Himself

The One Revelation That Could End the Biden Documents “Scandal” Immediately

BREAKING NEWS: Ginni Thomas Gave the Strangest January 6 Testimony By Far—and in Doing So Revealed Far More Than She Intended

BREAKING NEWS: The Biggest Hole in the House January 6 Committee Final Report Has Been Found—and It Could Hold the Key to All Future Investigations of Donald Trump’s Insurrection

Proof Launches Stage 2 of Its January 6 Coverage