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NEW: The Coming Collapse of Donald Trump’s January 6 Conspiracy, Part 1: Alex Jones

NEW: Previously Unreported Insurrection Eve Video Confirms Stop the Steal Plot to Occupy the United States Capitol Long-Term Beginning on January 6

BREAKING NEWS: Three Major Revelations About the January 6 Insurrection Just Dropped

Americans Must Understand Just How Badly Steve Bannon Wants to Go to Jail

The Durham Indictment of Igor Danchenko Is An Embarrassment to the Department of Justice

Proof Exclusive: The "Kompromat" Chapter From New York Times Bestseller Proof of Collusion (Simon & Schuster, 2018)

Evidence Mounts of Team Trump Plot to Occupy the Capitol on January 6

BREAKING NEWS: GOP Senate Candidate Tells FBI He Has Evidence Michael Flynn Is Working With Foreign Intelligence As Part of Treasonous Plot to Overthrow Federal Government

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: The Secret Behind Trump’s January 2 Phone Call Revealed

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Revelation Involving January 2 Call Between Trump and Insurrectionist Leaders Confirms That Trump Coordinated the January 6 Coup Conspiracy Personally

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Speaks Out About January 6—and Makes Everything Worse for Trump

If You Know Who Steve Bannon's Lawyer Is, You Understand How Closely Trump Is Linked to the Cover-Up of His Own Role in the January 6 Conspiracy

BREAKING NEWS: New Evidence Emerges About Where Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Was in the Hours Before the January 6 Attack

BREAKING NEWS: Team Trump Isn't Waiting Until 2024 to Find Corrupt Republicans Willing to End Our Democracy—Which Is Why Its Insurrectionist Plot Has Moved On to Blood-Red Idaho

BREAKING NEWS: A January Lawsuit in Texas Appears to Be the Focus of a Seditious Conspiracy Involving Trump, His Lawyers and Political Aides, Texas Politicians, Stop the Steal, and the Capitol Attack

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Lawyer Admits Trump's Legal Team Was Seeking An Emergency Injunction Against Certification of Biden's Win As Trump Incited a Riot to Delay the Joint Session of Congress

BREAKING NEWS: Trump's Insurrection Eve Willard Hotel "War Room" Attendee List Swells

All Trumpworld Figures Who Have Been Criminally Investigated, Criminally Referred, Impeached, Arrested, and/or Convicted, As Well As Those Who Are Presently Fugitives From Justice

BREAKING NEWS: Why Donald Trump Is Again Interfering in Georgia's Electoral Process

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #9

Q&A #1 of Season 2: "North Dakota State"

January 6 Was a Violent Nationwide Insurrection—Not One Attack on One Building in Washington

BREAKING NEWS: A Secretive Meeting That Trump Attended in December of 2020 May Explain Both Trump's Role in the January 6 Insurrection and Why CJCS Milley and China Feared Trump Would Start a War

Proof of Corruption: Bribery, Impeachment, and Pandemic in the Age of Trump (Macmillan, 2020)

Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump’s International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy (Macmillan, 2019)

BREAKING NEWS: Evidence of Foreign Entanglement in January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol Emerges

Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America (Simon & Schuster, 2018)

BREAKING NEWS: On Insurrection Eve, Trump Adviser Michael Lindell Both Proposed Civil War in a 15-Page Manifesto and Met in Virginia with a Corrupt Foreign National

BREAKING NEWS: Loose-Knit "Sedition Hunters" Group Reveals Connection Between the Trump White House and the Attack on D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone

New Pre-Insurrection Strategy Meetings #1: Reps. Mo Brooks and Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Donald Trump, and 50 House Republicans

Q&A #3: Trump's Insurrection Eve White House Meeting

BREAKING NEWS: New Revelations on An Insurrection Eve White House Meeting Suggest It Should Be at the Center of the Congressional January 6 Investigation

Joe Rogan and the New Paranoia

BREAKING NEWS: Three Obscure Pre-Insurrection Meetings Require Immediate Congressional Investigation

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Adviser Roger Stone Was Closely Attended By a Leading Proud Boy Just Before a Proud Boy Arson, a Proud Boy Riot, and the Proud Boys' Capitol Attack

Proof: Some Notable Readers (United States)

Proof: Some Notable Readers (International)

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Has Found a Way to Circumvent His Twitter Ban—and Twitter Has Done Nothing About It

The Best Unpublished Proof Insurrection Research, Vol. 1

Roger Stone, Through His January 6 Willard Hotel Suitemate, Offers His Most Jawdropping Fake Insurrection Alibi Ever

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Significant New Evidence Emerges That the Arizona "Audit" Now Aimed at Discrediting the 2020 Election May Be a Criminal Conspiracy Born in Florida and Involving Donald Trump

Proof: Media Coverage and Key Engagements

Every Episode of Proof: A Pre-Election Podcast Special

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Far-Right Militants Were in Trump's Insurrection Week Command Center

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Trump Was in Contact with Insurrectionist Leaders on Insurrection Eve

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #8

Team Trump and Stop the Steal Premeditated Blaming the Insurrection on Antifa

A Fire Set on January 5 Outside the Willard Hotel May Have Helped Spark the Bloody Events of January 6

A Comprehensive Overview of All Five of Donald Trump's January 6 War Rooms

The Troubling Associations of Insurrection-Week Trump "Command Center" Participant Joe Oltmann—the Man Who Tried to Convince the State Department to Overturn the 2020 Election on Insurrection Day

We Now Know What the Willard Hotel War Room Was For—and You're Not Going to Believe It

Roger Stone Keeps Lying About the Willard Hotel—and Now We Know Why

A Sixth Willard Hotel War Room Member Has Been Confirmed—and the Revelation Appears to Implicate President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security in the Capitol Insurrection

New Member of Trump's January 6 Willard Hotel "War Room" Revealed; Discovery Leads to Revelation of a National Security Scandal

Donald Trump Spoke Directly to Stop the Steal Leader Alex Jones on Insurrection Day

Trumpist Insurrectionists Have Now Created a Systematized Mechanism for "Cancelling" People and Groups—and It's the Most Comprehensive Cancel Culture America Has Ever Seen

Two United States Senators Were in Direct Telephone Contact with Now-in-Hiding Insurrectionist Leader Ali Alexander on Insurrection Eve

Inside the Willard Hotel on January 6

Team Trump Had a Second Pre-Insurrection War Room

New Trump Fundraising Push May Violate Federal Law By Strongly Implying Trump Is the Nation's Real President

See the Terrifying, Seditious Propaganda Video Released at the Dallas QAnon Conference Headlined By Trump Advisers Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell

Insurrection Update #2

Major New Revelations About Donald Trump's January 5 Pre-Insurrection War Council (Part III)

Major New Revelations About Donald Trump's January 5 Pre-Insurrection War Council (Part II)

Major New Revelations About Donald Trump's January 5 Pre-Insurrection War Council (Part I)

Trump-Brazil Plot to Steal 2020 Election Appears to Have Been "Plan B" After Failure of Trump-Ukraine Collusion

The Lost Chapter of Proof of Corruption: "Flynn and the Ledeens"

Former Secretary of Defense Chris Miller Lied to Congress on the Most Critical Topic of His Testimony

Insurrection Update #1

Expertise As We Knew It Is Dead, Thank God

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Ask Me Anything (AMA) #7

Lecture Series #6: The Future of Journalism

Q&A #2: The Arizona Insurrection

Trump's Insurrection Is in Arizona Now

Did Convicted Felon, Violent Insurrectionist, and Stop the Steal Leader Ali Alexander Say His Group "Owns" the GOP State Legislature in Arizona—Which Now Holds All Maricopa County Ballots?

Insurrectionist Nebraska Gubernatorial Candidate and Future Federal Witness Charles W. Herbster, Flanked By Former Trump Campaign Managers, Publicly Swears Fealty to Trump

Stop the Steal Leader Confirms He Has Been Put on National "No-Fly" List

Trump’s Pre-Insurrection War Room Revealed

Giuliani Associate and Apparent January 5 Trump War Council Attendee May Audit 2020 Election Ballots in New Hampshire

Women for America First Is a Domestic Extremist Group with Domestic Terrorists in Its Ranks

Noted Insurrectionist to Seek Purple State Governorship

Q&A #1: The Death of George Floyd and the Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Lecture Series #5: The End of Hard News

Media Has Now Acknowledged Trump-Russia Collusion. When Will It Acknowledge Trump Privately Confessed to It in 2018?

Adventures in Metajournalism: Episode 3

Videos Point to White House-Proud Boy and White House-Oath Keeper Coordination on January 6

The Secrets of the Most Coveted Piece of Insurrection Day Evidence

New Revelation on January 6 Golf Cart Use Points to White House Coordination of Insurrectionists' Transport

The GOP Is Contemporary America's Foremost Cancel Culture

New Developments Inextricably Link Trump to Gaetz Case

Six Compelling Pieces of Evidence Suggesting Matt Gaetz Was Concerned About Insurrection Planning, Not Sex Trafficking, When He Sought a Blanket Pardon From Trump

Lecture Series #4: What Principles and Skills Does Superlative Journalism Require?

Substack Essay Series #7: Is It True That That There Are Only a Dozen Publications on Substack?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Awarded Vaccine Sites to Publix Just As Publix Heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli Was Funding the January 6 Trump Speech That Launched An Insurrection

Proof: A History

A Comprehensive Guide to Those Responsible for the January 6 Insurrection

Secret Insurrection Eve Meeting at White House Confirmed By Insurrectionist Attendee

Roger Stone Buries Himself in New Interview

Inside Lauren Boebert's First 100 Days

Lecture Series #3: How Do Journalists Determine the "Newsworthiness" of Information?

January 5 "War Council" Attendee Corey Lewandowski Had a Meeting With Donald Trump on January 5th, and It May Well Have Been at Trump International Hotel

15 Questions for the Secret Service About Its Conduct During the January 6 Insurrection

New Information Further Links Jones, Stone, and Watkins

A January 6 Secret Service Scandal Is Brewing

The One Trump Lie That Unlocks the Sedition Case Against Him

Substack Essay Series #6: The Top 5 Things People Misunderstand About Substack

The Five Must-See Insurrection Videos

Everything You Need to Know About the Proud Boys' Role in the January 6 Insurrection (Part I)

Substack Essay Series #5: The Strange Story of Me, Shia LaBeouf, and the War Between Old Media and New Media (Coda)

Lecture Series #2: How Does One Study—or Even Discuss—the State of American Journalism in 2021?

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #6

Here Is the Twelve-Point Plan Donald Trump Had for January 6

The Trump-Brazil Scandal: Did Donald Trump "Attend" the January 5 War Council From the White House?

Substack Essay Series #4: The Strange Story of Me, Shia LaBeouf, and the War Between Old Media and New Media (Part IV)

Substack Essay Series #3: The Strange Story of Me, Shia LaBeouf, and the War Between Old Media and New Media (Part III)

Substack Essay Series #2: The Strange Story of Me, Shia LaBeouf, and the War Between Old Media and New Media (Part II)

Substack Essay Series #1: The Strange Story of Me, Shia LaBeouf, and the War Between Old Media and New Media (Part I)

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville Admits He Lied About Attending January 5 Pre-Insurrection Meeting at Trump International Hotel

Brazil's Murky Connection to Trump's Secretive January 5 War Council Is Getting Clearer—and It Raises New Questions

Adventures in Metajournalism: Episode 2

Annotated Testimony of William J. Walker, Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard, Before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Senate Rules and Administration Committees

Adventures in Metajournalism: Episode 1

Part IV: Additional Information About the Murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Part III: Additional Information About the Murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Part II: Additional Information About the Murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Part I: Additional Information About the Murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Video Ask Me Anything (AMA) Archive: #1 to #13

A Statement on Colin Kahl

Leading Republican Candidate for Governor of Virginia Met with Insurrectionists and Discussed Armed Rebellion the Day Before the January 6 Insurrection

Lecture Series #1: What Is Journalism?

Twelve Things You Need to Know About Metajournalism

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #5

Some Say the Criminal Justice System Will Save Us From Trump—But Can It?

Proof Impeachment Livestack: Day 4

Michael Flynn, Through His Attorney, Denies Being Present at January 5 Trump International Hotel Meeting

Proof Impeachment Livestack: Day 2

Solving the Biggest Mystery of January 6

The Conviction of Trump Remains a Long Shot—But Here Are 10 Reasons It May Still Happen

Proof Impeachment Livestack: Day 1

A Comprehensive Analysis of Trump's January 6 "Incitement to Insurrection" Speech: Part 3

Trump Told Stop the Steal Organizers He Would Speak at the Front of the Capitol After His January 6 Speech at the Ellipse

A Comprehensive Analysis of Trump's January 6 "Incitement to Insurrection" Speech: Part 2

National Security Website Finds Missing Link Between Roger Stone and the Funding of the Insurrectionists

Major Update on January 5 Trump War Council Expands Its Potential Size Significantly

If You Love America, You Want Donald Trump Convicted. Here's Why.

Trump's Bizarre Resignation From SAG-AFTRA

Federal Prosecutors Said to Be Closing In on Roger Stone

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #4

GOP on Verge of Becoming GQP

A Comprehensive Legal Analysis of Trump's Answer to the Article of Impeachment

Trump's Response to the Article of Impeachment Charging Him With Incitement to Insurrection

The Truth About the “Big Lie”

Donald Trump's Dozen Impeachment Defenses, Ranked in Order of Legal and Factual Validity

The 20 Women Who Shaped January 6

January 5 War Council at Trump International May Have Had More Attendees Than Previously Known

U.S. Senators, Trump Family Members, and Top Trump Lieutenants Met in Trump's Private Residence on January 5 with Man Who Has Endorsed Violent Sedition

What Michael Flynn and Alex Jones Were Doing on the Eve of Insurrection, and Why It Matters

A Profile of January 5 Trump War Council Attendee Daniel Beck

More Revelations About Secretive January 5 War Council at Trump International Hotel

January 5 Meeting at Trump International Hotel Could Hold the Key to the January 6 Insurrection

The Fingerprints of Top Trump Adviser Roger Stone Are All Over the January 6 Insurrection

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #3

It's Time to Talk About Madison Cawthorn

The 60 Most Shocking Things We Learned Recently About Trump's January 6 Insurrection

The Top 5 Achievements of the Trump Presidency

Four Possible Futures for Donald Trump

What I Learned About the Coming Impeachment Trial By Writing a Book About the Last One

The Bannon Pardon Is Worse Than You Think

Don't Ever Forget What Donald Trump Did

Trump Campaign and Trump Administration Ties to the Insurrection

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #2

America Is Overdue for a Conversation About When We Can Question the Validity of An Election

A Comprehensive Analysis of Trump's January 6 "Incitement to Insurrection" Speech: Part 1

Ask Me Anything (AMA) #1

The Florida Connection to the January 6 Insurrection

Good and Bad Legal Takes on Incitement to Insurrection

Seth Abramson: A Biography

What I Told the Washington Post About the Suspension of Donald Trump From Twitter

On Ali Alexander

More on the Alabama-Arizona January 6 Axis

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